How to get a country girl - 5 tips for dating a country girl

Dating a country girlGreetings!

We from best-matchmaking hear more and more often from you that you are so tired of big-city girls and want to find a country girl.

It has been argued that women from big cities are more demanding and materialistic. And for that reason, lots of you strive for finding a less problematic girl.

Partially, such an opinion is true but not exactly. Ladies in big cities simply earn more and have higher living standards.

They, in turn, have higher requirements for their men. But if you still want to know how to get a country girl, we will help you today.

Let’s start checking out our full guide on dating country girls!

Dating a country girl: a benefit or a challenge?

How to keep a conversationAs we mentioned above, lots of you believe that country girls are easier to get. Yes, we agree that women from smaller cities or villages have fewer requirements and are not as picky as big-city girls. Maybe you are right. 

But if you decided to quit on women from big cities, it means that you choose the path of least resistance.

There is nothing wrong with it, just a few people are ready to fight for their love and conquer unapproachable ladies. And we are here to help you find darting with country girls.

Below, we have gathered some helpful tips on how to meet country girls and impress them. Although they are not as picky and demanding as big-city girls, it doesn’t mean you will need to do nothing to get one of them. So check out the tips below and don’t hesitate to make them yours! 

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How to Impress a Country Girl

Please note that in that article, we are talking mostly about Slavic country girls. Since you are on an international dating site, we suppose you are not looking here for a lady from your own country. So if you want to get a Ukrainian bride or Russian country girl, this guide will help you.

Even though people say chivalry is dead, you should know how to win the country girl’s heart. Romance is an amazing thing and it helps so many people find each other and stay with each other till the end of their lives. And when pursuing a country girl, you should not forget about romance, as well.

Guys often underestimate little things and have no idea how women appreciate them doing those things. They will let your girl know how much she means to you and will make her look at you from an absolutely different perspective.

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5 tips for dating a country girl

So check out these simplest steps you can do to conquer one of the country girls.

Tip #1: Spend time with her family and friends

Slovakian women for datingEven though it may be a bit early to talk about it, we started from that step because family and your attitude to it is extremely important for a country girl.

A country girl needs to know that you fit in with her family well. The approval of her parents is also essential.

So if you want to get her attention and appreciation, you should try and get along well with parents.

For example, you can play soccer with her dad or help her mother in the kitchen. It will be appreciated not only by her parents but your country girl, as well.

People in the countryside have a very strong family connection and highly appreciate family values. So getting along with her parents, siblings, and even close friends is a must. Do it and you will be welcomed in her family.

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Tip #2: Respect not only her but other people around you

As we mentioned already, country girls appreciate families and close friends. It means that they highly value respect for other people. Any country girl will see how you treat other people first. And it is not only about her family members or friends. 

She will notice how you treat restaurant servers or cashiers at a store. And respecting people who serve you is a must for her. If you are disrespectful with others, she will never choose you. Be nice to those people who do something for you.

If you are rude or disrespectful to someone, this is a huger turn-off for a country girl. So if you want to get her appreciation and feelings, you should not behave this way. Otherwise, the way to a country girl is closed for you.

Tip #3: Bring her flowers

Flowers when datingWe have already told you many times how important your attention for Slavic brides is. And country girls are not an exception. They know chivalry, especially on the example of their parents. They see how guys treat girls there.

So you should also treat her the same way, it will be much appreciated. It doesn’t mean that you should bring her flowers for Valentine’s Day or her birthday only. Doing it for no reason is also very important. 

Country girls would also appreciate some random gifts from you. It can be just a simple note, such as a postcard or a souvenir. But it should be something that would show you remember and care about her. For example, you can gather a bunch of wildflowers. It costs nothing but for her, it will tell a lot.

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Tip #4: You should be financially stable

Financially stableAnd now, guys, maybe you will be disappointed because you used to think that big-city girls only care about your financial state and a good job. However, it is not the case. It doesn’t mean country girls do not need a man who would provide for them well.

You should know that in Ukrainian villages, for example, people used to work hard and ensure the future for their children.

And when they see their daughter dating someone, they have to be sure this guy will take good care of their daughter.

Her parents must be sure that their daughter is in good hands, that you have a house, apartment, job, and means to provide for her. And if you are the one who can provide for their daughter at least as well as they can, you will be welcomed in their family.

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Tip #5: Apply to online dating

Ukraine Dating-PortaleIf you, gentlemen, want to find a Ukrainian or Russian country bride, you will hardly go to one of the villages in these countries and start looking for a girl there. You will definitely need some help. And in this case, online dating would be very helpful.

On our site, for example, we have women not only from big cities but also lots of country girls who moved to those big cities or even still live in small cities.

You can have a video chat with them to see whether she matches you well. And when you understand that you really like this girl, you can use our Romantic tour and see her in person.

And if you want to impress her before your visit, you can use a gift delivery service and order a bunch of flowers for her. Online dating is one of the most efficient ways to meet a country girl if you are interested in marriage.

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What are the advantages of dating country girls?

Dating Flirten mit litauischen FrauenAs we already said, lots of you believe that country girls are less materialistic than big-city women. It can be considered true in some ways. The truth is that women in big cities have to earn money just like men.

They are intended to build a good career and become more independent. If they don’t do it, they won’t be able to survive in a big city and become successful.

For that reason, they get a good education, try to create a good career, and of course, they want to find a man who would be as successful as them.

But country girls are simpler. They do not have such high requirements and living standards. They used to live in a village and be satisfied with that life. They are less demanding and appreciate some simple things. This is exactly what is appreciated by men. 

But this is not all yet. The majority of country girls are amazing cooks. They have the example of their mother who cooks amazing dishes for her husband every single day. Also, country girls are very hard-working. 

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Conclusion: Getting a county girl is easy

We hope guys that you know now how to impress and get your country girl. These are simple steps but very efficient and moreover, they will work with almost any lady, not only a country girl. Stick to these rules and you will get your country girl easily. Remember that any woman needs your care, love, and respect. 

And if you give it all, you will be successful. And if you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask Kate, a dating blogger and matchmaker. Check out our membership and matchmaking plans at reasonable prices that will help you find your country or big city girl the soonest.

Good luck in your search!

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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