The biggest Russian women’s stereotypes you won't believe

Russian women’s stereotypesHi guys,

Russian women have always been in the men’s spotlight. And it’s no wonder they are surrounded by a large number of stereotypes.

Every day, men from different countries ask us from Best-Matchmaking about various things they have ever heard about Russian and Ukrainian women and wonder if that is true. Some of the rumors are true, others are not, and there are some stereotypes which are totally ridiculous.

So, in this article, we from Best-Matchmaking decided to answer all of your questions at once and give you all the information about the most incredible stereotypes concerning Russian women. Some stereotypes are really difficult to believe but they are true.

Try to find the answers to your questions about Russian women in our article. You will learn what people all over the world think about one of the most desired women on Earth and whether it is true or not.

Ready? Then keep reading till the end.

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All Russian women are gold-diggers

Polish online datingThis stereotype is one of the most wide-spread and is partially true. Lots of men all over the world think that Russian women search for a wealthy man only who would have a big house and a yacht.

There are really such ladies among Slavic ladies but in most cases, these girls do not hide their intentions at all and make it clear that they do not need love but a wealthy man who can provide for her and make her life a beautiful one.

Luckily, we do not have such women on our site. Our ladies are selected very carefully and none of them is looking for a millionaire but for serious relationships and marriage only.

But let’s return to the stereotype. Modern Russian ladies are quite successful women who earn well. Very often, women are more hard-working than men in post-soviet countries. And they strive to have a better life. If they can provide for themselves well, why do they have to put up with a man who is not able to do it?

It’s natural that a girl from Russia who is pretty successful herself wants to have a man who is successful as well. Russian women possess very strong character and personality and they do not like men who are weaker than them. So gold-digging is just a stereotype. Sure, there are gold-diggers in any country, but you can’t think that all Russian ladies are like that.

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All Russian women want to leave their country and need you only for that

Russian women for datingThis is another stereotype so wide-spread among western men. We believe it has its Soviet Union roots. A long time ago, women in the Soviet Union were behind the Iron Curtain and couldn’t go abroad.

For that reason, they could often leave their country only through the marriage with a foreigner. And that’s why this stereotype was formed. In modern post-soviet countries, there are no problems with going abroad.

All women have international passports and it is not difficult to get a visa. Almost all ladies have been abroad for work or just for traveling. Almost all Russian girls spend their holidays abroad in 5-star hotels. So do you think they need you just to go abroad? Of course, this stereotype is not true.

Russian ladies today live a normal life, they are well-educated, they have good careers, they have wonderful jobs, and can afford to go abroad. They even work in various western and Asian countries. So going abroad is not a problem for them regardless of the purpose.

The aim of marrying a western man is absolutely different from getting a visa and moving to your country. Women search for a mature and self-sufficient man, they are more open to a western world and are willing to learn new cultures and create families with western men.

We can even open you one secret – Russian brides love and respect themselves and will not marry just to leave their country in search of a better life. This stereotype is not true.

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Any Russian woman is willing to spend a night with a foreigner

Russian woman for datingOne more stereotype that is so popular among western men. Lots of foreigners think that they can simply come to Ukraine or Russia, go to the first night club and any girl there would be 100% ready to spend a night with him. This is a far cry from reality.

Russian girls are not for a one-night stand, especially with a foreigner. They have a self-dignity and are willing to have serious relationships. Thinking she is ready to get hung up on a western guy is ridiculous.

Girls go to night clubs to spend a good time with their friends, boyfriends, or husbands, but not for having a one-time affair with a foreigner. Moreover, when they meet a western man in a night club, they are very cautious, because they suspect your goal is not to conquer her heart and make her your wife. For that reason, they join our site – to find serious relationships. They do not want to meet you in a night club because it is not a good place to find a real life-partner.

Russian women are only housewives

Latvian bridesYes, it sounds sad but lots of men from other countries start searching for a Russian or Ukrainian wife because they want to bring a good housewife to their home country. They know these ladies are good cookers, cleaners, mothers, etc. This is partially true because Russian girls really cook well, they keep your home clean and cozy, and are very loving mothers and devoted wives. But is that their goal to come to your country and become a housewife only?

Of course, not. Women from Russia or Ukraine have very rich and many-sided personalities; they need to have something to do, some hobbies, jobs, meeting with friends. She needs to have some personal space, a bit of independence, and she will give you so much in return.

But once you want to make a housewife out of her, she will think you don’t respect her, and your family life will not be so happy anymore. So, if you decided to marry a Russian or Ukrainian woman to get just a housewife, you will fail, because none of them will sacrifice everything in her home country to stay at home and serve for you.

All “Natashas” are some “cheap date”

This is a very ridiculous stereotype really difficult to believe. But American movies usually depict Russian men as gangsters and Russian girls as hookers tempting main character. And their name is, as a rule, Natasha in Hollywood movies. By the way, Turkish men think the same, they call Russian and Ukrainian girls Natasha believing they are “yes-girls”.

If you believe that stereotype then better don’t start talking to a Russian woman, while you will be definitely blown-off. “Buying” a Russian girl is a bad idea, as it was stated above.

All Russian women have long braid

Facts about Ukrainian womenThis is such an image of Russian girls in many countries of the globe. Yes, women in Russia really had long hair and beautiful thick braids but it was a long time ago. Modern girls from Ukraine or Russia have very different hairstyles and haircuts.

Lots of them have long hair, but others have short or hair of average length. You can meet very different women in these countries, with different appearance and different hair.

So the stereotype that all Russian women wear long braids is partially true, but this is just a stereotype, while people change, as well as trends. And Russian females are not an exception.

Russian women are superstitious

This is one of the oldest stereotypes concerning Russian ladies. And it is true. Some women are very superstitious, others are not, and everything depends on their personality, surrounding, and education. But don’t offer her a bunch of flowers with an even number of flowers.

This is the biggest no-no in Russia or Ukraine and the biggest superstition. Russian girls have different superstitions and the more you communicate with them, the more you understand. All this is connected with cultural peculiarities and various customs and traditions, and even lots of church dates and holidays are connected with different superstitions.

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Conclusion: Take it or leave it!

Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful?Russian women are widely discussed in the world, and they are surrounded but different rumors and stereotypes. Some of them are true; others are really ridiculous and false.

But if people all over the globe keep talking about these Slavic brides, it means there is something special about them. Some people adore and admire them, others hate Russian women.

We from Best-matchmaking tried to describe the most unbelievable Russian women’ stereotypes. And it’s up to you to believe it or not. Regardless of all the stereotypes, we know that these females make wonderful wives and mothers, and are very devoted to relationships.

And exactly for that reason, they are so popular and desired by western men. And we invite you to get to know them better and choose your best match right on our site!

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