Mature Polish women for dating: The Pros & Cons

Mature Polish women for datingHello gentlemen!

Polish women – we have talked a lion share of times about them already. The reason for that is their popularity among western men.

They are fun, easy-going, and wonderful to build a family with. But today, we would like to devote our post to mature Polish women and all the perks of dating them, as well as some drawbacks.

They make good wives and can date foreigners easily – and that is their biggest advantage. Are you ready to find out why you should and should not date and marry a mature Polish woman? Then keep reading till the end and make notes! It will be interesting and who knows, one day you may take a beautiful mature woman from Poland right to your country!

How do typical mature Polish women look like?

There are lots of stereotypes concerning women from different parts of the globe. They say all Russian women are beautiful, all Ukrainian women wear long hair and cook days and nights; all Italian girls are heads of families, and all French ladies dress like Brigitte Bardot but is that really true? These are just stereotypes.

All the world is built on stereotypes and there are some concerning Polish women as well. However, it doesn’t mean that all women in Poland are similar to each other and look absolutely the same. But some certain traits and peculiarities are common for almost all Polish women. And let’s try to see what they are and find out if such a lady would be a good match for you.

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Mature Polish women are elegant

Polish women for datingOf course, not all of them but in general. While some American girls would not mind going shopping in their pajamas, Polish brides will consider 100 times how they look when they get out of their home. You will never see a mature Polish woman with messy hair or untidy clothes. 

It doesn’t mean that Mature women from Poland are overdressed or something. They are really elegant. Women in Poland pay attention to their appearance and what they dress.

No matter whether it is a business meeting or just shopping, they always try to look their best. They care for their make-up as well. 

So if you are afraid of marriage with polish women in their 40s or 50s because they look like “grannies”, don’t be afraid to. You will get a great well-cared lady by your side who will become your real decoration.

Mature Polish women are romantic

We have written a lot about young Polish girls who are so easy to get. They are very fun to hang out with; they often go to the disco or bars to spend their leisure. But what about mature ladies in their 40s or 50s? They do not go out the same way and of course. 

Polish women in their 40s-50s still believe in romance and adore it in their relationships. They want to have romantic dinners instead of going to nightclubs. From time to time, they expect you to behave like a real knight. They want to get flowers and gifts as real ladies.

But don’t worry; they also love to surprise their men. You will not lack the attention of your women, as well. She will cook romantic dinners or make some small gifts for you, too. so if you think you will be the one who makes an effort, you are wrong – Polish mature women also adore surprising their men.

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They are very easy-going

mature Russian womanIt is not difficult to deal with mature Polish women. They will not make any dramas for you, especially in public. They prefer staying calm and making it clear if you wonder about the issue. But most likely, they keep all the issues with them. 

So if you are tired of drama queens, you may choose a mature Polish lady and enjoy your comfort. Yes, exactly comfort while these ladies prefer to surround their men with care and love. If you don’t want to be treated with love and respect then such a mature woman from Poland is not your option. 

If you ever decide to marry a Polish woman, choose a mature one while it means you will have no scandals and dramas in your family. Though younger girls from that country are also very easy-going and easy to deal with. Ukrainian and Russian women are more difficult to approach.

They are very hospitable

Mature Polish ladies are always open to guests at their homes. They are real hostesses and love entertaining guests. Moreover, they adore cooking especially for their men. Don’t be surprised if one of them will offer you to cook something tasty – that is normal for them.

But keep in mind Polish women love seeing that you appreciate their efforts so make sure to show them you are grateful. If you don’t show your appreciation, it may break your hostess’ heart. And if you are invited for Christmas by a mature woman in Poland, be sure to celebrate until New Year with her. 

Isn’t it great to have a great hostess and a beautiful housewife who is always ready to cook for you?  If you are a mature western man, think well who you will choose – a young “bar” girl or a caring mature woman.

Are mature Polish women feministic?

mature Ukrainian womenUnlike Ukrainian or Russian women, Polish ladies are more European and have western views. Here you may not find that femininity as in Ukraine or Russia.

Even Latvian brides are less feministic than Polish ones. But it doesn’t mean all women in Poland are feministic. 

However, taking into account how many strong women there are in Polish politics, it is possible to suppose they strive to fight for women's rights and equality with men.

But let us not forget what we told you about mature Polish women being romantic. That generation of women still has those Slavic dating and marriage values and will not try to be better than you.

When talking about mature women in Poland, it is easy to notice they are interested to get a good man and surround him with their care. So don’t worry, when choosing a 40-50-year old Polish woman, you will not get a “man in a skirt”.

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They are willing to meet western guys

For now, Ukrainian ladies, Latvian women, and even Kazakh girls are pretty cautious about foreign guys no matter where they come from. That is because the cultures are totally different. And there are really many sex-tourists in all these countries so women simply are scared and can’t guess your true intentions. Very often, Latvian brides see a sex tourist in every foreigner coming to their city.

But Polish women are totally different. They are more western girls than Slavic. They speak English, even mature women in Poland speak English well. They are very open to western guys and for them, it is great to date and marry a foreigner. So if you want to meet an English-speaking mature woman who doesn’t mind to get married a foreigner, go ahead and meet one of them in Poland.

How to find out if a mature Polish woman likes you?

You probably have heard of body signals that may show you a woman likes you, haven’t you? So we also decided to provide some body signals that mean a mature Polish woman may be attracted to you. These signals were observed by Marta Moore who spent a couple of months observing over 200 ladies in different public places.

Here is what you should pay attention to:

  • She is smiling at you.
  • She is shooting short glances your way.
  • She is licking her lips (yeah, Polish women love doing it).
  • She is caressing some object in her hands.
  • She is exposing her neck.
  • She is darting her eyes away once you look at her.
  • She is running fingers through her hair. 
  • She is touching your arm softly. 

There are some more body signals but these are the most common and if you see a Polish woman doing such things, at least one of them, you can be sure you are the desired groom. 

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Conclusion: No one is perfect!

Mature Ukraine brideYou have learned some pros and cons of dating mature Polish women. If you are looking for a perfect bride, you should pay attention not only to general characteristics but also to her inner world.

Even mature Polish women are not perfect. Lots of them smoke and are feministic, so before traveling to meet her on a Romantic tour, make sure to get to know her well in letters and video-chats.

And if you found out this lady is the one you want and need, don’t hesitate to order a gift for her through a gift-delivery service. Remember what we said about mature Polish women appreciating romance! Remember that your perfect match can be in any country, so don’t forget to check the gallery of foreign women, too.

And, of course, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate if you need a free consultation on matchmaking services. Or if you just want to get dating tips from a leading dating blogger. We bet one of the dating membership plans will help you meet your perfect Slavic woman!

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