6 Different Types of Dating You'll Experience In This Life

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We from Best-Matchmaking keep highlighting different important and crucial topics on dating, relationships, and marriage.

And today, we would like to ask you whether you know that there are different types of dating?

It’s hard to believe but dating really can be different and quite often, we hear different funny sayings about it from our customers and just random people.

So in this post, we are going to tell you everything about dating, what types of it you can distinguish, and what true purposes of dating are, actually. 

Are you ready to gain some new and interesting experience?

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What are the different types of dating?

Dating is dating you might say, what else we are going to discuss here? In this case, you will not be really right because there are so many things to discuss and know. Dating can be different but its purposes are the same.

People go through the process of dating when they want to meet or get involved with potential romantic/sexual partners.

In the process of dating, people learn more about each other and find out whether someone is suitable for them or not. But there are various styles and types of dating.

And not each of them can be suitable for you or your culture, for example. Below, you will find all the types of dating we could distinguish and we will help you realize whether this type is for you or not. 

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Type of dating #1: Online dating

Online Dating CoupleWe decided to start not with typical dating but with online dating. We bet each of you knows well what it is and for that purpose, you are on our site. Online dating helps different people meet and get to know each other over the Internet. 

It is very different from how you used to date in reality. But it often leads to great results and people find their partners very quickly, even if they are from different countries. As a rule, people communicate in letters and video chats (s. video chat with foreign women). 

After they think they have found the right person, a personal meeting is arranged. Such dating is a very good option if you are too busy to date in real life and hang out, if you are not confident in yourself or too shy, or if you want to find a person from another country, for example, a Ukrainian brideRussian bride or Belarussian mail order bride.

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Type of dating #2: Casual dating

Casual dating is similar to online dating but in real life. You date casually when you date many people. This type of dating is not for everyone though and you may find it inappropriate. We bet that most of our customers are not interested in casual dating.

When you date casually, you are not interested in settling down with one person. Casual dating is for those who want to hang out, spend a good time, and have intimacy from time to time with someone. Maybe each of you had such a date at least once in your life.

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But this type of dating cannot last too long. Sooner or later, people start wishing for serious and exclusive relationships. But, of course, some people date casually all their life without any wish to settle down. You can find out more about this type in our article called “Casual dating vs serious dating”. 

Type of dating #3: Speed dating

dating definitionEveryone has heard about this type of dating. Have you tried it? Please share in the comments below about your experience.

Speed dating is usually arranged by a dating service or organization. You should gather in a certain place and talk one-on-one with different women quickly.

Quickly means from five to ten minutes. It is not actually a date but a way to find someone you may like and invite for a real date. If you want to find out how to succeed in speed dating, check our post called “Top5 speed dating tips for men: How to succeed at speed dating”.

We do not know whether someone has found his match using this way but we know it is a good way to spend your weekend evening if you have nothing else to do. We must admit such a type of dating is not for shy guys but for those who can be witty and sociable enough. 

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Type of dating #4: Blind dating

This is probably one of the most intriguing and interesting types of dating. Blind dating means meeting someone you have never seen and do not even know. Someone else arranges this date for you.

Have you ever tried it? 

If your friends or co-workers have ever invited you for such a date, you are well aware of what it is. Quite often, such dates appear to be a surprise for one or even both people. Here is a helpful tip if you do not want your date to be too “blind”.

Tell your friend beforehand who you are looking for and what kind of lady you would like to meet. In this case, you can have at least some clue about who you are going to see and “date”. We do not know if it works but it is also a good way to spend a spare evening.

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Type of dating #5: Double dating

As you could guess from its name, double dating supposes two couples seeing each other together. It would be good for you if you are a teenager or if you have some friends with the interests, similar to yours. 

And if you recall what we have told you about the blind dates, double dating would be great to avoid embarrassment. Sometimes, it is good to see how your match behaves with other people or in the company of people she doesn’t know well, for example.

If we talk about online dating, there are different social meetings and they are similar to speed dating or double dating where you can see other men and women seeing each other and talking. Such dates are also good for friends who want to have some more fun together. 

Type of dating #6: Exclusive dating

Exclusive DatingThis type of dating is probably the most crucial for many people and the most important one. Exclusive or serious dating is an absolutely different stage of your life when you decide to be a couple with someone and be monogamous in your relationships.

Online dating and double dating also can be exclusive. Online dating is exclusive when people decide to communicate only with each other and meet only each other in reality and keep developing their relationships. 

Double dating, of course, can be exclusive when one or two exclusive couples have a common date. As a rule, such a relationship leads to engagement and marriage.  And we believe each of you is looking for these things on our site, aren’t you? Let’s find out what dating is aimed for. Learn more in our article: Exclusive dating: Its definition & the difference to casual dating.

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What is the purpose of dating?

Dating Relationship WomenOf course, everything depends on what type of dating we are talking about now. But no matter what type it is, dating is aimed at seeing someone you like and maybe have common interests with. The purpose of online dating is to find someone to date and marry in the future.

The purpose of blind or speed dating is to meet someone you may like, but most likely, just to spend a good time (or not really good if you are not lucky enough).

The aim of exclusive dating is a long-term serious relationship leading to marriage and family.

The purpose of casual dating can be just meeting your primary needs, such as finding a suitable company for time spending and satisfy your physical needs in intimacy. No matter what dating you choose, you should not forget dating should be fun and hassle-free. 

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Everything depends on you

Casual Dating WomenEverything described above is just a common description, but the purposes of dating are very individual and depend on the person.

Everyone can date for different reasons. Some people date just for sex – you probably know what friends with benefits mean.

We know people who date just because they want to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend without even realizing why they need this.

Sometimes, they are just proud to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend and eager to tell everyone about it. But some people date because they want to get married the soonest.

If they love someone they date, their dating just turns into a marriage and a real family. There might be even more reasons but everyone has his or her own needs and reasons to date someone. Whatever yours are, make sure not only to take benefits from it but not to hurt the other person and her/his feelings.

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Now you know how many types of dating there exist. And we are sure that with the development of society and humanity, more and more types of dating will appear while people’s needs and expectations also change with time and generations.

And if your goal is serious dating and marriage, welcome to our online gallery of beautiful foreign women!

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Best-Matchmaking wishes everyone the most of luck in your search! 

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