European girls for dating & marriage: Your ultimate dating guide

European girls for dating and marriageHello guys!

If you decided to search for European girls for dating and marriage, then accept our congratulations, while dating and marriage with these ladies have a range of advantages for many men. European girls, especially those from Eastern Europe, are wonderful and fun to spend time with.

But at the same time, they have wonderful family values and are very caring. They are surely worth to spend the whole life with them and are able to give you really valuable life experience.

But is everything that easy? And what surprises you might expect when dating ladies from Europe? Keep reading this article till the end and you will find out all the pros and cons of dating women from Europe. We will also tell you everything about how to meet European women and why you should or should not do it. Ready to learn everything about the world of European dating?

Then let’s start!

Do European women really want to meet foreign men?

Polish dating tipsEuropean girls for dating and marriage are a good option for western men. Lots of men all over the world dream to date them. But what about Russian, Latvian and Ukrainian women? Do they also wish to date and marry foreign men? Let’s try to find this out.

You might wonder why such beautiful and young at heart women would want to sign up various dating sites to meet their future husbands. They are not deprived of men’s attention in their country, for sure.

Yes, it is true; they are also popular among men in their countries and really have lots of admirers. However, there are some reasons that make them want to find a Western husband:

Sincere interest

Lots of European ladies (Romanian, Bulgarian and Polish brides) search for foreign husbands because they know that these men appreciate them and their personal traits. Western guys consider Eastern European girls really family-oriented and reliable, and in most cases it is true. So they choose these men to be loved and appreciated.

Better opportunities

You wouldn’t be surprised if we tell you the living conditions are much better in the West than in many European countries. We do not want to say that these girls want to use you to move to your country, but they are also searching for better opportunities, and are not happy that they can’t develop their personality and career in their country. So marriage with a western guy would open some new opportunities to them.

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Demographic reasons

European girls for dating and marriage are a great option for western guys because, in many European countries, the number of men exceeds the number of ladies. So they have nothing to do but to search for a man elsewhere. For example, Ukraine and Latvia have a very small number comparing to the number of women, so marriage with foreigners became really common for them.

Romantic reasons

Eastern European women (check also our guide on Latvian brides) believe that they can easily find love in any country, not only in their own, so why not to try their luck abroad? They know that they will find men who really appreciate their femininity, beauty, and ability to love and care of someone, so why not to use that chance?

American girls vs European girls for dating and marriage

Lots of western men complain to us about American women. They search for European girls (= Slavic women) for the reason of having a beautiful, family-oriented, and loyal wife and mother for their kids. We have prepared a short comparison of American and European women so you could see yourself the difference.

American girls are more initiative and independent

Polish brides adviceWhen it comes to picking a restaurant, for example, a girl from America will offer you some options to choose from and will inform you on the information about her being allergic to some food or being a vegan, etc.

She wants to decide what place you will have dinner. And if you have invited a European girl, she will let you choose the restaurant and take initiative.

An American girl would prefer meeting at the restaurant while a European girl will expect you to pick her up. A European girl will want you to pick something for her and would prefer something lights, for example, salad. An American girl, in turn, would order a full plate. They do not really think of your opinion about her eating preferences, especially when they are hungry.

European girls are mysterious

American women can flirt with you and tell you pretty directly about the way they feel about you. A European lady prefers to stay a mystery, you will have to solve that puzzle.  

American women are less modest

For example, when it comes to drinking, an American girl won’t mind having tequila shots or some fire cocktails. They love to have fun and easily can turn drunk on a date. A European / Russian girl will not allow this; she will stick to a glass of wine and will keep everything under control.  

When choosing  European girls for dating and marriage, you are to pay the bills. An American girl would not mind sharing your restaurant bill on the date, but a girl from Europe will expect you to pay all the dating bills. So get ready for that! You will also have to pay for her taxi or take her home. A girl in America is independent enough to get home on her own.

European girls expect you to conquer them

Latvian bridesAmerican women are probably easier to date while they are always open about their feelings towards you, and they are easier to approach.

If she likes you, she may easily invite you to continue a pleasant evening and have some more drinks.

However, a European girl won’t show any physical affection, she won’t even kiss you on the same date. You have to deserve and earn her physical affection.

You won’t hear from a European girl unless you text her first

Western ladies are free to text you, especially if they enjoyed your date and want to have it again. If you want to hear from your European girlfriend, you should text her, otherwise, she will be silent. The same concerns your second date. If you want it, invite her, otherwise, you won’t hear from her again. At the same time, an American girl can be initiative and invite you herself for a second date.

European girls are more traditional

European girls are more feminine, are great moms, and can be truly considered to be real ladies. Yes, this is the reason why western guys choose European girls for marriage. They are really beautiful, elegant, smart, caring, loving, and have so many advantages over American girls. Pursuing them may be a real challenge, but conquering them will give you a huge bunch of benefits for the rest of your life.

How to meet European women – all you need to know

Romanian girlEuropean girls is a very wide notion, here we try to talk about all the ladies from mostly Eastern Europe who have Slavic roots, while they are widely presented on our site and are the most popular among men from the West. So, meeting European ladies became really popular and it makes sense if you dream of a great wife and happy marriage life.

You can easily meet these girls by coming to their country and getting acquainted with them right in the streets or somewhere in night clubs or cafes. However, do you really hope to meet your future wife this way? We have huge doubts that this acquaintance (if any at all) will end up with dating or marriage. Women in Latvia, as well as in Ukraine, are very cautious about foreigners coming to their countries and trying to “pick up” girls this way.

Meeting European girls in social media can be an option too. But you never know who you meet this way and what to expect from her. People in social media have no liabilities at all, so they do not care about your feelings or money you spend on meeting them, they may simply have fun and nothing more.

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So, if you want to meet a serious lady for marriage but have no idea how to meet European women, you’d better choose an online dating site. We from Best-Matchmaking have hundreds of profiles of single eligible European brides from different countries, who are seriously looking for their better half. Our ladies go through a strict verification process and we guarantee that all of them are truly genuine and family-oriented. To check they really exist, we offer a special video chat option, where you communicate on Skype; in case she doesn’t speak English we have a translator, whose work won’t cost you extra money.

We also offer a wide range of services, including matchmaking, thanks to which you can increase your chances to find your perfect match. Our professional matchmakers analyze your needs, demands, and personal preferences and select a range of ladies who can be your match. We assist all our customers until they find their love.

On our site, you can easily meet your real love, while we have an individual approach to every our client, we are sure that there could be no “one size fits all” approach.  So, browse the gallery of Ukrainian and other single brides, and let us create your happiness!

Some more helpful tips on searching European girls for dating

Latvian womenFinding your soulmate isn’t easy, but sometimes, it is easier than you think.

Here are some more really helpful tips on how to meet European women:

Be direct with her

European girls don’t have time for playing games. Always be open and direct with her. They don’t like men beating around the bush. She will always feel that you hide something, so better don’t do it, always be open and sincere. Believe us, it will be much appreciated.

Look good!

Dress to your own style, but first, find it and try to stick to it. European women are very elegant and, of course, they want to have an elegant man by their side. If she looks like a model, try to look at least tidy and have a good haircut.

Be realistic and confident

European women are independent nowadays, but they still want to remain women, and they want a man to be a real man. You should have a job and know how to earn money. If you are a crybaby, you have no chances to get her! She doesn’t need a child but a strong man! So, remember, women from Europe prefer confident men with a strong personality. If you are also successful with your career, then Bingo!

Being vain is the biggest no-no

European girls like tidy and stylish guys, but being too much obsessed with your look is an anathema for them. If a man loves himself and going to the spa more than she does, this is a fiasco! Be ready to fail then.

Don’t talk – act!

Average Russian girlVery often, western men come for the first meeting with a European lady and start talking about their feelings, love, etc. But remember – this is your first meeting only. She doesn’t want to hear how great and beautiful she is, she knows that.

She wants you to act. If all you can offer is empty promises, then forget about this lady. If you really want to get her, be a man, talk less, do more. If you like her – bring her flowers.

If you want her to be yours, act and invite her to your country for a second meeting. Don’t wait for years to meet again - they won’t wait that long and will start searching for a better option.

We hope these tips will help you find your dream European girl and bring her to your country. All you should do is to put some little efforts and believe in yourself! Of course, we are here to help you do that.

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