Dating a woman with kids: A challenge or a benefit?

Dating a woman with kidsHello gentlemen,

Online dating and dating, in general, can be fun. But dating people with kids, such as single mothers, is a very vital topic for us while the majority of our female customers are single moms.

We face different situations when men start communicating with such women and we also face lots of refusals because men are afraid of responsibility.

We from Best-Matchmaking decided to devote our today’s post to dating a woman with kids, all the pros and cons of it, and why you should or should not date a single mother. This is a very serious topic that might be relevant for almost each of you.

So, let’s start, guys!

What you should know about dating a woman with children

Dating Relationship WomenSometimes, our male customers are afraid of dating women with kids and we can understand it because it is really different from dating a lady who has no children.

But it depends on what you are looking for in your relationships while dating a woman with kids has its pros and cons.

It can be exciting, fulfilling, and challenging at the same time. And when your woman has children already, it can require some creativity from you. And, of course, it requires patience because a woman who has children will always put her children first. 

You should realize that you will not be her priority at least at the stage of dating. But you should not be afraid of it while it is very important to find a certain balance in such relationships.

Below, you will find some tips on how to date a single mother to take all the benefits out of it.

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Dating a single mom requires your patience

Yes, first of all, such a relationship can be a challenge because it will require you to be very patient. You should realize that dating single moms is different from dating a girl who has no children. Such a woman has absolutely other priorities and her children will always be the most important in her life.

So once you decided to bind your life with a single mother, please understand that you may not require her full attention, especially at the stage of getting to know each other.

We have a lot of profiles of single Slavic brides with children on best-matchmaking and men sometimes complain that she doesn’t reply to my messages fast or she couldn’t meet me at night during my visit.

And, you have to be ready for that because a woman with children has her duties, she has to be at home at night with her children and she has to spend a weekend with them, too. She will not go out late too often, also. Be ready for that and don’t require that from her.

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Take interest in her children

Dating a single momIf you decided to date a woman who has kids and realized that you will not be her priority, you should know how to date such a woman properly.

Now you know that requiring her full time and attention is not the best tactic. But what you should really do is to take interest in her children.

Children are the most important people in her life and if you do not even ask about them and are not interested in them at all, you will fail.

It will be very appreciated if your interest in her family is genuine. You should also visit her from time to time and understand that her children will be at home, too.

It doesn’t mean you have to become a father for them at once, but you have to spend some time with them, too. So finding a common language with her children is a must. Don’t forget to ask her about her children, how they are doing, what are their interests, etc. 

When dating a woman who has children, show your gratitude

Showing your partner how much you enjoy her company is always important. And showing a single mom how special she is is even more crucial. Tell her how much you enjoy her company, as well as the company of her children. 

It is good to show her how much you understand and appreciate her efforts to spend time with you when she has her children to take care of. Also, if her children are not grown yet and need a baby-sitter, you, as a man, can offer to cover the cost of babysitters while she is having a date with you. 

When helping her with a babysitter, you will increase your chances to spend more time with her and ask her out more often. If there is no chance to hire a babysitter, just ask her out with her kids, spend some time together from time to time. 

How to date a woman with kids online?

Stages Of DatingDating a single mom online is not much different from dating her in a traditional way. And since there single moms make a majority of our female customers, you will need to know how to handle them. So here are some tips for you to realize what to do if you decided to communicate with a single mother online.

The tips are the same – realize that you are not her priority, especially at the stage of online communication. It means that you should not require her full attention, call or send her messages at night (just try to take into account the time difference). If you want to have a video chat, don’t be upset she canceled it because her child is ill.

Yes, talking for 30 minutes is not that much but the health of her children is more important for her. When coming to visit her, ask her when it would be convenient for her to meet, because asking her out at night is not the best idea.

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Get ready for last-minute changes to your common plan

Here we talk about women having children of different ages, they can be toddlers, teens, or even adults. But last-minute changes may happen no matter what their age is. For example, you have agreed about a walk to the park or a dinner at the café. 

Understand when her baby gets sick and she cancels everything. Or, for example, you decided to talk to her on a video-chat but her teenager just caught sneaking out of the house. You should not be upset with it or blame her for canceling everything. Be understanding and if you decided to date a woman with kids, you have to be ready for that.

Recall yourself when you were a kid and recall how you made your parents change their plans from time to time. Try not to make a big deal out of it. And believe us, she is also upset to cancel the date with you, but she cannot help it, so just be understanding. 

Don’t rush into things because she may have trust issues

Russian bridesYes, unfortunately, every single mom has her own life story and the reasons for being divorced. And there are so many divorced women with kids or just single moms who have never been married among Ukrainian brides, Russian brides or Belarussian mail order brides. It means that they had some hard times in their life.

For any woman, it is stressful to be left alone with a child. She may have no help from her children’s father or maybe may still suffer from him.

So, it is normal that she doesn’t trust men now as much as she used to when she was younger. It might become a real challenge for you to prove her you are trustworthy.

Once again, don’t go upset with it and don’t accept it as a challenge. Just take some more time and show her your care, support, and loyalty. Believe us, it will be much appreciated when she makes sure you are different from what she met before.

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Realize that she is just a woman!

Women in RigaLast but not least – realize that a single mother is a woman first of all and not some fairytale creature you cannot handle! Some men think by mistake that single mothers need some different approaches and take them as mothers first of all.

But this is the wrong approach. Your attitude to her should not be different than to other women. Just like all the rest, she needs your love, care, and intimacy.

You should get to know her first before making any judgments about her wishes and preferences. Yes, she may not have had relationships for some time but it doesn’t mean she is not going or doesn’t want to.

So, just like any other woman, she needs the dates, she wants to get flowers from you, wants to see your attention and care. The only thing you should understand is that they are not looking for a father for their children but a man for life! And children are not a burden but just a part of her life.

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Conclusion:  Dating a woman with a child is only up to you

Now you know that dating a single mom can be a bit different and more difficult but please understand women with kids are more serious and responsible and this may be what you are looking for in relationships!

Children are not some burden and you can take all the benefits out of such relationships if you find the right approach.

And if you want to know about Slavic women, our International matchmaking packages or dating membership plans at reasonable prices, as well as about Romantic and marriage tours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and get a free consultation.

Good luck with your search!

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