TOP5 of the most beautiful Romanian women

most beautiful Romanian womenThere are really beautiful and famous women in any country, and Romania is not an exception. Romanian ladies are quite friendly, own amazing physical features, and are very feminine.

They believe that Romanian girls are very passionate lovers, too. Studies confirm that Romania is in the list of top countries with the hottest women.

Sure, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and since we have over 7 billion people on Earth, everyone has his own image of beauty. However, in most countries, women having lighter skin tones, shiny hair, beautiful slim body, good height, and sharp features are considered beautiful and hot.

We have come up with the list of TOP5 of the most beautiful Romanian women. These ladies are famous not only in Romania but in the whole world. They are extremely beautiful, have brown eyes and hair, beautiful bodies, and men all over the globe dream of them.  Keep reading ➔ 

So, we suggest you to scroll down the page and enjoy the beauty of these ladies from Romania, find out interesting facts from their lives, and get impressed with their achievements.

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1.) Antonia Iacobescu

Antonia IacobescuAntonia Iacobescu is professionally known as Antonia. She is a Romanian singer and model who has lived and grown up in the United States, in Utah and Las Vegas in Nevada. There, she entered the world of modeling.

You can see her in various photo shoots for global catalogues. She worked with large US agencies, for example, Lenz and Ford Models. Now, Antonia has her own clothing line called MOJA.

This beautiful Romanian girl was born 12 April 1989 in Bucharest, Romania, and at the age of five, she moved to the United States. After finishing her high school, she started her modeling experience. In her working career, she has hundreds of photo shoots for famous agencies in the USA. By 2013, she launched her own clothing line. However, modeling and designing career is not the only her achievement.

Antonia has been singing since she was 10 and attended music school in the USA. Of course, American culture has influenced her musical style significantly.

At the age of 18, Antonia returned to Romania with her family. Not in the United States but in Romania, she met her producer Tom Boxer. Her friend who heard her singing introduced them. After their meeting, Tom and Antonia created their first “Roses on Fire” song, along with the music video, which was filmed and directed by Boxer. The song appeared to be very successful abroad; it was broadcasted on various TV-channels and radio stations in Poland and the Netherlands.

After that, Antonia released her second “Morena” single produced by Tom. However, the song got lots of critics due to the combination of the sensual voice of Antonia and a club dance rhythm. However, two months after the debut of that song, it climbed music charts and became the most played Romanian song of the moment.

Antonia gave birth to her first child, Maya Rosaria Castellano in 2010 in her marriage with Vincenzo Castellano. After that, she returned to music as a solo singer. In 2015, Antonia had released her first album named “This is Antonia” with 12 songs. In 2011, Antonia separated with her husband and started the divorce process. Her current life partner is Alex Velea, with whom she has a son born in 2014. Now, Antonia is a mother of three children and a successful Romanian singer. She is happy both in her career and family life.

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2.) Inna

InnaInna or Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu is a Romanian dancer, singer, and songwriter. She is really famous as the first European female who crossed 1 billion hits on YouTube in February 2012. Her professional name is Inna.

This lady is not only beautiful and creative, but also very smart. Elena studied political science at Ovidius University. She met Romanian trio Play&Win and started to pursue her music career. In 2008, Elena adopted the stage name “Alessandra” and started to work in a pop-rock style. Later the same year, she changed her stage name to “Inna” and started to work on house music.  

Her debut studio album called ‘Hot” became a worldwide success, it appeared in record charts across the world. In the UK, it reached #1 position in the charts.

The main single in her album charted internationally and was in the top of the US chart in 2009. The same single also won the Best Romanian Act during the MTV Europe 2009 Music Awards. Moreover, it got Platinum in Spain, 3 times Platinum in Norway, and certification for Gold music recording sales in Italy.

The second album by Inna had a world success as well, especially her single “Sun Is Up” in 2010. That track won multiple awards and Inna became the first and, for now, only Romanian artist to win the Eurodanceweb Award.

Already in 2011, Inna became the best-paid Romanian and Eastern European artist. Party Never Ends album in 2013 was nominated for two following years for Best Album at the Romanian Music Awards; it even reached the top in Mexico. In 2014, Inna signed the contract with Atlantic Records and released her “Cola Song” with J. Balvin. It became commercially successful and was used for promoting the FIFA World Cup this year.  Since 2017, Inna became a coach on the talent show Vocea României Junior.

Apart from being a very successful singer and musician, Inna is a human rights activist, and she participates in campaigns against domestic violence and supports children and LGBT rights.

Her musical talent she got from her mom, who was a singer and dancer. Her dad was a sea rescuer. Inna is a sportive girl, and she competed as a swimmer and was interested in football and basketball as well. However, after her graduation from University, Inna worked in an office where her manager and friend heard her singing and introduced her to the Play&Win team.

Until 2013, Inna dated her manager Lucian Stefan for ten years. The couple broke up because of his betrayal. The same year, Inna started dating an American photographer John Perez.

During her tour in Turkey in 2018, Inna was hospitalized after collapsing on an unstable stage. However, the tout wasn’t affected by this event.

3.) Nadia Comăneci

Nadia ComăneciNadia Elena Comăneci is a Romanian retired gymnast and a five-time Olympic gold medalist in individual events. This woman was born in 1961 and still looks great, she is a very beautiful woman desired by many men.

This lady, who is so small and tender outside, is the first gymnast awarded a perfect score of 10.0 at the Olympic Games. At the same Games in 1976 in Montreal, she got six more perfect 10s en route and won three gold medals.

At the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Nadia won two more gold medals and got two more perfect 10s. In the process of her career, Nadia won nine Olympic medals and four World Artistic Gymnastics Championship medals.

This stunning Romanian lady is one of the most well-known gymnasts in the world and she is popularizing the sport all around the world. Nadia was named as one of the Athletes of the 20th Century in 2000 by the Laureus World Sports Academy.

Since 1989, Nadia lived in the USA and is married an American Olympic gold medal gymnast Bart Conner.

Nadia and her younger brother were raised according to the rules of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Her mother said that she enrolled Nadia into gymnastics because her daughter was full of energy and was too active, so it was really difficult to cope with that energy.

Nadia graduated from the Politehnica University of Bucharest and got a degree in sports education, so she could coach gymnastics.

Comăneci started her gymnastics career when she was attending kindergarten. Already in 1970, Nadia started to compete as a member of her hometown team and became the youngest gymnast ever to win the Romanian Nationals. Nadia participated in her first international competition in 1971 and won her first all-around title and brought gold to her team.

In 1976, Nadia competed for the American Cup at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, where she got rare scores of 10 and won the competition. Right here Nadia first met American gymnast Bart Conner, her future husband. She was 14 and he was 18 at that time.

This beautiful Romanian gymnast entered the world sports history at the Montreal Olympics.

This stunning Romanian woman is an example of strength, beauty, and strong will of all girls from Romania.

4.) Roxana Tanase

Roxana TanaseRoxana Tanase is one of the most beautiful women not only in Romania but in the whole world. This Romanian beauty is a Playboy cover model. Her multiple photo shoot for Playboy magazine gave her glory. Roxana possesses the beauty unlike any other woman from Romania, probably.

At first, this beautiful Romanian girl has presented sports news. She gained lots of fans in Romania after she entitled “the comeback of natural breasts” for Playboy magazine.

Roxana describes herself as someone between a spoiled child and an empathetic and generous adult. She is never satisfied with herself, she is always dreaming about something, but at the same time, she tries to be realistic, according to her own words in one of the interviews.

Roxana is from Romania and she is proud of it, she says that her country is very beautiful, full of traditions, perfect food, great people, and everyone speaks English there. When Roxana was asked which guys she prefers, she answered that she prefers good guys with bad intentions.

Tanase confessed that she once co-piloted a plane and even flew a bit. Roxana has been modeling since she was 16. She attended modeling classes along with manners & makeup school. A year later, she was cast in Milan, i.e. when she was 17. Roxana is proud to be the main anchor in the sports news section. Television has been a big part of her life and she thinks of going back to it.

As to Playboy, Roxana feels flattered for being chosen by that magazine. Roxana’s boyfriend is a photographer. They have met at his studio during a photo shoot. According to Roxana, she is in love with Al Pacino, especially with his role in Scarface. Her boyfriend and she have the poster of that movie in their living room. Roxana is also fond of Cindy Crawford, who is the sample of beauty and model for her.

Roxana is also fond of travelling; she has visited all the Europe and Asia. She adores exploring new civilization and cultures, for that reason, she likes Thailand and Japan. This woman is desired by men all over the world, and lots of women want to be like her.

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  • Elena

    39 y.o, Poltava, Ukraine

5.) Alexandra Stan

Alexandra StanAlexandra Stan is a Romanian singer and songwriter. Her single “Mr. Saxobeat” in 2011 was a breakthrough in her career. She gained commercial success in Romania and in other parts of the world.

This beautiful Romanian lady has an amazing voice and is very beautiful. Alexandra is well-known for her hot public appearances, and one of her music videos was banned in Romania for such hot scenes.

Alexandra Stan is considered to be one of the most successful Romanian artists ever. She has gained several awards, including the European Breakers Awards, Japan Gold Disc Awards, Romanian Music Awards, and MTV Europe Music Awards.

This beautiful Romanian lady was born in 1989. Her producers discovered her in a karaoke bar in 2009, and she was at once offered a contract with Maan Records.

During her interview at the European Border Breakers Awards in 2012, Alexandra said that her music style was influenced by various nationalities in her hometown Constanta. She said that she was inspired by such stars, as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Adele, Sia, David Guetta, and Robbie Williams. Her first album featured dance, NRG, electronic, eurodance, and house music along with saxophone in some of the songs. The saxophone has become Alexandra’s own signature presenting her “saxobeat” sound.

After that, Aleksandra has developed her artistry and included some elements of R&B, pop, techno, and dance music. This year, Stan won Beirut International Awards Festival.

This is the list of top5 the most beautiful Romanian women of all times. Gorgeous Romanian ladies are one of the best reasons to visit the country and explore its beauty and exotic.

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