How to let a girl know you're interested: 7 efficient ways

Dating Relationship WomenHello gentlemen!

It may sound weird or funny but sometimes, we hear such questions as “how to tell her I like her?” or “how to let her know I am interested in her?

Such things seem to be natural and obvious but we from Best-Matchmaking realized that it is a real problem for lots of you to let the girl know you are interested in her.

Of course, on our site, you can simply add her to your favorites list or send her an inquiry and she will get a notification that you like her. But what about real life or communication?

You do not have such an option in life. So this post will tell you the most helpful ways to let a girl know you’re interested.

Let’s start!

Ways to Let a Girl Know You're Interested

Exclusive DatingIn every relationship, you will need to talk about how you both really feel about each other.

However, not everyone feels comfortable discussing things like that. Yes, talking about feelings might be complicated and embarrassing unless you are married for many years.

So how to let her know you are interested in her if you are not a true couple yet so she could understand your attitude and feelings towards her?

You don’t necessarily have to talk about it. She can become yours without any words. Everything is about your actions, guys. 

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7 effective tips how to show a girl you like her

Below, you will find the most helpful and efficient ways of telling your woman about your feelings without any further ado.

We hope these tips will help you become more confident and talk less but act. Remember, when it comes to a Slavic mail order bride, words mean nothing but only your actions matter for her! 

Tip 1. Tease her but don’t offend

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And it really is. You may just say that you are always nice to people but this is not exactly what we mean. Remember that teasing someone means we feel affection to that person. But it is very important to feel that thin line between teasing and offending.

Even boys at school start teasing those girls they like, recall yourself when you were at school. But quite often, boys do not feel that measure and girls go offended. So you should feel how and when to tease. Of course, if you see she is irritated or tired, or maybe has some troubles and is not about jokes; don’t even think of teasing her.

But do it when it is a good time. Don’t forget about compliments somewhere in between your regular conversation.  Telling her “wow, you look so hot today” without any reasons would be much appreciated! 

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Tip 2. Ask her opinion as often as possible

Internationales DatingPeople know we need them when we really need them. So if you don’t want to tell her how much you need her, just show it. Try to ask her what she thinks about different things. For example, you want to make a gift for your mom for her birthday. 

Ask her what she thinks would be a great gift. Or you want to buy new shoes – don’t hesitate to ask for her opinion, which ones she likes the most.

The topic doesn’t really matter. It is important to show someone their significance and role in your life.

This way, the girl will know she means a lot to you and her opinion really matters. Not everyone’s opinion matters in our lives, does it? So, she will surely know step-by-step how special she is to you.

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Tip 3. Make her laugh

This may sound ridiculous to you but it means a lot to a woman. If you already think you want to introduce her to your mom the soonest because she makes you feel special, congratulations. But don’t hurry things up.

When you do it too soon and are in a rush, this scares women a lot, especially if we speak about Russian or Ukrainian women. They do not like being in a hurry at all. So, just slow down and stop making any plans with a woman you are interested in. Don’t tell her about marriage, kids, and happy endings together if you don’t want to lose her. 

Instead, better enjoy every single moment with this girl. Try to relax and enjoy the time spent together. Don’t go too serious not to scare her off, women hate that. Don’t be afraid to be silly and have fun together. After all, that’s the aim of dating, isn’t it?

Tip 4. Keep your promises

Mature Ukrainian woman for datingSorry, gentlemen, but this is really important and shows how much you like and appreciate this person. Better don’t tell her what you are going to do, just do it.

Promised to call her?

Then call her the same day. Promised to help her with shopping, do it.

And don’t delay, women don’t forgive this. If you gave the floor, stick to it. If we speak about online dating, keep your words also.

For example, if you have a long communication with a woman and promised her to come and see her in April, do it in April. 

If your plans or circumstances may change, better don’t say anything and just come whenever you can. Women will think you don’t care about them. Once you show you keep your promises, you stand out from the crowd and show her how valuable she is. 

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Tip 5. Touch her

Now, attention, guys, it doesn’t mean you should touch her all over her body during your first meeting. You should do it in a very friendly manner. For example, when you go over the road, take her hand and guide her. 

You can also brush some hair from her face or hug her friendly. Don’t do it like a man who wants her, do it like you are her friend. Just see how she behaves with her girlfriends and do the same. Touch can be really electrifying when done right.

But make sure to show your care about her with your touches and not your impatience to go intimate the soonest. Women can feel it very well, so keep that in mind, too. She will hardly realize how much she means for you if during your first meeting you will grab her knee or will be trying to kiss her all the time. 

Tip 6. Show your initiative

Ukraine girls datingThis tip is as old as the world itself. If you want to show her you’re interested in her, just do it. Some men on our site just exchange a couple of letters and say I will be in Ukraine in a couple of months.

Once a woman agreed to meet, they just relax and stop writing thinking that her interest will be the same during the meeting.

But this doesn’t work with women, guys. If you got one letter from her and supposed she is interested and just keep silent until your meeting, she will simply suppose you are not interested in her at all. For women, it is important to remind her about you from time to time.

If we talk about dating in real life, you should ask her out and not wait until she does that, because she won’t. It doesn’t matter where you invite her – for a walk, to a park, for coffee, just do it and show you need her. 

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Tip 7. Be interested in her life

If you are interested in someone, you should be interested in her life, her family, friends, hobbies, etc. If you don’t ask such questions, as How are you? What did you do today? How are your parents doing? Say hi to your parents from me, etc., it just means you don’t care at all.

Even if you are shy, don’t be afraid to hang out with her friends. Her friends are your friends if you are interested in her. Her friends are your way to her heart. Talk to them, and don’t forget to mention how great your girl is. 

Friends are the best PR for you. Once you mentioned to them how you admire the girl, she will know about it at once while they will discuss you and what you were talking about. So prepare well for that meeting and do your best! 

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Conclusion: It’s very easy to show a girl I like her without saying it

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesWe hope these seven tips will help you express your feelings without mentioning them. Not everyone feels comfortable talking about his or her feelings and it is not always necessary.

Remember that your actions will speak much louder than words. So, don’t say, just act!

And if you have more questions about online dating, matchmaking, and Slavic women in general, don’t hesitate to ask Kate – a dating blogger and professional matchmaker. She will give you a free consultation on dating membership plans and International matchmaking packages at affordable prices!

Don’t lose your time and start dating right now.

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