Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful?

ukrainian bridesUkrainian women are popular among most of the western men nowadays. And it’s no wonder, while information about their legendary beauty and kind personality has spread quickly all over the globe. But is that true? Are Ukrainian women beautiful? And if so, what makes them be one of the most beautiful women on our planet?

In this article You will find out:

➣Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful

➣ We will also tell you about historical, cultural, and demographic reasons for their beauty.

Historical background of Beautiful Ukrainian women

It’s almost a well-known fact that the most beautiful women live in Ukraine. By the way, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has taken the 1st place among 10 in the list of the cities with the most stunning ladies in the world.

Ukrainian women are so beautifulBut you can meet really different types of women in Ukraine, there is such a variety of appearances in Ukraine. And that happens due to genetic mixing.

Let’s take a look at Ukrainian history. Ukraine was subjected to multiple captures by different nations, as it was at the junction of Europe and Asia. For that reason, the blood of Slavic people mixture with Persian, Mongol, Turkish, and many other drops of blood. As a result, you can see such beautiful Ukrainian women.

Their eyes, hair, and skin shades have mostly bright contrasts. Burning-black or chestnut hair is pretty typical for Ukrainian women. Though there are lots of natural blondes and even red-haired women as well. Their eyebrows are thick and black, and along with that, they have pale skin and beautiful black, brown, or green eyes. Men can look into those eyes for hours and that’s true.

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So...beautiful women of Ukraine: They are still love wearing make-up, though they still look stunning even without it.

A large-scale genetic research was conducted by the best world’s experts with the help of the newest technologists. It revealed that women in Ukraine are at least three times more ancient than men in that country. Ukrainian women, actually, inherited the genes of a very ancient race.

Ukrainian women are not feminists, but feminine. And they also inherited that quality from a very ancient race. For that reason, gender roles in Ukraine differ from Western ones. Ukrainian women have still not been caught by feminism. It is considered that a good wife can make a real man.

So, Ukrainian (and all Slavic women, too) have acquired their unique beauty due to the uncontrolled mixture of blood and genes when multiple invasions and ethnicities assimilations took place. According to historical data, ethnic Ukrainians were invaded also by Poles, Cumans, and Lithuanians.

During the times of Kievan Rus, Kiev was really burnt and robbed by Mongols. All the citizens who were captured became slaves. Women were simply raped by Mongols. And that was one of the main reasons for blood mixtures.

The image of a modern Ukrainian woman was created by all the historical, cultural, and social facts and circumstances.


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Demographics in Ukraine has some impact

The statistics also show that there are more women than men in Ukraine. It is an undeniable fact. That is the reason why Ukrainian women search for a man abroad so often.

The scale of the Ukrainian demographic country can’t be ignored. The population in Ukraine has been declining consistently since 1993. In 1993 there were 52.2 million people in Ukraine. Already in 2016, that number declined to 42.5 million, as the official government statistics shows.

The number of deaths in Ukraine also exceeds the number of births significantly. For every 100 deaths, there are only 52 newborns. In the year 2015, Ukraine reached its historical record, when 650.000 deaths opposed to only 460.000 births. And this problem is getting even more serious every year.

Ukraine now is among the top 7 countries with the largest share of the female population in the world.

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It means that the competition is hard for women in Ukraine. Besides, according to old traditions women have gotten married at a young age before. And if a woman wasn’t married after her 20’s she was considered to be “defective”. It sounds weird and scary, but it’s true. That’s why before, in ancient times, women tried to find a husband as soon as possible. Otherwise, their families would be ashamed.

And for that reason, women tried to be as beautiful as possible. They have always been feminine but had their strong Slavic spirit. And in that modern world, when there are fewer men than women in Ukraine, the competition is growing every year. Women simply have to be beautiful to find a man in that country. For that reason, they have a tendency to take a very good care of themselves, their appearance, body, and beauty.

Yes, there are not as many men in Ukraine to appreciate all that beauty of Ukrainian women. But there are lots of foreign men admiring their beauty and femininity. Unfortunately, Ukrainian men stopped perceiving that beauty as something special. They see these beautiful women every day and we can say, almost do not pay attention to such beauty already.

Ukrainian women beautiful! You can hear this statement  in any country of the world!

When you come to Ukraine and walk along one of the streets in any city, you will feel as if you are somewhere in a fashion week where there are hundreds of fancy models walking along the podium.  Women here are very well-groomed, they wear perfect fragrance, trendy make-up, have beautiful long hair and hairstyles, wear high heels, beautiful dresses, etc. Each of them tries to stand out from the rest of them, and each of them manages to do that pretty well.

That’s why one of the reasons of Ukrainian women to be so beautiful and sexy is a demographic factor. Women simply have to “survive” in the conditions of that severe competition when there are so many women per one man in that country. But fortunately for you, Ukrainian women do not mind meeting foreign men on dating sites and marrying them. Another mixture of blood happens when a Ukrainian woman is getting married a man from another country. So, can you imagine how beautiful your children with a Ukrainian woman can be?

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Are Ukrainian women beautiful? Culture as a reason

Ukrainian womenSo, why are Ukrainian women so beautiful? You already know that the historical factor, such as the mixture of multiple blood drops, played its role, as well as there is a demographic reason for that, meaning that there is a strong competition among women in Ukraine because of a small number of men in that country.

However, there is also a cultural factor impacting the beauty of Ukrainian women. According to culture and traditions in Ukraine, the woman’s role is a role of a wife and mother. A woman in Ukraine has always been feminine. And how a feminine woman cannot be beautiful?

Men in Ukraine have always been the heads of their families. This caused a woman to be a real woman. A man was a strong bread-winner and a woman was his tender support. When a man comes home from his hard work, he has to see his loving and caring wife. And women in Ukraine have always played this role of a feminine, beautiful, caring wife.

Nowadays lots of women share their responsibilities 50/50 in Ukraine. There are lots of modern Ukrainian women who earn equally or even more than their husbands. But it doesn’t mean at all that women in Ukraine became feministic. No, they became even more beautiful because of these traditions and customs. Women, even if they’re well-educated and pursue their career, are women above all.

In fact, cultural differences of Ukraine from those in Western countries go very deep. Not only have the habits of Ukrainian women differed from those of Western women, but also their assumptions and points of view.

Even if a woman has a good job, she is still looking for a man who could become even stronger than she is. Ukrainian women look for life partners, who would be strong, supportive, and protective. A man in Ukraine has always been a woman’s defender. And despite the strong and fearless personality of Ukrainian women, they are still real women. They are tender and caring, loving and devoted.

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And they seek for a man who would support them. Ukrainian women know that to find a strong man they have to be really delicate. They have to be real women, care of their men and show how feminine they are.

Even in the ancient times, women in Ukraine wearing national clothes, have always competed, who was the most beautiful, whose dress was the best, whose braid was the longest, and whose cheeks were the most red. They have always been real women, and they still remain real women.

Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful you wonder? Because their history, their culture, and the very same Mother Nature have made them one of the most beautiful females in the world.

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Do you still have any doubts that Ukrainian women beautiful Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.


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