Over 40 Dating: Top Tips & Advice for 40+ Dating

Ukrainian girls for datingGreetings, our dearest customers!

Our site of best-matchmaking is full of young and beautiful women, as well as full of life and strength men willing to date those young Slavic girls. But the majority of our customers are people over 40 – both men and women.

And we must say online dating works much better for people in their 40s and older. But not all women at that age are highly demanded by you.

So today, we would love to tell you everything about over 40 dating, how and where to meet women over 40, and why it’s worth giving it a try!

The pros and cons of meeting women over the age of 40

Mature Polish women for datingWhen you apply to us, guys, you usually ask to meet a beautiful young woman without kids. And quite often, it is a big problem while meeting a woman at that age, full of energy and willing to meet a young man without kids, as well. And moreover, the problems arise not only at that stage but at the stage of communication.

When you are over 40, 50, or 60 yourself, dating women 20 years younger is not a good option. And we will happily explain to you why.

The problems arise later when you both start getting to know each other much and much better. 

In some time, you realize that your young and vivid lady has different values – she is not ready for marriage because she wants to have a good career, she wants to attend clubs with her friends and you want to stay at home on the sofa and watch a movie with her, and so forth. 

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Here is where women in their 40s come in

The list of such problems and misunderstandings can be endless and we can enlist them forever. Once you get burned with the relationships with your young and beautiful girlfriend, you will start thinking about dating a woman who is closer to your age.

And since wisdom doesn’t come at once, we welcome your decision and want to tell you that now you are moving in the right direction. If you are in your 50s, dating a woman in her 40s is the wisest decision ever. Yes, we know how many benefits of dating a younger lady you can provide us with.

But we can provide you with even more benefits of dating a woman over 40.  Below, you will find all the pros and cons of meeting a woman in her 40s and why you really should consider it is you are not 20 or 30 anymore.

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    60 y.o, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

The Pros of dating single women over 40

First of all, each of you wants to meet a serious woman who wants relationships and not constant online dating and entertaining. Seriousness and maturity are your main criteria when it comes to choosing a woman. And if you are an adult and mature man, you need an adult and mature woman.

A girl who is 20 or 30 years younger simply cannot give you what you need. Women in their 40s look amazing and they are not less sexy than their younger competitors. Moreover, the sexual activity of women at that age is even higher. In that case, you should work hard to impress a woman in her 40s.

Women of that age are absolutely ready to move abroad once they meet their man no matter what life they have here. They know life and already know very well what they need in it. So, if you want to meet a serious woman willing to have relationships, a woman over 40 is your best option (of course, if you are at least over 40, too).

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The Cons of meeting women over 40

Dating websites for single seniorsThere are no drawbacks in our opinion. For an older man, there are only advantages to dating a woman in her 40s. Life only starts for you both at that age and there is no time to lose your second chance for happiness. 

Lots of our customers in their 60s say that they are looking for a younger woman because he wants children.

But, gentlemen, let us ask you – why a woman who is 30 years younger would like to become a mother of your child if she is still young, beautiful, and desired by many young men?

We bet you guessed the answer. She has no reasons to date you at all unless she needs your money or is just flattered by your attention. So, if you are adult enough, there are no disadvantages for you of dating an older lady. Even if she has children, her children are already grown up and won’t be an obstacle to your happiness.

How to meet and date a woman over the age of 40

Women at that age are more open and willing to meet new people and make new acquaintances. They are often not afraid to go to another city or even country to meet you. They are financially secure and can travel and visit different resorts. 

So if you are a traveler too, you can easily meet her somewhere on the beach near the ocean. But the most efficient way, of course, is to meet her on one of the dating sites. Such women do not use free dating sites keep in mind while intrigues and flirting are not for them.

Using a dating app is also not the best way to meet a lady over 40 while these ladies do not play games. Their goal is only serious and long-term relationships. They don’t push you to marry but having serious relationships is a must.

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The best dating site for 40+

Mature Russian womenAs we mentioned previously, free dating sites, social media, and online dating apps are not for people over 40. They do not play games and do not need it.

They do not want to meet any scammers or experience fraud and are wise enough to join a dating site following the recommendations of their friends.

In our online gallery, you can find hundreds of profiles of beautiful and stunning women over 40. All these ladies have verified profiles, lots of them speak English, they do not need a sponsor but a good man to love and be loved.

All these ladies are ready for a face-to-face video-chat and personal meeting in a Romantic and marriage tour.

Ladies on our site are totally ready to move to another country after they meet their men. This all gives them huge advantages over younger girls who often are focused on their careers and find no time for marriage and relationships.

Helpful dating tips for men over 40

Dating Relationship WomenOur main tip for dating when you are over 40 is not to live with your past and not to be afraid of the future. This might sound weird but we have faced men who appear not to be ready for relationships many times. Yes, gentlemen, lots of you are not ready for relationships and afraid of something new.

No need to do this. Once you decided to start a new period in your life (and dating over 40 is a real new stage), you should become open to all the opportunities as if you are young again.

Forget about your past experience and don’t compare women with your ex-wives or girlfriends. 

If you have been married happily, don’t try to find a woman who would resemble your wife because you may never find her. Also, try to avoid repeating past mistakes. If you have always chosen women of one type and it didn’t work out still, think to change your priorities.

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Avoid trying to seem younger than you are

One of the biggest mistakes older men do on dating sites (and, in life, too by the way) is their attempts to seem younger than they really are. They try to behave like they used ten or twenty years ago and often do not seem serious enough to mature women.

Once you start to look for a woman in her 40s, you should realize that she is not looking for a young man. If she wanted to meet a young boy, she would search for him and not for you. And a mature and wise lady needs a mature and wise man who doesn’t behave like a child.

These ladies do not need to get back to their youth but want to have a strong shoulder by their side. They need support and a true partner who would take care of them as much as they would take care of you. Getting another child to pamper is not their purpose.

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Conclusion: Over 40 dating is real and wonderful

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesWe hope we convinced you that dating women over 40 is not a penalty and it is not scary – it is a wonderful experience and maybe your only option for the happiest future.

Don’t be afraid to date older ladies because only an older woman can give you everything you are looking for in your 40s, 50s, 60s…

And if you have more questions about Slavic mail order brides or online dating, we wait for your comments below. Please choose one of our dating membership plans and International matchmaking packages at reasonable prices to start your over 40 dating process and make it as smooth as possible.

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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