5 signs of insecurity in a woman: dating an insecure woman

insecurity in a womanHello gentlemen!

We from best-matchmaking know how important it is for everyone to find a suitable partner.

Someone is searching for a confident woman; others might want to find a shy lady.

But all of you are afraid of women with insecurity. But not everyone knows how to distinguish this lady.

So today, we are going to tell you about the most obvious signs of insecurity in a woman, the reasons for her being insecure, and how to date a woman with insecurity.

Information is knowledge and knowledge means power.

So, let’s start! 

Is insecurity a mental illness?

How to find women to dateWe are all insecure to a certain extent. Seeing several signals of insecurity is not enough to quit dating someone. Thinking that there are people with no insecurities is wrong. And believing it means barking up the wrong tree.

We all are human beings, we have our fears, and, even if you don’t like it, our insecurities. There is nothing wrong with having mild insecurity.

But you should be worried if you see a person you like or date has too much insecurity. It means you both are in trouble.

A woman loaded with insecurities is not sick. But she is toxic. She is toxic for herself, for you, and your relationships. Emotional insecurity is not a mental illness; however, it may lead to it when getting worse. 

So if you see a woman with insecurity, you should not run away at once, but try to realize and maybe even help her. If you do not know how to spot such a lady, this guide is exactly for you.

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How can you tell if a woman is insecure?

Insecurities happen not only with women but with men, as well. And we, as professional matchmakers and dating coaches, face these issues all the time. We see different people with insecurities, both males and females, and we try to help people overcome that problem and find happiness in their relationships.

From our experience, we can already distinguish people with insecurities pretty easily. But you, as a person who doesn’t deal with such people every day, may not spot a woman with insecurities at once. So below, you will find the main signs of an insecure woman. 

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What are signs of insecurity in a woman when dating her?

We hope these red hot signs will help you spot such a woman quickly. We also want to let you know how to deal with this lady and why you should not be scared much. Don’t hesitate to use that information for the success of your personal life.

Sign 1. Miss control

How to seduce a Russian womanEveryone needs healthy relationships where both a man and a woman have an independent identity. But insecure people feel threatened if you find any happiness outside your relationships. Such people want to control everything because they are not confident themselves.

Even if it is normal for you to hang out with friends, your woman will not be comfortable with that, she will definitely get upset. Frequently, such women interfere with your plans and blame for your canceling them. 

This is a very serious alarm signal you should pay attention to. Insecure people want to be the only ones in your life and keep you under their wings. They may lie, get bossy, and manipulate you to make you do whatever she wants, but not what you would want. 

Now please note – when a woman is all the time asking you where you were, with whom, and what you were doing, is questioning you all the time, she is insecure. It might be difficult to notice it at once. But once it will be happening all the time, you will understand who your woman is. 

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Sign 2. Insecure women are jealous

We all may get a bit jealous of someone we love; it is natural because we do not want to share our beloved one with anyone else. It shows you both care about each other and it has to be so. Such jealousness is absolutely innocent and helps to keep your relationships healthy.

But when you have overdosed with her jealousy for absolutely no reason, this is a very serious danger signal. Such people are jealous of everyone and everything, about you talking to other women, spending time with your friends, or even family.

She will play the victim and make you feel bad and guilty. These women and people, in general, have very low self-esteem, so they do not think they are worthy of someone good. Once again, jealousness, manipulation, and control are her tools to keep you staying with her. 

This lady will see nothing wrong in searching through your phone without asking you. She will want to read your emails and hack into your computer. She will search for the proofs of your infidelity all the time.

Sign 3. Insecure women welcome failures

single Ukrainian womanSince people with insecurities consider themselves failures, they enjoy watching other people fail. This brings them lots of pleasure. It is important to support each other in your dreams and beginnings.

However, if your woman doesn’t support your dreams, tells you are wrong all the time, and that you need to set different goals, this woman is, for sure, insecure. We from best-matchmaking do not think that relationships with such a woman will bring you joy and satisfaction.

The problem of people with insecurities is that they are always negative and they adore misery. You might like this person, but you will never be happy with her. She will make your life miserable, too. 

So if you want to avoid such relationships, pay attention to such red flags. If your woman loves seeing you failing and doesn’t support your goals, you should, probably, run away from her. Or just learn how to live with that. 

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Sign 4. Miss humiliation

Insecure people humiliate and bully other people. They try to compensate for their insecurities this way. She will make herself feel better by bullying others. She will, by all means, lower your self-esteem by taking you down with her.

It is very nasty but this woman wants you to feel bad. The reason is these ladies have very low self-esteem and she doesn’t have the confidence to know you might want and love her. And for her, the only way to keep you is to break you down. She wants you to be unconfident to stay on your own feet.

However, even though she prefers bullying other people to increase her self-esteem, she needs your support and approval. You have to feel bad for her to feel better. This person is judging others all the time to raise her self-worth. 

It all happens because these people do not have their internal beliefs that they might possess certain values. It all means that this woman will drain you both emotionally and mentally. 

Sign 5. Insecure women are never honest

Russian bridesFrom time to time, there are conflicts in any relationship, life, and especially, relationships are never smooth.

However, you can never talk to insecure women about it, you cannot discuss your relationships’ issues because she cannot accept her own flaws.

These people refuse to see their flaws. Any relationships need frank conversations at times, but in relationships with an insecure woman, you cannot have such honest talks.

But if you really want your relationships to work out with this woman, you should make such talks happen.

No one is perfect and everyone has his or her own disadvantages. But we all need to see them, work on them, and take responsibility for our flaws. Yes, insecure people do not want to look at their weaknesses and that is the problem. They do not perceive constructive criticism. 

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What causes insecurity in a woman?

Ukrainian womenAs we have already mentioned in this article, there are no perfect or totally confident people, we all have our flaws and insecurities.

But everything should be measured. But when it all is overwhelming, it is not healthy anymore.

Insecurities can be caused by several reasons. Events in our lives affect not only our mood but also the way we feel about ourselves.

Recent research on happiness shows that up to 40% of our “happiness quotient” depends on recent events in our lives. 

The biggest negative reasons for the insecurities of a woman are the ending of relationships, job loss, negative health events, or the death of a spouse. However, insecurities also can be caused by fear of being judged by others, i.e. social anxiety. Also, perfectionists often have insecurity issues due to too high standards they set for themselves. 

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How do you fix insecurity?

Insecurities are only based on our fears and past negative experiences. They are only in our heads. Only a person having her insecurities may fix them. But if you date a woman with insecurities, you should know that you may help her cope with them if she is really dear to your heart. 

First of all, don’t think that it is only because of you. No, there is no fault in her insecurities and if she doesn’t want to do something, it’s not because of you; maybe she just had a bad day. You should try and help your woman with honest talks about her insecurities, attend a psychologist together if necessary.

It is important to compliment her and mean it. In other words, you should help her build her confidence again. Remember that insecure people are not sick, but they might need your help if they are people dear to you.

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Conclusion: Dating an insecure woman is difficult but possible! 

Casual Dating WomenNow you know 5 signs of an insecure woman. We hope they will help you distinguish quickly whether a woman you are dating or are going to have relationships with is insecure.

Yes, insecurity means understatement but it doesn’t mean you still cannot create a loving relationship with this lady.

And if you have more questions, we from best-matchmaking are here to reply to them. Check out our dating membership plans and International matchmaking offers that will help you find the woman you really need.

Do not be afraid of challenges while any relationship, especially interracial one is full of them!

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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