What do Russians think of interracial dating?

Interracial datingHello gentlemen!

Interracial dating? We bet if you came across this post, you have thought of it. And we are not surprised while international and interracial dating is really popular nowadays. Moreover, it is even pretty trendy. 

In western countries, no one can be really surprised when seeing an interracial couple. But is that the same in Russia? Sure, you all can see thousands of Russian women searching for foreign men online. But what do Russians in general think of such dating? 

Are they excited about that idea and support it or they are against international marriages at all? We from best-matchmaking will reveal all the truth about Russian attitude to interracial dating today. Are you ready to learn more about Russian women and what they think? Then let’s start and find out more about the most desired brides on Earth! 

Is interracial dating common for Russia?

Ukrainian women date Asian MenRussians are considered to be racists all over the globe. But let’s point out first that 10% of the Russian population is of Asian race. Yes, due to the size of that biggest country and its very long and rich history, there are lots of nations living in Russia. 

If we take Asian dating, it is really popular in Russia. First of all, because Russia and China are neighbors and there are pretty many Russian-Chinese couples nowadays. Moreover, since the times of the Soviet Union, there were so many Koreans living in such countries as Kazakhstan and Russia. 

So Korean-Russian couples are not a rare thing, too. So, if we consider only Russian-Asian dating, we can truly say interracial dating is common for Russia. You can only imagine how many other nations are represented nowadays in Russia. So such mixed relationships happen really often. 

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What about Russian-Western dating?

In the times of digital technologies and the development of online dating, more and more Russian women search for western guys for dating and marriage. Do Russian men search for western women, too? Not really. Of course, there are couples of Russian men and Western (more often Asian) women but they are not that frequent.

You may think that Russian women, as well as Ukrainian women, are simply seeking a better life. But this is not the reason today. Modern Russian women live in a well-developed country and have a great job and career opportunities, so they can afford a lot. Very often, they can even afford a much better life than western ladies do.

Their reasons are more demographic-like. There is a huge problem in Russia and Ukraine with men population. The number of ladies exceeds the number of men a lot. So it’s no wonder women who want to have a family join international dating sites in search of their life-partner. 

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Do African-American men have a chance?

Professional Interracial MatchmakingThe thought that Russian, Ukrainian, or Belarussian women are afraid of black men is more a stereotype than truth. Maybe a long time ago, in the period of the Iron Curtain, people in Russia were afraid of Africans. But don’t forget Russia is a country with modern views and it has as many nations in its territory as no other country.

Of course, we cannot say that we know so many couples of Russian women and African American guys but they still are! In Ukraine, for example, there are lots of Universities for foreign students, where lots of African guys and girls come to study and find their Ukrainian girlfriends and boyfriends. 

Lots of those people get married and keep living in Ukraine. In Russia, the situation is approximately the same. When it comes to love, people don’t pay attention to your origin or skin color. No matter what other people may think or say, the number of such international couples is increasing.  

Why do Russians choose interracial dating?

As we mentioned above, the main reason is demographic. There are more women in Russia and Ukraine, so local women start searching for western husbands. The competition inside these countries, including Latvia, is very high for ladies. So it’s no wonder they want to get one of the great western husbands.

But this reason is not the only one. Russian, Ukrainian, and even Latvian women search for American and European husbands for many other reasons as well. And if you are curious to find out why Russians choose interracial dating, we will tell you the truth below. We hope it will help you learn more about Russian women and Russian people in general. So, here are the main reasons for Russians to choose interracial dating:

Disappointment in their local men

Interracial matchmakerPlease don’t think that all men in Russia or Ukraine are so bad that all women want to marry Western men. It is absolutely not true. But you, for example, why did you choose online dating or at least thought of it? Probably because you were not satisfied with women in your country. 

At least, lots of you say so. And so are Russian, Ukrainian, and even Latvian women not satisfied with their experience with local men. Some of them had a very bad personal experience and get disappointed with all the men in their country. Others simply don’t like the attitude of their local men to women, life, or work in general.  

Latvian men, for example, are known to be very lazy and Latvian women, vice versa, very hard-working. So it’s no wonder these ladies want to have a better husband who has some more goals in life instead of lying on the couch on the weekend. 

Better life opportunities

You may not think that all Russian women are gold-diggers and they use western men to move abroad and find a better life. But this is not really like that. Yes, they are hard-working, independent, and intelligent women who want to self-develop all the time. And often, they are limited in their opportunities in their country.

Once they marry a western guy, they can really move to another country, learn something new, have a diligent and generous husband who will support them in their beginnings. Life in big cities of Ukraine and Russian can often give them great opportunities for career, traveling, and family life. 

But women from smaller cities will need to survive and fight with high competition, so marriage with a western man will make everything much easier. They will move to another country, will find a good job, learn English (or any other language) well, and will have a great happy life abroad. 

Russian society still needs time to adapt to interracial dating

Although Russia is now a modern country with a pretty impressive number of interracial marriages, lots of people are still very cautious about such dating and international marriages. Russian men, for example, do not like when foreigners take their women. They do not like this competition with western guys.

Despite the huge number of Russian women joining dating sites, lots of women in Russia or Ukraine are still afraid of such a phenomenon, as interracial dating. It is not because they don’t like western men but because they are afraid of something totally new and unknown to them. They simply are afraid of that challenge and of what is waiting for them in a foreign country. But the country is overcoming all stereotypes, so you have nothing to worry about.

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The interracial dating stereotypes are fading away

Dating Minsk girlsYes, Russian people, both men and women still are a bit cautious towards interracial dating. Very often, it happens because of the uncertainty.

There are really lots of bad experiences of Russian women who married foreigners, went abroad, and then were abused by their foreign men. So, as you see, Russian ladies not only suffer in Russia but in foreign countries, as well.

So, because of such situations, lots of stereotypes have appeared. Women have been afraid of marrying and dating foreign men for some time. But nowadays, there are more and more positive cases and successful interracial marriages, so Russian ladies want to be happy, too and start searching for a foreign boyfriend more often. 

The stereotypes are fading away and there are no boundaries now for interracial dating. Anyone who wants to have a Russian wife can easily find her on best-matchmaking, while we have only family-oriented Russian, Latvian, and Ukrainian women on our site. 

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Conclusion: You can keep yourself positive!

Now you know that the overall attitude of Russian people to interracial marriage is pretty positive. Although the country still has a lot to work on, Russian women keep joining the top online dating site in the search of a western boyfriend. And in our gallery, you can find not only Russian, but also Ukrainian, and Latvian women who are really willing to date and marry a foreigner. 

About their reasons for searching for a western husband, you can ask them directly in our video chat with foreign girls. Out video chat is different from other dating sites and allows you to have a real-time Skype conversation with your lady. Once you think you met your only one, you can choose one of our Romantic tours and come and meet her in person. 

And if you have any questions, offers, or doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate, your practicing psychologist, matchmaker, and dating blogger. Her consultations are absolutely free! And one of the best-matchmaking membership plans or Slavic matchmaking offers will surely meet your requirements!

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