Essential Tips How to Date Single Poltava Women

Date Poltava WomenHello guys!

We have talked a lot about women from different Ukrainian cities, especially about Kiev and Odessa ladies. But today, we decided to talk about women from one more Ukrainian city Poltava.

Poltava is not very a big city in the very heart of Ukraine. It is very green and cozy and is considered to be one of the Ukrainian culture centers.

It’s no wonder, while there are so many museums, galleries, and various monuments in that city. Poltava women are considered to be one of the most beautiful in Ukraine. And that is the reason why so many western guys are coming to that city every year in search of a wife. Of course, beauty is not the only reason for these women to be such eligible bachelorettes for foreign men.

So today, you will find out everything about women from Poltava, why you should or shouldn’t date them, and last but not least, how to date them to become successful.

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Why choose Poltava women for dating – all the pros & cons

As we have already mentioned in our previous posts, Odessa women and Kiev women are very beautiful, and even stunning, but also difficult to approach, while their requirements towards a man are very high. Poltava women are different like women in all smaller cities. They are not so picky and that’s why so desired by western men.

These women possess lots of redeeming qualities. Their upbringing is very traditional and they are taught all the custom values of Ukrainian people. Even today, the majority of women in Poltava keep upholding these qualities. Men are in the highest regard in the lives of these women.

At the very beginning, women in this city may seem a bit cold but if you are patient enough and can give her some time, she will be one of the most loving and affectionate women you have ever known. As any girl from not a big city, a woman from the center of Ukraine will show commitment to your relationships.

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Poltava women often choose older men

Single women in Poltava have lots of positive qualities attractive to western men. According to statistics, in 2017 the number of marriages with a foreigner registered in Poltava has doSingle women in Poltavaubled compared to 2008. It means that more and more women in the city are willing to commit their life to a western man.

Women in Poltava, especially those at their 30s and 40s prefer marrying a bit older men. They realize that young men are not mature enough for them.

According to the same statistics, in all international marriages registered in Poltava, a foreign husband is 7-15 years older than his Ukrainian wife.

Very often, girls from that city date men of their age group. But after this relationship fails, they realize a man has to be more emotionally stable and serious, and for that reason choose an older western man for dating and marriage. Such couples are very happy and solid, while the percentage of their divorce is close to zero.

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Deal breakers for Poltava women

Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful?Poltava women are usually very friendly and open to communication, but it doesn’t mean they are ready to marry the first foreigner coming to their city. It is not true. They also have their requirements and expectations, so it’s good to learn a bit about their dating culture to succeed.

First of all, it would be good to learn at least a bit about their culture and history. Poltava has a very rich history and lots of museums connected to it, so it is a real deal breaker for them if you come and don’t know or don’t wish to know anything about the history of their city.

A man who drinks often (not occasionally) is also one of the biggest turn-offs for women in Poltava. Ladies in this city prefer men who drink moderately. A man smoking everywhere and all the time is also a big no-no for girls in this small city. They prefer doing sports, eat healthy food, so a drinking and smoking man is not a great match for them.

How to date Poltava brides – what you should know

Dating Ukrainian womenIt was mentioned already, ladies in this central Ukrainian city are very traditional and marriage-minded.

They do not consider you as just a romantic partner, they will choose you only if they believe you are their potential match and future husband.

Casual international dating is not for these provincial beauties. So, these girls prefer ambitious and independent men.

They need to feel secure with their partner, so if you don’t have a stable job and income, better don’t even try to conquer them. When inviting her for a date, be self-confident and make a good impression.

Think of bringing flowers for a date, and do it beforehand. These girls are not picky and it is easy to impress them, but once you fail, you have no chances. So a bunch of flowers is a must for every date.

Don’t forget about paying the dating bills. Women in Poltava never pay for themselves on a date, even if they go out with their male friends. So if you don’t want to spoil her impression of you, don’t forget to pay at the restaurant or cinema.

Traditional family values are crucial

As well as Russian women, and other Ukrainian women, Poltava women have very traditional relationship and family values. They are very caring wives and mothers. And you don’t have to worry about choosing older women from Poltava. Women in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s make perfect wives to western men. They are very mature and know what a man needs.

Their wisdom will impress you. Your children will acquire these wonderful qualities and family values. By the way, they are natural homemakers and know how to take care of your household and create a cozy atmosphere at home.

For that reason, women from Poltava are perfect brides. You can undoubtedly settle down with one of them. Your marriage will be very happy and will last a lifetime. If you are afraid of spoiled big city girls, you can easily pick up one of the women in Poltava or other small cities.

You will surely be happy with what you get!

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What to see in Poltava when having a date

What to see in PoltavaOne more thing you should think of when dating women in Poltava is where to go for your first and all the following dates. Although Poltava is not too big, there are plenty of wonderful places to enjoy your time with a single Poltava woman. There are lots of restaurants and cafes where you can spend a good time with your lady.

But since there are plenty of museums in Poltava, you can choose to go to the Poltava Battle Museum, too. Just tell her you are interested in visiting that place and learning more about the history of the city, and your girlfriend will gladly take you there and tell you lots of interesting things about her city.

Believe us, any woman will appreciate you taking interest in the history of her home town and homeland in general. Solnechny (meaning “sunny”) Park is a great place with several fountains to enjoy her company, especially in summer. Here you can have some lunch or dinner while there are lots of cozy cafes nearby.

In the same area, there are lots of sightseeing, including very old churches and Poltava White Arbor. This is a very romantic place, if you are lucky enough, you can even meet one of the loving couples taking pictures there during their wedding.

White Arbor is located on the hill, so you can view a lion share of the city from this place. This romantic place will create a special atmosphere for you and your Poltava woman.

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Where to meet Poltava women

For sure, you can come to this beautiful city in the very heart of Ukraine. When walking in the streets, you can watch lots of really beautiful women. You will be impressed by how stunning they look, regardless of their age.

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