Traditional dating & its difference from online dating

Best-matchmaking's team knows that the topic of dating is so wide and there is so much to explore yet, so we are here to talk about traditional dating! 

Lots of people believe traditional dating is dead but we do not agree with it...

In this post we would love to tell you about the perks of traditional date and how it is different from internet dating.

The values of traditional dating started to disappear in the modern world, so we would like to remind you about it and why it is important not to forget how to really date!

In This Post you will learn about: 

➢ What is traditional dating and it's definition

➢ Internet dating vs traditional dating

➢ Traditional relationship meaning

Traditional dating statistics

Traditional dating definition

Traditional dating sounds like something old-schooled and godforsaken.

Of course, in contrast to modern types of dating, such as speed dating or online dating, it is really different and even unknown to many people. But traditional dating is the best dating you can ever imagine.

Traditional date supposes two people to meet face-to-face, talking, and doing different activities together. Needless to say that the time frame is much longer than that of speed dating, for example.

Such rules involved the girls who never called boys first and the guys who always paid for the girls. Nowadays, these rules have changed in many countries. We do not know whether fortunately or unfortunately. But Slavic countries are one of those where traditional dating is still much appreciated. 

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The history of traditional date

If we look back into the 1950s, for example, the rules of traditional date at that time were less complicated. In those times, the man asked, called, and paid. Everything was more than clear and no questions even aroused. Any man would simply ask a woman out a couple of days ahead for a specific date and time.

There were no cell phones and people made more efforts to get in touch with each other. If a woman accepted his invitation, a man arranged a time to pick a woman up. As a rule, people went to have dinner or to watch a movie in a cinema. Dating at that time was more pure and genuine.

Although people didn’t always have intimacy after marriage only and premarital sexual relationships also happened often. Anyways, times changed, people changed, and dating also changed.

What is traditional dating like now?

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Is traditional dating dead?

The rules of traditional dating are not that clear nowadays but it is not dead yet. The dates quite often involve only short meetings in a café or a museum, for example. Yes, men still do the asking; however, women also may take initiatives. In Slavic countries, men still do pay the dating bills.

But in other cultures, such as the western countries, women often go Dutch and split the bills. And it even happens that a woman doesn’t mind to pay for the date. But it will never happen with a Russian, Ukrainian, or Belarussian woman, they stick to traditional dating rules.

Quite often, women call men after the first date. But lots of dating experts are against such behavior. And of course, people have intimate relationships after the first or a couple of dates more often now. The idea of having sex after marriage became too old and not popular. 

Internet dating vs traditional dating

How to use the Mamba dating app

The difference between these two types of dating is obvious:

in traditional dating, you meet people face-to-face at once

but when dating onlineyou meet  on the internet first.

However, internet dating has one huge advantage – you are getting to know people much more before you meet them and get physical.

We can say you are almost “forced” to get to know a woman before getting much closer with her unlike in real life where people get closer first and only then get to know each other very often.

From that perspective, online dating gives a better opportunity to find a really good match. Just imagine – you have instant access to a large number of women.

Traditional dating is usually just a coincidence which is not bad. Internet dating can also become traditional after you meet your women in person and decide to continue your relationships and start real traditional dating. 


The advantages of traditional dating

international dating sites

Although traditional dating is more a way to meet someone by coincidence, it has a lot of advantages. First of all, it is a natural way to meet and get to know people.

No matter how many mistakes we make, everything is done naturally and we experience real emotions and feel real happiness or disappointment. 

When dating traditionally, we feel at once connection with another person. But when dating online, people may not feel attraction when they meet in person finally.

It is also a problem that in real life, you can read people very well unlike online. People online may not be fully honest and it may be very dangerous. 

For example, the says that internet predators commit over 100 murders and thousands of rapes yearly. This is the answer to your question of why women do not hurry to exchange contacts and are very cautious in the meetings. 

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Traditional dating statistics

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to say how many people of different age groups prefer traditional dating to other dating types. Online Dating Statistics says that there are nearly 110 million singles at the age of 20-60 in the USA. 20 million of them use online dating or matchmaking services.

50% of online daters were aged 18-34 in 2017, 24%-at the age of 35-44, 5,7% - 45-54 years, and 11% of them were older than 55. As you can see, mostly younger people used online dating recently, but there are no clear statistics after 2017. We would say that most of our clients are aged 35-44 this year. 

The statistics say that some people who do not use online dating sites are not dating actively; others use speed dating and other similar services. It is clear that traditional dating is less popular nowadays than it was decades ago. 

Traditional dating for Slavic brides

Mature Ukrainian woman for dating

Yes, Slavic brides are not the same as they were a long time ago. Today, they are more independent and more demanding than they used to be in the 20th century.

People’s needs have changed and the needs and requirements for them have changed as well.

But it doesn’t mean they forgot what traditional dating is. They still believe in chivalry and still consider a man to take charge and be the leader in relationships.

They do not like taking initiatives and calling a man to ask him out. They wait for you to do it as it was decades ago.

And we all the time keep telling our western readers that Ukrainian brides and Russian brides expect you to pay for the date. They do not even think of it because it is obvious in their country that a man pays. And if you invite your bride to your country, for her it is also clear that you pay all her expenses. 

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What to do if you have no time for traditional dating?

We realize that being a modern human-being is different than it was even a decade ago. The modern rhythm of life doesn’t let people go out often and spend lots of time on romance and dating. And for lots of us, it became very difficult to find our match in such a routine.

If you have no time for dating in a traditional way, you can find an alternative, such as speed dating or online dating. Speed dating is a good way to find a woman in your area quickly. But if your goal is international marriage, it is better to use the services of the dating sites or professional matchmakers.

Online dating will be helpful if you can have a video-chat with foreign women, take a Romantic and marriage tour to meet them in person. You can even go traditional and order a gift for your bride right on the dating site via their gift delivery service. 

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Conclusion: Traditional dating is still alive!

legitimate Ukrainian dating sites

Now we hope you know what traditional dating is. And as you can see, it is still not dead and quite popular in Slavic brides.

But if for some reason, you have no time or chance for traditional dating, you can always choose online dating or matchmaking as an option.

Yes, it takes a bit longer to meet your match, but it works well.

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Wonder How Traditional Date works? Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency


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