Russian girls smoking – is it considered sexy?

Russian girls smokingHello guys!

Very often, when you give us your preferences of a lady you want to find, you mention that you want a tall and beautiful lady and she has to be a non-smoker.

We understand pretty well that lots of you lead a healthy lifestyle, try to stay fit, and would like to have a lady who shares your interests and life goals.

However, very often, when coming to Russia or Ukraine, you can see Russian girls smoking right in the streets, public places, and even when walking with the babies. Is it that common for Russian and Ukraine? Do all the girls smoke there? Or maybe it is such a new trend in these countries when everyone should smoke?

So today, we decided to answer all of your questions concerning smoking Russian and Ukrainian women and make everything clear. And until you lost your last hope to find a non-smoking Slavic bride, let’s start! 

Is smoking common for Russian girls?

Yes! Especially a couple of years ago, we had a real smoking boom in these countries. Everyone was smoking – from teenagers to pensioners. And now you can really see so many girls walking in the streets with a cigarette in their hand. Frankly speaking, this is not the best spectacle seeing such girls walking in the streets. 

But don’t worry, no means all women in Ukraine and Russia smoke. If you browse our online gallery of foreign women (check also Belarussian brides, Polish brides and Bulgarian brides), you can notice in the Smoking field that they don’t smoke. Most of them don’t at least. And we don’t cheat here – we always state the truth in their profiles. If a lady smokes, we don’t hide it while it is her choice and her potential matches should know it from the very beginning. 

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Tendencies change

Russian video chat onlineFor some young girls as well as boys it may seem very fashionable to smoke. That’s why they try doing it when being teens.

However, modern life in Ukraine and Russia is different from what it was a decade ago. Both men and women try to lead a healthy way of life. Fitness and different types of sports are extremely popular.

It is so pleasant to see young men and women attending the gym every day, jogging, doing weightlifting or bodybuilding, swimming, skiing, etc. Yes, all these activities are very popular among young people in Russia and Ukraine. By the way, we know lots of couples who met exactly in the gym.

So if you don’t want to lose your chance, lead a healthy lifestyle, attend gym from time to time and you will surely meet a non-smoking, fit, and beautiful young girl. Our Russian mail order brides love healthy and fit guys, so post as many pictures as you can show this to them in your profile – this increases your chances a lot. 

A healthy lifestyle is a new trend in post-Soviet countries

Previously, a smoking lady was considered very sexy by men. Girls tried to smoke as much as they could. But it was a long time ago. These days, beauty is in trend. And being beautiful means being healthy. Thank God, Russian girls realized that the more they take care of their health and bodies, the more beautiful they are.

Women try to eat healthy food, go to gyms, and even do some incredible types of sports, such as bodybuilding, pole-dancing, acrobatics, etc. this is very common nowadays among these ladies. They don’t want to smoke any more. They tend to stay fit, healthy, and beautiful. By the way, if we talk about Polish ladies, smoking is more common among them.

Look at the profile pictures of our ladies, most of them are slim and fit, often you can see their “gym” photos, so how can such ladies smoke? Otherwise, they would not be so “blooming” and wouldn’t have such beautiful smiles, hair, and nails. They do everything for you to like them!

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  • Sabina

    44 y.o, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Vape rules!

Russian women smokingThe trend of vapes or electronic cigarettes captured not only the western world but Russia and Ukraine as well. And lots of people like smoking it just for pleasure. Almost on every corner, you can see people enjoying the cherry or vanilla steam. Women do that as well!

But don’t worry only those people who smoke real cigarettes smoke vapes as well. Some girls smoke only vapes, others both – vapes, and ultra-slim cigarettes. They are also common among teenage girls who smoke a nicotine-free fruit vape. 

What is even more popular nowadays in Russia and Ukraine – it is hookah. More and more hookah bars are opened all over these Slavic countries. And you can see beautiful girls sitting there and smoking hookah very often. This is nothing more than a fashionable trend. It doesn’t mean that these ladies are all smokers. 

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Why do Russian girls smoke?

Dating Belarussian womenIt is probably difficult to answer that question. Probably, they do it because of an old-fashioned trend. Some ladies didn’t get that smoking is bad; it influences not only their health but the health of their future children, too. So some girls still consider they look sexy when smoking.

But a survey conducted among Ukrainian men showed that only 10% of men consider a smoking woman sexy. Others 90% think it is terrible when a woman is smoking. And women already know about such an attitude of men and try to change their attitude to that bad habit.

But a very interesting fact is that people start smoking when they are stressed. Ukrainian and Russian women cope with stress in their life all the time. Some of them survive divorce, others remain single moms, and the rest often deal with drinking husbands and domestic violence. So smoking is their way to cope with that stress. 

How to meet a non-smoking Russian girl?

Of course, we know that most of you don’t want to date smokers. Although we know a couple of international couples, in which both men and women smoke and feel comfortable with it. In one of these couples, a woman is currently pregnant and they are waiting for their first baby, so they both quit smoking and lead a healthy lifestyle now. Others keep smoking and don’t see anything wrong in this habit.

But if you want to meet a non-smoking girl, you should check women’s profiles carefully. On Best-matchmaking, we never change that information to grab your attention, for example. If a lady smokes – we let you know about it honestly. So you can easily find that information in her profile.

Unfortunately, lots of dating sites or women themselves hide that interesting fact from their potential foreign matches. They want to catch your attention to the profile of a “perfect” lady who is healthy and doesn’t smoke and is an ideal partner and mother for your future children. 

So try to search on reputable dating sites

best Ukrainian dating siteOur main recommendation is to choose a reputable and reliable dating service which verifies all the information about women on their site, works with them directly and doesn’t change or hide certain facts from lady’s biographies. If you want to find a non-smoker, you should tell this directly to your matchmaker or dating service.

We understand how important it is for some of you it is to find a healthy future wife who will give birth to your common children.

And you work hard to stay healthy as long as possible and when eventually you come to meet your lady and see how she smokes in front of you, you have the biggest disappointment of your life.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about a certain lady your matchmaking service. A reputable dating agency will always take time to reply to your questions and provide you with true and accurate information on a particular lady. 

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  • Liudmyla

    35 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

A smoking girl is not a verdict

Frankly speaking, if a girl is smoking it doesn’t mean she is bad. And even smoking ladies can make perfect wives and mothers. Of course, if your attitude to it is absolutely negative, then choose a non-smoking lady only and don’t be afraid to ask a lady directly in a letter or a video-chat if she smokes or not. We know that this information is provided in her profile but still, make sure in it at once.

If you are a smoker and can handle a smoking girl for dating and marriage, then there is no problem at all. Although most of the ladies tend to do sports and eat healthy food and can’t stand smoking people, some still do smoke. And we believe we will find a match for them as well. 

Conclusion: Smoking is not sexy anymore

Latvian dating serviceSo, our dear friends, now you know that smoking is not that popular among Russian and Ukrainian women anymore.

They want to look fit, tender, slim, beautiful, and healthy to please your eyes. So most modern girls never smoke and don’t have a wish to. Keep in mind they want to find non-smoking husbands as well.

So if your goal is to find a non-smoking Russian or Ukrainian girl, don’t hesitate to look for them in our gallery.

The majority of our women are non-smokers and wants to find a non-smoking man, too. If you think you have found yours, don’t procrastinate and take your Romantic tour to meet her the soonest while it may be too late. Such ladies get snatched up pretty quickly!

Have questions or suggestions? You’re welcome to contact Kate – your professional matchmaker and dating blogger who created unique matchmaking offers and dating membership plans for those who desire to meet their better half online. All of them are at reasonable prices!

Good luck in your search! :)

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