Russian dating apps: How to use & what to consider

Russian dating appsHello guys, 

If you came across our post, you are most likely interested in Russian dating apps. And you should know that they love dating apps in Russia.

According to data from Sensor Tower, Russia is the world’s leader of dating app installments. It means that Russian women and men also use dating apps to meet their better half.

It is very interesting but the apps recognized globally, including Tinder or POF don’t make it into the top 5 most popular dating apps in Russia. But as far as we know these apps are the most popular among western people. So is it really possible to meet a Russian woman using one of the Russian dating apps? 

We from Best-Matchmaking investigated the market of the dating apps and want to share our impressions and thoughts with you.

Ready to find out the truth about the dating apps? Then keep reading to the very end! 

The pros and cons of using free Russian dating apps

best Ukrainian dating siteDating apps have conquered the internet market and became a great way for single (and sometimes, not only) people to communicate and find each other.

Russia is the leader in the number of people installing dating apps. Just to compare, the USA took fourth place in that list of top 10 countries installing dating apps. The majority of such Russian dating apps are relatively free

Why relatively? Because some of them are free to install but require you to purchase some subscription for which you can get a larger number of services. Others may be not free but not very expensive to install. Let’s assume these apps are almost free. So, let’s find out what the perks of using such dating apps are, and whether they have any drawbacks, too. 


Price vs Quality

russian dating appsAs we found out already, the cost of such dating apps is usually very low, especially compared to Russian and Ukrainian dating sites and matchmaking services. Both free and paid Russian dating apps do not require you to pay big sums of money. So, for that relatively low price, you can easily browse profiles of single ladies and communicate with them.

However, low price means low quality in that case. First of all, Russian dating apps do not guarantee any privacy and your data may be disclosed to the third parties. Secondly, the profiles are not verified and anyone can use the app. So once you see a great profile of a beautiful lady, don’t be sure that she is real. 

Any Russian dating scammer can be hiding behind that amazing profile. Yes, unfortunately, scams become more and more frequent as the world of online dating grows. But thanks to our tips in related articles, you can easily recognize and avoid meeting a scammer. 

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Free Russian dating apps vs Free Russian dating sites ReviewWe can say that these things are the same. Frankly speaking, almost all Russian dating sites which are relatively low-cost, including Mamba or Badoo, have their mobile apps.

So once you use a free Russian dating app, you may suppose you use a free Russian dating site. What can we say about such places as a way to meet your future wife?

We have already devoted some of our posts to various free dating sites and dating apps, so you already may know that they both have their pros and cons.

However, probably the only biggest advantage of them both is no or low cost. Maybe, you will meet a good friend to chat or a good lady in your neighborhood but you will hardly meet a high-quality single Russian woman through one of such sites or apps. 

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Free Russian dating apps vs Social media

Russian dating apps vs Social mediaSocial media is also one of the good ways to meet other people, maybe even Russian women. We compare free dating apps and social media on purpose.

The reason for that is that they both do not guarantee you any privacy and do not force anyone to be honest and sincere. They also do not require any verification of your identity. 

So, according to the experience of our customers, social media, as well as free dating apps, allow you to find a good pen pal, a friend to chat and exchange some pictures or music files with. But it will hardly give you a chance to find a real Russian woman to date and marry. You may wonder why. And we, of course, are going to reply that question below.



Do Russian women use dating apps?

Dating a Russian womanYes. Probably. But we have doubts about their real intentions. The online dating industry is extremely developed nowadays.

And most Russian, Ukrainian, and Latvian women prefer choosing a good and reliable paid dating service. Their reasons are clear – they want to have guarantees, quality, and safety. 

Yes, exactly safety. They know well that a reputable dating or matchmaking service will always check their candidates and make sure there are no scammers among them. Not only men can face professional scammer but women as well. So it’s no wonder they do not choose a dating app, with the help of which they can meet an unreliable person.

So, we can truly say that real Russian women choose only reliable dating services, which give them guarantees, safety, and security. We are very sorry to admit that if you communicate a beautiful single Russian lady in one of the free dating apps, you most likely met a scammer. 

Real Russian dating apps – do they exist?

Of course, they do exist. But here is the funny thing – these apps are for Russians. As we mentioned in the very beginning, Russian people do not use the world’s leading apps such as Tinder, for example. They use genuinely Russian apps. And there are no western guys using the same apps.

So women who use such apps are not searching for a foreign husband, they want to meet a guy in their area. And those who want to meet a foreign husband join leading dating services. So if you want to meet a real and genuinely interested in you Russian wife, you should join one of leading dating sites. In this case, you will avoid any type of scam and will get a successful dating experience. 

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Russian point of view

Ukraine dating appsAccording to one of the Russian polls, 34% of participants consider online dating sites the most efficient way of meeting their better half. 21% of them considered matchmakers the most efficient way of meeting their love.

Only 19% of respondents would consider using a dating app or a local marriage agency. But 63% of people in Russia still believe in a traditional way of searching for their love and would prefer the help of their friends in meeting someone special.

So, as you can see, most people in Russia prefer traditional ways of meeting their life partner. And only a small amount of people would trust a dating app.

The majority of Russian women prefer using some verified dating sites for their search, while their goal is to meet a foreign husband. Meeting a western man in a traditional way following the recommendations of their friends is almost impossible, unfortunately. 


Beware of scammers!

Using a dating app seems to be absolutely harmless leisure. What can be easier than installing an app from one of the online stores, purchasing a cheap subscription, and enjoying communication with hundreds of beautiful single women? Only getting into a trap of a professional scammer can be easier. 

We are not tired to repeat that meeting women in social media, on free dating sites, or via cheap dating apps can cost you some very big money and a broken heart. If you decided to use such an app to meet a woman of your dreams, please remember that you should see this person in a video chat at least once. And we recommend doing it at the early stage of your correspondence. 

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You never know who is behind those beautiful pictures. Sorry to disappoint you but there can be even another…man. Yes, these people just try to earn some good money on a trusting foreigner looking for love, someone like you. 

Conclusion: Nothing costs more than something that is free!

If you decided to meet your dream lady using one of the dating apps, we wish you only successful experience and meet her the soonest. But remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch! If you choose something free or cheap, be ready to be disappointed in the future. Cheap goods are often of very poor quality.

Instead of using a cheap or “free” dating app used by none of the genuine Russian women, we invite you to check our gallery of beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women. You can use our video chat to talk to them in person and make sure the person you are talking to is absolutely real. If you have found the one who conquered your heart, welcome to our gifts delivery section to make her happy with a bunch of fresh roses.

We hope that soon, you will meet her in person and then our Ukrainian Romantic tour will be very efficient while we do the entire job for you. And if you have some questions or concerns, get a free consultation from Kate, a practicing psychologist, matchmaker, and dating blogger. She will help you choose one of the Best-Matchmaking membership plans and matchmaking offers at reasonable prices!

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