Age Gap Between Russian Women and Western Men

Age Gap Between Russian & Ukrainian Women and Western MenWhen you see young Russian girl with older man  you probably ask yourself:

Does the age matter?

It does, when it comes to love and relationship. However, lots of men love the idea of being in a relationship with a younger woman.

We will not deny the fact that there are really women who also prefer dating and marrying older men in Russia, Ukraine, and other Slavic countries.

But men still have to be realistic.

In this article you are going to find about: 


- Why would older man look for much younger Russian lady:

- What is the right age difference in a Russian-Western relationship?


What is the right age difference in a Russian-Western relationship?

Probably, there is no such a notion asthe right age difference when it comes to love and relationship.

However, when thinking of marriage and serious relationship, everyone must have some common sense.

Let us be realistic. Of course, women from Ukraine and Russia are different from western ladies. But they are still women looking for a healthy relationship and this feature is common for both western and eastern European females.

We have a very large online dating and matchmaking experience with multiple married couples. And we can surely say that each couple had a different age gap. That’s why, taking into account our own experience, we can say that everything is possible when there are love and chemistry between you and your Russian bride.

Age Gap Between Russian & Ukrainian Women and Western Men

Along with that, we can notice that 20-15 year’s age gap is not common at all, but also possible. So what does saying" Russian teen old man" mean? It means when too young girls using their appearance trying to fish for something giving love to much older men.

However, most Eastern European ladies are very smart and intelligent, and they are very sophisticated. Even young Slavic ladies are very wise. That’s why they not too often feel any interest in young men who are still too harebrained. And for that reason, women in Russia and Ukraine are subconsciously looking for a man who is wise and mature. And it means, an older man.

Slavic females know that men in western countries are much younger in their heart and full of energy in their 40’s or even 60’s than men in Russia or Ukraine. And they possess their charm which very often helps them conquer the heart of a young Slavic lady.

These ladies know that if a man is 10-15 years older, but he looks good and leads a proper lifestyle, he is full of energy which is enough for a young beautiful lady.

With such a man, some women feel very protected and safe. They know that he is strong and wise enough to be worthy of their wives.

Such couples are usually very harmonious. When a western man is 10-15 years older than his Russian wife, it is absolutely normal for Russian-Western relationship and this age gap is absolutely invisible.

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But when a 60-year-old man is looking for a young Russian girl, who is 18-20, this is something less common, that's what we call " Russian teen and old man"... Most likely, if such a relationship takes place, such a young girl is not looking for something serious but is going to use you for her benefit. Such an age gap isn’t normal even for Russian-Western marriage.

You have to take into account the fact that young women want to become mothers. Can she become a mother in a marriage with such a huge age gap? Yes, maybe, but a man who is 40 years younger than her is old enough to be her grandfather. That’s why such an age gap is rather an exception than a rule for Russian-Western marriages.

Ukrainian and Russian ladies are looking for a good mature man who could be 10-20 years older, when they both know what they want and can really complement each other.

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What is common age gap in a Russian marriage?

When you start searching for a Russian wife, you notice that there are lots of beautiful and smart single women among Slavic ladies, and do not be surprised if you are contacted by a woman who is 15 years younger than you. What is the reason for that?

In fact, there are different age gaps in Eastern European marriages. And it is really very common when an age gap is 5-15 years. There are also demographic reasons for that. There are more men than women in Eastern Europe. That’s why it is pretty difficult to find a husband for women. And Russian and Ukrainian women tend to start families in their early 20s.

As it was stated above, Eastern European ladies  feel more comfortable with a man who is 5-15 years older, while they prefer having relationship with mature men, who are wise enough and stable, they prefer to choose a man who can provide for his family rather than choosing a young boy who is not able to earn enough.

We must also admit that young Russian girl with older man  might be looking for looking not only for financial stability but also for a good future for their children. And young boys who do not think of having families yet cannot give them what they are searching for.

Of course, there are marriages with different age gaps, including such marriages when a man and a woman are of the same age or when a man is younger than a woman. It is also very common for modern Russian couples.

But there are also a lot of divorces in Ukraine and Russia. Such couples, where a man is younger or when they are both of the same age, divorce most often. The reason is that women in Russia develop faster than men. If a Slavic woman is ready for marriage in her early 20’s, a man is still irresponsible and too young for marriage at his 20’s and even 30’s in these countries. That’s why, a woman who is tired of a man being too irresponsible, divorces sooner or later and starts searching for a man who would be wise and responsible, it means at least 5-10 years older than her.

So, if you wonder what age gap is common for Slavic marriages, the answer is there are different couples, but the 5-15 age difference is also common for Russian and Ukrainian couples.

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Young Russian girl with older man: Is it common in a Russian-Western marriage?

There is a wide-spread opinion that there is a large age gap in international couples. We from Best-Matchmaking decided to check that information and find out, what age gap is really common for Russian-Western marriages or is it still considered to be offensive "Russian teen old man" meaning.

Let’s look at the statistics in the years 2014-2016. This data shows that the average age gap for successful international couples (either married or engaged) is 8 years. 8 years might be a bit more than an average age difference in Russian couples, but, also, it is far from the myth that a normal age difference in an international couple is 20-30 years. At the same time, according to the same data, the largest age gap was 17 years. It is not that much as well.

10 years age gap is common for 34% of international couples. According to the same data, in one couple, a wife was 8 years older than her husband.

These data concern couples, where women were from Slavic countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and even Kazakhstan, and men were from all over the globe, including USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Spain, and the Netherlands.

An age gap, common in a Russian-Western marriageIt is very interesting, that there is a special formula for an acceptable age gap in relationships. They say that the older you are, than the larger age gap is acceptable. For example, if you are 30, it would be OK if you date at least a 22-year-old woman (i.e. 8 years age gap), and if you are 60, then a woman at her 37 is considered to be a normal couple for you in international society.

You already know that western men in their 40’s and 50’s are pretty attractive to women in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. That’s because they are wise, mature, and secure enough for independent and modern Slavic women.

When you think about young Russian girl with older man and what might be a  proper age gap - think well what you want to get from this relationship:

If you want just to have a 20-year-old girl who would be just a beautiful cover and would be 30 years younger than you, then such an age gap is ok.

But if you want to find a life-partner, a wise woman who would be your best friend, passionate lover, with whom you will not be bored, then choose a woman who would be not more than 15 years old younger than you. This way you will have your perfect partner!

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Why are Western men looking for younger Russian  women?

Ukrainian Bride at Best MatchmakingRussian women become more and more popular among western men looking for their love. And there is a tendency among western men to search younger Russian and Ukrainian women. Why do they search exactly for younger women? Sometimes this age gap reaches a really significant number.

At first, lots of western men differ from those in Eastern European countries. They look great, they are successful, they are full of energy, and young at heart. Lots of them have never been married and have no kids. And that is their main goal.

If you want children, you want to find a woman who can have children with you. Of course, if you are 50 and you meet a woman around that age, besides, if she already has her own children, she will not want, probably, to have more kids. And, of course, her age is not proper already to have more kids. That’s normal. Such a woman has children who are grown up and now, she wants to find a man just to enjoy the rest of her life with him. She wants now to have her own time and spend it as she wants.

Of course, this is not your variant, because you search for a young family, you want to be a father for the first time. And that’s the case when a young Russian lady would be just perfect for you. She doesn’t have to be 18 or 20, but a woman at her late 20’s or at her early 30’s who is wise enough and ready for having family and children will be the best couple for you.

This way you both will be happy and will meet each other’s needs.

Another reason western men seek for young Slavic ladies is that they just want to have a young and beautiful wife. But again, an age gap of 30 or 40 years is not healthy. And there are so many Russian and Ukrainian ladies at their 30’s or even 40’s who simply look stunning and will be perfect wives, you will be really proud of such a lady by your side. Such women have their dignity and are much better for a family life than just young girls who still do not know what they want.

Western men often think that Ukrainian and Russian girls are ready to marry a man who is 40 years older just to leave their country. But that is not true. If such a young girl wants to have a relationship with you, you have to be careful, because she might pursue her axe to grind.

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What is the recommended age difference in a Russian-Western relationship?

recommended age difference in a Russian-Western relationship

Now as you have an impression of an age gap between western men and Slavic ladies, you have to realize that a huge age gap is not common, but still possible for international marriages.

Russian and Ukrainian girls seek for a more mature man, while they are more mature and wiser than Western women of the same age, too. Most of the Russian girls have a successful career at their 24. As she is a mature and successful woman already, she is searching for a man who would be the same. Unfortunately, 24-year-old boys in Russia and Ukraine are not so successful and mature yet, unlike women. Of course, a young Russian or Ukrainian female is going to search for a western man who would be a great match for her and who would be at least 5-10 years older. This way you are on the same page and share the same interests, so you will be really happy together.

When the age gap is larger than 5-10 years, think of some similar interests or hobbies which you could share. When you both love the same things, the age gap will not be significant anymore.

Also, when you search for a Russian bride, do not forget to establish your life goals. A young woman at her 20’s and 30’s will definitely want children. Think whether you want the same and whether you can meet her needs.

Remember that your reasons and motivations have to be healthy. If you want to have relationships with a much younger woman, make sure to have the right reasons for that. The woman you are dating is a real person and she has real emotions, and her life goal is not to ease your anxieties.

And last, but not least, remember that age is just a number. You are going to date a person you like, not her birth date. Simply get that number out of your mind and enjoy your life together.

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful?  Were you successful to find and date a younger lady?  Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency


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