Older Men Dating Younger Women - What do You Need to Know?

Dating Lithuanian bridesHello gentlemen!

All relationships have issues to overcome. But today, we from Best-Matchmaking want to talk about one specific relationship type – the one between older men and younger women.

Of course, such a relationship is absolutely normal because as a rule, a man is older than a woman in almost every couple.

So let us determine at once, today, we are talking about a relationship where the age gap is significant, i.e. 15 years and more.

We have chosen this topic because almost all western guys consider this age gap absolutely normal. Now let us see what older man younger woman relationship issues are and why such relationships may not work.

Relationship between an older man and a younger woman

European girls for dating and marriageWe cannot say older man / younger woman relationships happen often but this is what most men on dating sites are striving for.

Older men join online dating sites and matchmaking services in the hope to find a much younger Slavic woman. This is the most frequent requirement of our customers.

Sometimes, such relationships really take place and people become a couple. But in most cases, this ends up with nothing.

Why is it so difficult to find a younger woman and what you should do to avoid those issues and disappointments?

We will tell you this all in that post below.

So if you still do not imagine your marriage with a woman of your age and are sure about your wish to date a much younger lady, we hope the tips below will give you at least some insight into what you should do to make such a relationship work.

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Problems with dating younger women

Even though it seems to you totally perfect, the relationship between young women and old men have their benefits and drawbacks, too. And one of the first of them is a condemnation of society, friends, family members, etc. Unless you look much younger than your age, you will face stares from others and different lecturing about how wrong it is.

Different people who disapprove of your relationships, including your and her friends, as well as your both families, they will talk to you about finding someone your age, etc. And please do not think that their opinions do not matter. It all affects relationships and the overall atmosphere very much. 

And if you can easily not pay attention to such circumstances and accept it all with a smile on your face, you can overcome the problem. But unfortunately, such hard circumstances often influence women more and they want to break up. 

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    28 y.o, Kharkov, Ukraine

Relationship with an older guy: Generation gap

Polish brides adviceThe first issue discussed above is probably the easiest one. The next problem you and your young girlfriend may face is the generation gap.

Again, let’s mention that we are talking about a huge age gap here, more than fifteen years. And depending on your age difference, you might have a huge gap of interests.

Quite seldom, such relationships work very well and no one has claims to another person. But even more often, it is a real obstacle for both people to reach mutual understanding.

If your girlfriend is 20 years younger than you, she might have absolutely different interests. 

For example, she may want to go to clubs instead of sitting at home. You may want cozier and quieter leisure with her. Of course, if she is in her 20s and you are in your 40s or 50s. But if she is in her 40s and you are in your 60s, you may both have the same interests and it may not be a problem anymore.

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A younger woman who married an older man may face health issues

Yes, guys. Unfortunately, no matter how young you are at heart when you are getting older, your health is not becoming better. Older means more health issues. If you are in your 40s or 50s and she is in her 20s or 30s, she will be much healthier and she, probably, would like to have a young and healthy man.

Yes, you may be healthy, young, and fit right now. But think forward. You will be getting older and you will be old in ten or twenty years and your girlfriend or wife who is twenty years younger will be still fit, young, and healthy. And one day, you may have a period when she should take care of you and your health.

From the human’s point of view, it is not very fair and a bit selfish from your side. A woman may be tired of it and may want something else in her life – a younger and healthier man. Yes, of course, if this is pure love, this may not be an obstacle. But young people should enjoy life and not take care of their old partners. 

Having children might be an obstacle

Dating a woman with kidsYour goal is surely to start a family. Now you probably realize that as a young woman, she might want to have children.

If you already have adult children, you may not want any. And once again, this is selfish because young women should become mothers.

Another problem is that you may also want children and she wants them too. Of course, right now as you both are not that old, it is fine and you both will be happy to have kids.

But now imagine how old you will be when your child turns 18. And depending on how old you are now, the question is whether you still will be around to help her with your children?

A young woman may not want to be left alone with a small child or a teen because her husband is too old for that or is ill now. And this obstacle is one of the most crucial ones. So if you are aimed to start a family with a younger woman, be ready for the fact that nothing will work out. 

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Tips for older men on dating a younger woman

As you see, guys, there are lots of obstacles that may make you suffer from your relationship with a younger woman instead of enjoying it. But there are so many couples, for example, Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones, who made it work and became a great example of a brilliant union of different generations.

However, if you really plan to meet a younger woman and date and marry her, you should know some rules that would help you conquer her heart and enjoy this relationship instead of wanting to get rid of them the soonest. The first tip would be to stay fit and keep yourself in shape

If you think that a young woman may fall in love with a decrepit old boy, you are wrong. Younger women are attracted to older men only when they look substantial. They love not only your wisdom and grey hair, but also how fit and attractive you are at your age. Here are some more tips.

Find out whether your visions for the future match up

Dating guideYes, we understand that you choose a younger woman because of her beauty, energy, sexuality, and youth. Such a woman is a great benefit for your self-esteem and reputation.

She is someone other people will envy and you do not care about anything else. But please put some time and effort to find out not only how beautiful she is but also how you match up.

Even if you are not thinking of something very serious right now and are not going to choose your wedding rings, better start a conversation about what plans you both have in ten – twenty years. Are there any common ambitions? What does she think of starting a family or moving abroad?

These things are very important and you may not ignore them. Stop thinking of her beautiful look and young body and start a serious conversation. If you do not see any common future, why do you both need to waste your precious time?

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Where to meet younger women

Of course, if your goal is one of the Slavic women, you can meet a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian woman on one of the dating sites. Women who join such sites to meet a foreign husband are more open to relationships with older women. 

And if you consider dating a woman who is not more than 15 years younger than you, you will surely find a serious woman ready for serious relationships with you instead of just flirting and spending a good time with an adult man.

On our site, there are women of various age groups and you can communicate with the on video-chat to see at once whether your interests match up and whether you like each other. You can also take a Romantic tour and see her in person to realize if you both will have relationships.

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Conclusion: Age does matter!

dating Moldova womenAs you can see, gentlemen, no matter how young you feel at heart, age still matters and often, it is an obstacle for a woman to love you and devote her life to relationships with you.

We from best-matchmaking still do not recommend choosing too young women if you plan to marry and not just communicate online.

If you still have questions concerning Slavic (mail order) brides or online dating, please get in touch with us and find out more about our International matchmaking and dating membership plans at reasonable prices.

Our professional matchmakers know well what you need to be happy!  

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Katrina ElWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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