How to trust a girl: How do you fix trust issues in dating & relationships

difficult to trust a girlHello gentlemen!

Trust is one of the most frequently stated aspects in the profiles of our customers when it comes to their search for a partner.

And we from best-matchmaking can understand that while trust a real basis of any relationship. At the same time, we often face issues when people simply do not trust each other for no reason.

So in this post, we would love to tell you how to fix trust issues in relationships. If you are searching for your life partner and still do not know how to trust a girl, you will hopefully find it in this post.

Keep reading until the end and learn how to build a trustful relationship.

Why is it difficult to trust a girl?

Kostenlose SinglebörsenThe relationship is hard work and it cannot be easy even if you think you should only enjoy it.

There are different issues in all relationships and they are to be discussed and solved. The trust issue is, probably, one of the most serious ones.

It can lead to a breakup so it is necessary to solve it as early as possible to save your relationships.

But when everything seems to be good between you and your girl seemed not to give you any reasons for not trusting her, you still may find it difficult to trust her.

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How to trust your girlfriend: 5 effective tips

Why is that? The problem is to be searched in our past. We all have some experience and our fears connected with that, especially, if this experience was not the best one. Try to look at your past relationship and understand what made you suspicious about girls.  And to make it easier, follow the tips below.

Tip #1. Trust her if she wants to share her feelings with you

It is difficult not to trust your woman if she shares with you all her thoughts and feelings. And if she does that, why should you not trust her? You can say a lot about a person if she is open to you about her vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

And she is not even afraid that you will laugh at her or leave her. It means that she trusts you, too. However, let’s look at this situation from another point of view. If a woman doesn’t share with you about her deepest feelings right away, it also doesn’t mean that you may not trust her.

It all depends on what stage you want her to do that. If you are not a couple yet and are just getting to know each other, she should not share this with you because she doesn’t know you yet also. She may not trust you as much yet. She just may need some more time to open her heart to you and trust you.

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Tip #2. She is not afraid to look silly – you can trust her

Lots of women are afraid to look silly in your eyes and prefer not telling you about her putting diesel fuel into her unleaded car or things like that. But if your girl does tell you about it with an open heart, have no doubts you can trust her easily. And when it comes to trust in your relationship, you should have no issues when a woman is open and honest.

Even if she looks silly at that moment. But the fact that she wants to share such things and experience with you, says that she is very open and is almost not able to lie to you. So you should appreciate that and do not even think of not trusting such a girl.

A woman who can take responsibility for her actions and words is worth trusting. If she is not afraid to show you she screwed up, it tells a lot. It means this lady is not intended to lie to you and search for apologies.

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Tip #3. Trust her if she is talking to you about her day

Romance vs datingWhen people have nothing to hide from each other, it is wonderful and it means you can trust such people. But how do you know if she doesn’t hide anything from you? It is easy to find it out by looking at how she is talking to you and what she is discussing. 

If a woman is not embarrassed to tell you about how her day is going, what did she do, and who she spent it with, she is excited to share with you everything.

If she is providing you with all the details possible, don’t worry about this lady because she is not hiding anything from you. Trust issues arise when there is something to hide.

And the more details you hear from her, the better. It means she has no problems telling you everything about her and her life. Of course, make sure to tell her everything about your day also. 

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Tip #4. Trust her if she can drop everything to talk to you

One of the best signs that you can trust a woman is that she can drop everything to talk to you. For example, she was cooking, doing something for work, or just washing dishes, and once you called, she stopped doing all that and wanted to talk to you. This is a very good reason to trust this lady.

Regardless of what someone is doing, she wants to give all her attention to you when you call or come to see her. It means you are her priority. If you call her and she is always busy and promises to call you back once she finishes, it is also normal. 

But when you hear that all the time you call her, she has no time for you in her life. If you come to see her and she is turning her head away or crossing her arms, she is not interested in you or is hiding something from you. An open and positive woman only is worth your trust.

Tip #5. She doesn’t hide her phone from you

Dating Relationship WomenNowadays, our laptops and phones can tell a lot about us – people we communicate with and, actually, where we are registered and what we are doing during our day. It is very important to have your personal life and personal space even if you are in relationships.

But people in relationships have nothing to hide from each other in their phones. For example, she doesn’t have a password on it.

Or if she does, you know this password. But don’t require that if you don’t do the same – you also have nothing to hide from her.

If a woman you are in a relationship with has secrets and doesn’t let you look into her phone, this is a red flag, and she might be hiding something or someone from you. Of course, she is not obliged to show her phone to you every day and you don't require that from her. But she should not have any problems with doing it from time to time.

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Want to know if someone is trustworthy?

We often face the situation when men or women do not trust each other on the site. And it is natural while they simply do not know each other yet and cannot open their heart to someone they have never seen in real life. In that case, we recommend just being patient and giving her some time. 

People who do know each other are not obliged to do everything above-mentioned, so do not require it from a woman you communicate with through online dating because you are not a couple yet. But if you have trust issues with someone on the dating site, you should ask yourself why?

Yes, we all know about scammers and everyone who uses a dating site has had a sad or bad experience previously. 

Both men and women have reasons not to trust each other. But having trust issues for no reason is not good; otherwise, your potential partner will be simply scared by your suspects. You should not base your attitude to women on the fears of your past experience. 

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Conclusion: Remember that each of you needs some space

How to find women to dateWe hope these tips will help you realize how you can understand on what basis a boy can trust a girl. If you wonder all the time how to tell if you can trust a girl, you should simply read this post and hopefully, you will understand that. But never forget that no one is obliged to be fully dissolved in relationships.

You are both different people who should have some personal space in a relationship to feel complete.

And interfering with the personal space of your partner, i.e. her hobbies, interests, friends, etc. will not help you build trust; it will simply create more issues between you.

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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