TOP5 simple tips on dating a Russian woman

Dating a Russian womanHello gentlemen!

Dating a Russian woman became already a modern tendency in the western world. Each of you wants to get one of the most beautiful, diligent, and devoted women on the planet Earth.

And everyone thinks that using all those internet tips and YouTube videos on how to date or seduce a Russian lady, he will be successful. But eventually, something goes wrong and all your dating turns into a fiasco. Why?

Well, we have devoted so many of our videos and articles to the topic of dating Russian women. Why did we decide to get back to it, this could already be enough for you to be successful? We are inspired by your own experience on, so we collected some valuable information, noticed some more mistakes both of men and women, and decided to update our fount of wisdom on this topic! 

We want each of you to be successful with our ladies, so we share these simple but valuable tips on how to date a Russian woman! Put that valuable information in your pipe, gentlemen!  

TIP #1. Don’t be too thrifty – you may seem greedy to your Russian woman!

Ukrainian First Date TipsWhat does it mean? We do not mean that all western guys are greedy. But once you decided to tie your life to a Russian woman, forget about complaining about how expensive everything is. Russian women believe in chivalry and a western way of life is still not very understandable to them. 

Once you decided to come to see her, do not discuss your expenses on your trip. We understand how important it is for you to save some money but it is a great turn-off for a lady to hear your complaints.

Very often, western men start complaining right at the restaurant about the prices in that place.

 A lady who wanted to have a romantic dinner will never understand that. So please, if you invited her for a date, keep your concerns about prices to yourself. After the dinner, you can tell your friends about those prices but when you are with your Russian lady, she has to feel as if nothing is an obstacle for you in this battle for her heart! 

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TIP #2. Chivalry is not dead - this is a way to date a Russian woman

Yes, Russian, Ukrainian, and even Latvian women still believe in chivalry. It may be a bit different from your understanding, so we want to make it clear what is chivalry in their understanding. These women want romance. Romance is an essential part of relationships and dating in their countries. 

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For example, a simple guy in Russia or Ukraine can spend his monthly salary (which is not that high) to make the best date for his girlfriend ever! Just imagine – the whole salary for one evening. We are not asking you to do the same but doing some romantic things or at least being a gentleman is welcomed when it comes to dating Russian women. 

We want to give you a few tips on how to be a gentleman with a Russian or Ukrainian woman. We know well how dating is different in your country so here are some hints for you to be successful.

A bunch of flowers is a must for every date! 

Flowers for online datingYes, you didn’t misunderstand. If you want to conquer her heart, you should appear with flowers for every date. In Russia or Ukraine, offering a bunch of flowers or just at least one flower is almost a duty of every man. Even young boys at their `14 or 15 know well that if they meet a girl, they should bring flowers. 

We do not force you doing it but just give you an essential tip. It is not your obligation but it would make her happy and you would really make a great impression on a lady.

In Russia or Ukraine, men often surprise women before even knowing them. If they liked an unknown lady, for example, they will send her a huge bunch of flowers to impress her anonymously. 

Dating a Russian woman: Once upon a time…

We want to share one story we read on a Facebook page of one of the most important florists in Ukraine. She shared a picture of a huge bunch of yellow roses (more than 100) and a story under it. One guy ordered that bunch of flowers for a lady. Once she got them, he ordered another one, even a bigger bunch with a huge smiling decoration on them and a “Please smile” message. 

When the delivery woman talked to that man, she said that the girl said: “Oh my God, I have no idea who is this from!” And the guy smiled and said: “Of course she has no idea, we are not acquainted yet”. Romantic, huh? Yes, it is romantic and such surprises will never leave any lady indifferent. 

We do not want to force you buying huge bunches of expensive flowers but even small surprises will impress your Russian woman. And here is the story about one of our Australian customers.

Another true story

Latvian dating serviceOne of our customers came to meet a lady in her country. It didn’t really work out between them. But he did really like a girl who worked at the hotel he lived. She was one of the receptionists. So this guy asked us for some help. He didn’t come to talk to her at once. 

He asked us to deliver a huge bunch of flowers to her with a romantic post-card. Of course, she didn’t know who this was from. The next day, we delivered a huge teddy-bear to this lady. She was even more surprised. And on the third day, she got a wonderful big box of chocolates and a post-card asking her for a date at one of the restaurants. 

When she came to the restaurant, she recognized one of the guests of the hotel she worked at. She was more than surprised. But everything went really wonderful and they got married last year. Now, they are waiting for their first baby. So this is a great example of how romance can really help in finding your love and conquering the heart of any Russian lady. 

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TIP #3. Don’t forget about your look

Polish women for datingWe are sure that you search for a wonderful, caring, and kind lady. But the first thing you pay attention to is her appearance, isn’t it? Even if you say it’s not true, we think the opposite. You are really proud when you date a beautiful, tall, well-dressed lady with beautiful hair. And now think what man would this lady like to see by her side?

Believe us, even all the romance in the world will not help if you come for a date in an untidy jogging suit, dirty shoes, and smelling respectively. If you want to get a beautiful, intelligent, and well-groomed lady, you should look the same to her!

A man who knows how to dress up and wears a good fragrance will be able to impress any lady. And if you show your intelligence at the same time, you will be a precious candidate for her!

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TIP #4. Show your sparkling sense of humor

Every Russian woman wants to find a serious and secure man in all senses. But at the same time, they want to have some easy-going and light relationships. Russian women do not like drama. They have had a lot of it in their previous relationships and that’s why they joined our dating site – to find happy and positive relationships.

If you are all the time talking about troubles, or only about marriage, she will simply get bored. When you can make a woman laugh, you are halfway to your success. But be careful with your jokes. Russian women do not like dirty jokes. But they appreciate when a man can make jokes and have a very easy attitude to life in general. 

So, make her laugh and you will see how easy your dates will go. Day by day, you will conquer her heart and become the most reliable and dear person to your lady.

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TIP #5. Our last tip to date a Russian woman: Be in the lead

This is a very important step. Russian women prefer strong men. Not physically (though they would not mind of it, too) but mentally and emotionally. Russian women want to follow their leader. And in Russian culture, a man is a leader in relationships. If you came to visit her, don’t wait for her to offer the restaurant, even if you don’t know anything in that city.

Google it and choose a restaurant yourself, invite her there and pay the bills. After lunch or dinner, take her home. Even if she refused, offer her to pay for her taxi back home. And moreover, lots of ladies on the site will send you a quick hi or their first letter. But they wait for your initiative. Even if she made the first step, she wants to see more steps from you.

It is weird but some western men are simply scared when a lady says directly that she wants some moves from you. Russian women will no wait for your moves forever, so become a leader and take everything in your hands. 

Conclusion: If there is a will, there is a way

Russian women for datingIf you really want to date a Russian woman, you will surely learn how to do everything to conquer her. And you will surely do it! If you decided to meet her online and want to impress her following one of our tips, go to our gift delivery section and surprise her!

And once you decided to make the first step and show her your serious intentions, welcome to our Romantic tours section to go and meet her the soonest.

If you want to keep surprising her, you can make a special event for her. We will take care of it and help you do everything to make your first meeting unforgettable. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Kate, a practicing psychologist, dating blogger, and matchmaker, she will consult you on anything for free.

By the way, on best-matchmaking, you can choose any matchmaking package or membership plan at reasonable prices. We hope our tips will help you date Russian women successfully and will help make one of them your future wife!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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