5 Incredible Facts about Ukrainian women

5 Incredible Facts about Ukrainian womenUkrainian ladies are considered to be one the most beautiful, intelligent, and elegant females in the world. Men around the world tend to marry Slavic brides, especially Ukrainian ladies.

Their popularity among Western men grows every day. And thanks to the technology progress and modern communication means, it became extremely easy to find a beautiful Ukrainian wife living overseas.

In this article you will find out:

➢ Are Ukrainian women  gold diggers or not?
➢ What  personality Ukrainian women  have..& what are their goals?
➢ Are  most of Ukrainian women on dating sites  scammers?
➢ How to meet genuine & Family oriented Ukrainian lady for serious relations?
And How to find a reliable Ukraine Marriage Agency?

 ⬇ Let's Go ⬇

Each western man knows Ukrainian women are special. But they hardly know some other facts about women in Ukraine apart from them to be so beautiful and devoted. For that reason, we from Best-Matchmaking are going to tell you the most interesting facts about Ukrainian women in that article.

And you might be really surprised about some of them. So make yourself comfortable and enjoy one of the most interesting and proven information about women from Ukraine.

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Fact 1 - Not all Ukrainian women are gold diggers

Ukrainian womenThere are lots of rumors among western men concerning Ukrainian and Russian women. And one of them is that if you date or marry a Ukrainian woman, you will almost get ripped off. Lots of men think that women from Ukraine are chasing you wallet and your money. There are also men, who are afraid that a dishonest woman always lies behind that Slavic beautiful face and body. But is that really true?

Of course, you should realize that there are different people in Ukraine and in your country, as well as in any other one. And there might be real gold diggers among Ukrainian women as well. But those women who join reputable dating sites in search of their foreign soulmate are not those ones.

It’s necessary to be realistic in your expectations and understand that a Ukrainian woman gets a salary at least 10 times lower than you. And if you ask a Ukrainian woman to pay for your dinner, date, or, for example, her tickets to make a trip to see you, it won’t be reasonable. She simply will not be able to do that. You have to be ready that a man always pays in Ukraine.

And that’s not because they are gold diggers. But because a man is considered to be a bread-winner in this country, he is a protection, and support for his woman. That’s why a Ukrainian woman is seeking for that support from you. Modern men often lose their role in a society because of a high feminism level. But that doesn’t concern Ukraine. They have their values and traditions and a man has to be strong in their society. That’s a man’s role for a Ukrainian woman.

It means that if you are not ready to provide for your family or at least pay for your meal with a Ukrainian woman, you should not look for a woman in Ukraine.

Fact 2 - Ukrainian ladies would not marry every foreign man

Ukrainian ladiesYou might be surprised, but nearly ten thousand of Ukrainians have already united their lives with foreigners. And, according to the statistics, nearly every tenth marriage registered in Kiev, is a marriage with a foreigner. But it doesn’t mean that each Ukrainian woman who joined a dating site is ready to marry the first foreign man she meets online.

It’s necessary to understand that each girl has her own life experience, her own story, and her reasons for searching a man abroad.

We will disclose you a big secret now. Every girl who joins an online dating site fills in a questionnaire, one of the questions of which is: “Why do you search for a foreign man?”

And, according to the statistics, the main reasons of getting married a foreigner for Ukrainian women, are inability to find a decent partner in Ukraine and disappointment or unsuccessful experience with a Ukrainian man. Women, who didn’t manage to meet their life partner in Ukraine, decided to take a risk and try to look for him abroad. And it doesn’t mean at all that she is ready to marry the first foreigner she met online.

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Lots of women have been disappointed with their previous relationships with Ukrainian men, and for that reason decided to try with a man from another country. Besides, there are fewer men in Ukraine, than women. And that’s the reason for Ukrainian women to look for men from other countries.

But be sure, that if a beautiful Ukrainian bride communicates with you online and agreed for a personal meeting, she will not marry you in a heartbeat. She will choose a man as in real life. Ukrainian women are very hard-working and they are not going to marry just to have a better life. Their own goal is to find their true life partner, and, sometimes it takes years to meet him.

Fact 3 - Ukrainian brides have goals and personality

Ukrainian womenNow you know that Ukrainian women are not searching for money and are not going to marry the first foreign man they meet. But that’s actually not all. Ukrainian women have their goals and their personality. Ukrainian women are down to earth mostly. But along with that, they are very ambitious.

They have their life goals, know how important education is, and are very well-educated. For that reason, they are looking for a man stronger than them. Ukrainian women do not really choose weak men. Despite being very tender, caring, and loving, they have a very strong spirit and can cope with many problems and difficulties. For that reason, they are looking for strong men, who could be their support and could protect them in any situation.

Ukrainian women, also, are honest and open in most cases. As it was mentioned above, they possess very strong character and personality. That’s why they never leave their men in a difficult situation. They will be with you no matter what and will always support you.

Yes, women in Ukraine are very family-oriented and are devoted life partners. They are also perfect mothers, cooks, and know well how to take care of their men and families. But, despite that, they have ambitions. They know for sure what they are worthy of and what they deserve. They know what they want from life and they do their best to reach their goals. They are not only beautiful and sexy, but also very smart and intelligent. They never choose weak or lazy men as their potential partners. They look for confident, goal-oriented, and educated men.

A woman from Ukraine will always be an interesting interlocutor and very good listener. She knows so many things on various topics. So, when choosing a Ukrainian woman you can be sure to have a trustworthy and loyal partner, a good mother, who, along with that, is smart and intelligent, with her ambitions and goals.

Fact 4 - Ukrainian women do not become only housewives in a Western country

Beautiful Ukrainian woman

When we talk about facts about Ukrainian women, it is obvious, that Ukrainian women are very beautiful, sexy, trustworthy, loyal wives, and devoted mothers. Now you know that they are not only good mothers and wives, not only sexy and beautiful, but also very smart, intelligent, strong, and ambitious creatures. They also do not marry foreigners just to get married; they look for a real life partner, for a strong and supportive man.

Most western men believe that Ukrainian woman want to get married a foreigner just to leave their country. But that’s not really true. Despite all the difficulties in their country, women in Ukraine manage to get a good education and get a pretty good job, they have brains. And for that reason, they manage to get a good career in their country, too. Unfortunately, most of them become disappointed with Ukrainian men, and for that reason they decide to search for a man abroad.

And when they get married, they become very good housewives, perfect wives, and loving mothers. Ukrainian women are really very good housekeepers and cooks. And when choosing one of them, you can be really sure your house will be always clean and cozy, you will never be hungry and your kids will grow up in love and care.

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But that doesn’t mean a Ukrainian woman is dreaming to come to your country and become a housewife and nothing more. As you know, your Ukrainian woman is usually well-educated and smart. She can easily learn your language and find a job in some time.

And a woman from Ukraine needs self-development. She has ambitions and some care. She has to get out, spend time with your mutual or her friends, attend gym, and do something for herself, as any normal person. So, if you think your Ukrainian wife marries you to become your housewife and doesn’t need anything else in life, you are very wrong. She needs her personal space, too.

Fact 5 - Ukrainian women on dating sites are not only scammers

Ukrainian womenThere are various rumors about Ukrainian women. And some of them are, partially, true. There are really lots of scammers on dating sites.

But it, usually concerns free dating sites or when various people, including men, steal women’s information and pictures and use them for their mean purposes. It really happens very often, when a woman in picture doesn’t even suspect her pictures are used to fool western men.

But, of course, there are scammers among Ukrainian women, as well, unfortunately. But again, this usually happens on various free or not reputable dating sites, where their information cannot be proven. But when you join a reputable dating site with large experience, where you can check the testimonials and documentation, you can be sure to meet a good and honest Ukrainian woman.

On such sites, women pass a strict verification process, and if being a scammer, they simply will be listed in a black list. They also sign tons of various documents before their profile is posted on a dating site, so you can be sure her information is checked, and the agency is responsible for your safety and her honesty and serious intentions.

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Now…. Let’s talk about How to find reliable Ukraine Marriage Agency?

So finding a reputable Ukraine Marriage Agency is not an easy thing. We decided to collect some information about both free and paid Ukrainian  dating services. We hope that it give you a better idea of how to choose a good Ukraine Marriage Agency that would meet all your needs and requirements.

Free marriage agency in Ukraine – a short overview

As a rule, Ukrainian women are very outgoing and sociable. They are beautiful as well as other Slavic ladies. But when searching for a Ukrainian woman, necessary to pay attention to ladies on the SOUTH of Ukraine , while there are really lots of singles in that aria. Many Ukrainian women are registered on free dating sites.


When joining such free dating services, as Badoo or Mamba, you can see lots of Ukrainian women there. But it’s necessary to be careful about such places. By the way, lots of you complain us that such dating services contain lots of “scam” profiles. Some women there are looking for “clients”.


The problem is that free dating sites are non-controlled. When you don’t pay, you don’t have any guarantees. Sometimes you are lucky and meet good people there. But once you are scammed, who will you apply to? We don’t want to say the above-mentioned sites are bad but there are some issues. Which exactly?

Is it possible to meet a woman on a free Ukraine Marriage Agency?

The answer is yes! :)

Ukrainian womenOf course, anything is possible. And we personally know people who met each other exactly on one of the free local dating sites. Not even dating sites but in one of the social media networks. They are happily married and have a kids now.

But such successful cases are rather an exception than a rule. Usually, any free Ukraine Marriage Agency are full of various freaks, scammers, and just people who search for a pen pal.


There is no administration, no customer support.

And you are face-to-face with your problem.

People there are not obliged to state their real age, personal information, provide the proofs of their identity, etc.

So once you are scammed, you can do nothing and can express your complaints to you only.


So if you are curious to communicate with some people on free dating sites, you are free to do that. But if you want to find a life partner and not leave it to a chance, it’s better to search for guarantees.


How can a paid marriage agency in Ukraine help you?

Just keep in mind that not all the paid dating services will meet your demands, as well as not all free dating services do that.

Here are things you should pay attention to when selecting Ukraine Marriage Agency.

#1 Customer support should be responsive

We always recommend you to get in touch with the customer support of the site you are going to choose. You should know if you get any response from their side before spending your money there. Customer support or personal assistant is crucial for any dating service, especially for the one you spend money on.

So our #1 tip in the search of a Ukraine Marriage Agency  is to check the site’s customer support. This is the “face” of any dating service.

#2 The gallery of ladies can tell a lot

How can I check the service by their customer support you may ask? But yes, you really can. First of all, we insist that the profile pictures have to be free to look at. If you browse the sites’ gallery of Ukrainian women and see you have to pay to open the lady’s pictures – run away.

All the pictures and women information has to be available to you for free.

Otherwise, how can you check if there are women you may be attracted to and interested in?

A shot in the dark isn’t the best option when it comes to online dating and real relationships. 

Secondly, we call you upon checking how women look. Do all of them look like fancy models and wear a bikini and sexy clothes? You have the second reason to run away.

#3 Do all ladies look like dolls or models? Run away!

Yes, we know they all are very attractive, but do such women really search for serious relationship and marriage? In fact, the good site should contain at least 25% of women profiles in your age category. If all of the ladies are 18-25 and wear lingerie or bikini, ask yourself, do they really look for a husband?

We personally have doubts about that. Any reputable Ukraine Marriage Agency should post different women on their site.

Different in everything – appearance, age, hair color, body types, social status, etc. When you can see women on the site are diverse, you can be sure they all are real and are looking for marriage and long-term relationship.

Based on our experience, a young, beautiful, and successful lady will not search for a man who is twice older than her. There are some good exceptions of that rule but they are too rare. And when such “models” write a man who could be their dad that they are in love with him from the first site, they are all scammers!

#4 Why should you choose a reputable Ukraine Marriage Agency?

You already are aware of how to choose a good and reliable dating site. It concerns paid dating services mostly, while everything is more or less clear with the free ones – you find a scammer, a pen pal or if you are lucky enough, a life partner. But why choose a reputable dating service at all? What are the reasons for using dating sites?

We have talked a lot about Ukrainian women and you should already know they are very open to foreigners and international dating and marriages.

But not to foreigners in the streets of their cities!

They are very cautious about such men trying to “pick them up”. The reason is the country was a center for sex tourism for a long time.

So the only reasonable way to find a good lady is to join one of the reliable Ukraine Marriage Agency. This way you can be sure to find a 100% real lady (not a fake profile) who is family and marriage-oriented. Finding a reliable online service would be your primary task.

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Were you successful to find your match over using Ukraine Marriage Agency?  Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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