What are the characteristics of Latvian women?

latvian women characteristicsWould you like to date a woman with a perfect sense of humor, elegantly dressed and naturally beautiful? Then you should definitely start dating women from Latvia.

Latvia is a traditional country with modern viewpoints, so it is very open to people from other countries and cultures. And what can be better for a Western man than a beautiful European woman who is eager to date a Western guy?

To help you understand all the perks of dating Latvian women, we  will tell you everything about these wonderful ladies.

You will also learn more about family values and motherhood of brides from Latvia, and why dating them offers so many advantages and new opportunities to a Western man. Let’s start our adventurous trip to a deep world of Latvian women!

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How does the average Latvian woman look like?

Baltic ladies – it sounds really intriguing for many men. And it has a good reason while typical Latvian ladies look tall and very pretty; they have light hair and pale white skin. Latvian women are considered to be the tallest in the world, so it’s no wonder so many men want to date them. They are not only tall but very slim and fit. As a rule, Latvian girls have blue, grey, or green eyes. Learn also more in our guide:

However, we should remember that many people have come from other Soviet countries and settled in Latvia, as well as there are many people who come living there from European Union nowadays. That’s why; we can’t describe Latvian women so precisely, while the blood mixture has been taking place for many years. Now, you can meet so many different types among modern Latvian ladies. Many factors have influenced the appearance of females in Latvia.

latvian women characteristicsWe also should not forget about modern fashionable trends, so many women, including those in Latvia, like dying their hair in various possible colors. So, an average Latvian woman will not necessarily have blond hair, but dark or red as well.

Also, women in Latvia are different at a different age. If we take a look at young girls from Latvia, we will notice that they prefer wearing the same clothes and make-up, as all young girls in the world. However, Latvian ladies in their 40’s look really stunning. They have a perfect sense of style, they look elegant, and have always amazing make-up and beautiful shoes. When looking at such a woman, you won’t stay indifferent.

It is not only about their appearance, but also about their nature. They are high-class women, real ladies who will deeply impress you by their look and charm.

So, if you dream of a beautiful, tall, and classy lady, you can choose a bride from Latvia without any doubts. They know how to impress a man and they keep doing it. If you ever marry a Latvian woman, get ready for other men to envy you and be jealous just looking at you and your amazing wife!

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Family values and dating culture of Latvian brides

latvian women characteristicsMost Latvians are family-oriented people, including Latvian women. People in this country prefer living in a marriage, according to their old customs and traditions. However, lots of couples in Latvia also live in civil marriages and very stable strong relationships.

You will never regret your relationship with a Latvian woman, while Latvians are very respectful. Women and men in Latvia respect each other, so you will never face any disrespect from her side. Women in Latvia, as well as men, have their own social roles, however, they are happy to share their chores in everyday life.

So, don’t be afraid of a Latvian woman not be willing to take care of your house or family, while it is normal for her to participate in such a daily routine and she will be more than happy to do that.


There are a lot of Latvian girls and women looking for a husband online, and they expect to find a serious and honest man there. So if you want to play games, you’d better search for a woman elsewhere, but not in Latvia.

These ladies are very serious about marriage and relationships. And believe us, despite they prefer having a good education and well-paid jobs, they do not care about money much. These ladies think that falling in love and finding your soulmate is more important than finding someone to pay all the bills.


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Latvian women are very open towards meeting people from other countries and cultures, so looking for a partner on an international dating site is absolutely normal for them, they believe it is a very good way to find their Mr. Right.

Latvia is nearly a perfect country to find your true life partner and future wife. Why? Because ladies here are not spoiled at all by western culture and have their moral principles. They don’t expect you to pay for everything or spoiling them with expensive gifts, of course, they will be pleased if you do, however, sharing everything is normal for them.

These women are pretty independent and their main goal is to find a good and reliable man, not a sponsor. If you want to find a reliable, honest, easy-going, and not spoiled lady, welcome to Latvia!


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Mother’s role of Latvian women

Latvian womenThe “task” of any lady in this world is to give birth and become a loving and caring mom. Are women in Latvia good, loving, and caring mothers? Of course, they are.

It is not very common for Latvian couples to have a big family with many children; they follow modern European trends nowadays and have one or two children in their families.

However, Latvian girls are very wise, and it concerns their families, and especially kids, as well. They are wise in everything, and they show their wisdom in their motherhood, too.

First of all, Latvian mothers prefer their children to nap outside. Yes, they consider it to be very healthy, and they are right. And they don’t take their kids outside only when running an errand. They do it on purpose, for their kid to breathe fresh air and have a good and healthy sleep.

Of course, some can think this is very impractical, while when a child is sleeping at home, you can do so many house chores and even have rest. But having rest at home is not for Latvian mothers, the health of their children is their main priority.

Latvian mothers are even never scared by low temperature or heavy wind, and for that reason, their kids are always healthy. It means that they are never lazy, and this makes them perfect mothers for your mutual kids! She might want you to make such long walks, too, for you both to stay fit. So, Latvian women take care not only about their children, but about their husbands, as well.

Mothers from Latvia do not trust store-bought food; they will never feed their babies with it. They will cook everything themselves, so their children would be fed the best and healthiest way. The reason is that lots of people in Latvia have their own gardens where they grow their own fruits and vegetables. And even if there is no garden where you both live, she will feed her baby only with high quality and organic food.

Latvian mothers adore making an evening bath for their babies. Yes, it is a lot of hassle and waste of water, but remember that Latvian mothers are never lazy and will do their best for their kids! Even if your Latvian wife is so tired after the long day with your child, she will always find strength and time for their babies’ evening bath!

Every man wants to have a good wife and loving mother for his kids, and frankly speaking, a Latvian woman is perfect for that!

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Personality of Latvian girls

latvian womanAs we mentioned above, wisdom is one of the common features of all Latvian women. And that’s really good news, while a wise wife is a success for your marriage. As a rule, older people have much wisdom thanks to their life experience.

However, the wisdom of a Latvian woman is expressed in everything - in her attitude to life, family, and relationships! They are strong enough to cope with any difficulties.

Latvian girls are never in a hurry, they always make wise decisions suitable not only to her but to you as well. These ladies are simply gorgeous inside, not to mention their amazing appearance.

Their attitude to kids is amazing, they always find time for everything, even if their husband is very tired after work, they rush to kindergarten to pick up their kids themselves; so you can always rely on these girls.

Their house is always clean and tidy, and you will never be hungry with a Latvian wife. She will always take care of you to have clean and tidy clothes for work. She will prepare everything in advance. So, you surely won’t “suffer” with such an amazing wife.

Love and hospitality is their common behavior. However, a Latvian woman will always defend her point of view if she disagrees with something. But don’t worry; she is wise enough to show you are the head of their family and take all the decisions. And she can only tell you her opinion and give some wise tips; she can support you in any situation.

A Latvian female always influences her husband, children, and family in general only positively. But as any woman, she requires and deserves your attention. A Latvian woman can do anything if her mood is wonderful. And it is up to you to make her be in a good mood always. She has to be the center of your universe.

As an Eastern European (Slavic) woman, a lady from Latvia would like to share some chores and would require equality in many things. These women are very family-oriented, but they will never stay at home busy with house chores and children only.

They need to have their hobbies, rest, and favorite jobs, too, they need to be independent in some way. Women in Latvia can do anything and cope with any problem; however, they need some personal space as well.

And that’s absolutely normal, while otherwise, you would just become bored with your wife very soon. No one wants to have just a housewife by his side, right? You all want to have a perfect wife and mother, but beautiful and interesting to talk with.

And Latvian women are perfect in that aspect! :) It’s necessary to mention that Latvian girls lead a healthy lifestyle, prefer good and quality food, and, thus, keep themselves in perfect shape!

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Are there any hot Latvian lady among your friends ? Tell us  your story and share your opinion on the subject I have described above. Also  kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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