Why are Romanian women so beautiful?

Romanian women are one of the most beautiful women in the world. It’s no wonder, while all Slavic ladies are beautiful. For that reason, girls from Romania are so popular among western men.

And picking up a bride from Romania has some advantages, while women from that country are not only beautiful and smart, but they also combine both Slavic and Western values.

When your girlfriend is from Romania, you can be lucky to have a stunning lady with Slavic family values and living in a modern European country, and, probably, speaking English. So, you have nothing but “Bingo” in that case.

But why are Romanian women so beautiful?

We, from Best-Matchmaking, are going to open this secret to you in that article.


Why are Romanian women so beautiful?: Her majesty genetics

TransylvaniaThere is something special in Eastern European females. They have their grace and natural elegance. They wear high heels and practice ballet. And Romanian women stand out from many Slavic ladies for lots of reasons. Those reasons make them perfect girlfriends and wives to unite your life with.

Romanian women know the value of knowledge; their parents teach them to get knowledge about history and culture. And that’s no wonder because Romanians have a very rich history and heritage.

Thanks to their genes, women in Romania are recognized to be some of the most beautiful world’s females. They are slender, have fast metabolism, their eyes are almond shaped, their lips are full, and legs are really long.

Let’s take a look at their history. Romania is a Balkan country in the Danube valley. Its neighbors are Bulgaria in the north, Ukraine and Moldova in the southwest, Hungary in the southeast, and Serbia in the east. Do not forget that Transylvania is the most famous region of the country.

Romanians have a connection with British people, and Prince Charles claimed a distant kinship with Vlad Tepes, world’s famous Count Dracula. Romania has also lots of gothic treasures left by the “Saxon Germans”. They were invited to Romania to defend the country against the eastern incursions. Romanians are one of the oldest European nations. Initially, they were tribes living in the Danube territory of Carpathians. And later, the Roman Empire conquered the north of Danube territory.

Hungarians have always tried to conquer Transylvania, but have never managed to do it fully. So, their power to high mountain areas was never extended. And people, living in high mountain areas, remained populated by their original inhabitants, the modern Romanians, actually. Romania wasn’t on the migratory path of anyone for a long period, because it was almost impossible for anyone to cross the Danube River, the second largest river in Europe.

The Romanian genetic map proves that these people are more genetically related to Lithuanians, not even to Albanians.

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So, some blood mixture, of course, took place in Romania, and their language, which belongs to Romanian group and is similar to Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, but has some Slavic impact, proves that. But still, modern Romanians are still those who lived high in the Carpathian Mountains. And they have been initially beautiful and had the same genes.

Romanians are, probably, one of those nations who have their “pure” blood. Though many Romans intermarried with the Dacians during the invasion, we can truly say that ladies in Romania have always been so beautiful. These people were created by Mother Nature like that, and they still remain one of the most beautiful females on Earth.

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Cultural impact on Romanian beauty

They say, that if you have never partied with a girl from Romania, it’s as saying that you’ve never been to Ibiza. Once you try, it’s never the same again. Romanian women adore having fun and enjoy their life; these features are in their blood. They adore to party, but if you are with them, they always make sure you feel comfortable. They also do their best for you to never forget that party night. But, of course, that’s not the most outstanding feature of Romanian girls.

Now you know, that ladies from Romania have good genes, and they are beautiful thanks to them, they have always been pretty and became even more beautiful in a modern world. Because of their beauty, they have a higher social status than in any other country of the globe. Girls here try harder; they put lots of efforts in their looks.

Girls in Romania are darker than other Europeans. They naturally have light brown or olive skin and hazelnut or black hair. Nowadays, you can meet lots of blonds among Romanian women. Romanian females have larger facial features, similar to Penelope Cruz. The ladies from Romania tend to have big eyes and full lips, what makes them very sexy.

They attend gym on a regular basis and take a good care of themselves. Romanian girls know that beauty is their power.

They know well that they are beautiful enough, and that there is a large competition among such a large number of beautiful girls, so each of them tries to stand out from the rest. Besides, according to Romanian cultures and traditions, a woman has to be first of all feminine, she is a wife and mother. And each Romanian lady adheres to that tradition. You will not meet feminists in Romania.

All of them are very feminine and know how to be a real woman. For that reason, women, who are appreciated by men for being beautiful and feministic, try to look even more beautiful. They do hair, wear make-up, have classy clothes, perfect nails, tan, and are in a perfect shape.

Most of the girls in Romania are a mixture of toned and curvy, which is perfect.

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Social role of Romanian women as a reason for being beautiful

You already know that Romanian ladies are taught to be feminine and real women from the very childhood. Despite that, women in Romania do not depend on the men. Their mothers serve as an example, they have always been independent. Ladies in Romania are very hard-working and do very well on their own.

But this doesn’t mean girls in Romania do not want to have a serious relationship and play a role of a real woman in it. On the contrary, they are very committed. They have inherited their morals and family values from their grandparents. And they really work hard to keep them.

When it comes to dating a Romanian girl, you will not face any game playing. They are very straightforward, especially in love. They are always with a man when needed.

When you have a girlfriend from Romania, you are always entertained. They are very passionate lovers because of their Latin blood. They are not afraid of trying something new and never mind experimenting.

Along with that, women from Romania are perfect moms. Romanian marriages have preserved some old traditions, for example, when the hair of the bride is braided in an elaborate style; she has a flower crown on her head or ribbons.

Romanian women are not afraid of work, they are very independent themselves and do not expect a man to be the only bread-winner. But it doesn’t mean they are feministic. Feminism is not common in their country at all. The women there are an amazing combination of an independent European woman with traditional Slavic family values. It means that a woman has to behave like a woman, and has to look always beautiful and feminine no matter what. You will definitely never regret if choosing a bride from Romania.

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The sexiest English accent ever

Romanian girlHave you ever heard of the famous Romanian accent? Well, it is a mix of French and Slavic languages. And it is really the cutest thing ever when a bride from Romania tries to speak English. Western men consider it to be extremely sexy when a Romanian girl speaks English.

If you don’t know, the Romanian language is very beautiful and it belongs to the Romance language family. The language has Latin roots and dates back to the Roman occupation of the territory.

However, their language also contains Greek, Slavic, and Turkish words. At first, in the 14th century, Romanians used the Cyrillic alphabet. But later it reverted to Roman lettering.

Modern Romanian language sounds very similar to French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. For that reason, Romanian women speaking English sound very sexy and cute. Romanians often speak English, and that makes them be much-desired brides for western men. But the way they speak English is even more attractive for men worldwide.

Usually, when you ask almost any Romanian in the street, you will be surprised how well they understand you. Moreover, Romanians don’t make any grammar mistakes, because they learn English at school.

That’s why if you choose a Romanian bride, you will not regret. This way you get a very beautiful, almost exotic woman who is independent and hard-working. But this woman will have traditional Slavic family values and will become your most devoted life partner and the best mom for your kids. A woman from Romania will be not only beautiful because she takes a good care of herself and has a dignity, but also sexy. A lady from that country will also most likely speak a good English surprising you with her sexy accent every day.

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Wonder How and where to meet Romanian woman for marriage? Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.


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