Dating a Divorced Woman: Must-Know Tips

Dating foreign ladiesHello gentlemen!

We from best-matchmaking have created so many couples who seemingly could never be together.

Why seemingly?

Because people are often guided by their fears and some stereotypes that do not allow them to build their happiness.

Dating after divorce is one of such fears and lots of you are simply afraid of dating divorced ladies.

So today, we would like to tell you everything about dating a divorced woman, give you some helpful tips on it, and provide you with some great reasons to date such women.

Let’s start!

Reasons to date a divorced woman

Dating Ukrainian bridesSome experts, including Mark Radcliffe, consider dating a divorced woman an honor. Women are often afraid of their “divorced” label and you may not be aware of it but they even struggle with their new status.

For that reason, women are often afraid to divorce even and suffer in their marriages.

But it is not reasonable to consider divorced women as those with terrible baggage.

Divorced women are your chance to find an experienced and wise woman who knows what she (and you) wants. We have provided some main reasons to date divorced women.

We hope they will help you get rid of your fear of divorced ladies and make you reconsider your attitude to them. Besides, if a divorced woman has no children, it doesn’t bring you any additional problems you are so much afraid of.

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Reason 1. Divorced women are experienced

Frankly speaking, a divorced woman has experienced loss and rebounded from it. A divorced woman has courage, strength, and resilience now after her divorce. And these traits are really attractive to men.

Needless to say that women who already were married (and especially those who experienced the divorce) are really experienced and, hopefully, wise. Everyone takes lessons from his unsuccessful past experience. And divorced women now know very well what marriage is and what they should or shouldn’t do in it.

At least, these women dared to get married once unlike lots of other girls! Remember that even George Clooney couldn’t make his first marriage work!

So no one is perfect!

And getting a woman with a great life lesson is bingo! 

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Reason 2. A divorced woman knows that love takes work

You know lots of young girls who have never been married take you for granted. They cannot be thankful for what you do for them and cannot put their effort to make your relationship work. Sometimes, it is a one-way street for lots of men.

But women who already experienced their divorce know very well that love doesn’t magically care for itself and are not surrounded by the world of pink clouds and unicorns. They are more realistic and know what it takes to commit to relationships, to support each other, and make compromises daily. 

Their approach to your relationship is very mature and realistic, so you may not worry about her not being ready for a long-term or serious relationship because she knows already what it is and how much work it takes.

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Reason 3. A divorced woman has a deep knowledge of what satisfies her in intimacy

Ukrainian dating advicePeople who already have been married are very experienced in their intimate life, as well. They know well what they need, want, and, moreover, what their partner wants and needs.

Of course, people are different and have different needs and desires, including sexual life. 

But such ladies already know how to satisfy a man and what (approximately) you may like. They are also very sure about their desires and needs.

They know what will never satisfy them, too. When a couple just starts their intimate life, they rarely know the needs of each other.

But divorced women (and men) know it very well. And your future relationship with this woman will only benefit from that. Such a woman is good both for experienced and inexperienced men in their intimate life because she knows well what to do.

Reason 4. It is easier for a divorced woman to spot “Mr. Right”

If a divorced lady was the one who walked away, she knows very well how her “Mr. Wrong” looks like, so it is much easier for her to build relationships now. She knows how to spot the man she wants and needs and will not procrastinate now if she thinks you are right for her.

A divorced woman knows what she is worthy of and what she deserves and will not miss her chance if you are the one for her. It is much easier for her to identify your true heart. And, moreover, she also realizes that she was not a peach, herself.

She knows the reasons for her divorce and knows well what personality traits she needs to improve to make you happy. A woman who is willing to accept her fault is a real treasure, so do not miss her, guys.

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Reason 5. A divorced woman appreciates you more

People after divorce got a few scars and this is what makes them more interesting. They suffered loss, pain, and all those bad things people go through when they divorce. It means that they highly value happiness and joy now. People who have never lost happiness will never understand it and will not value true happiness that much.

Divorced ladies experienced a wider range of life emotions and they appreciate the lows and highs much deeper now. They are not much worried about the future because they know their best years are ahead of them now. They have won and lost some battles. And this is what makes them much stronger.

These ladies are often much more interesting for men because they have a lot to share with you. They can tell you and even teach you many things. So when dating a divorced woman, you will not only find a reliable partner, but also an interesting friend. 

Dating a divorced or divorcing woman challenges

Polish women for datingYes, dating a divorced woman is great but you may also face a couple of challenges and problems if you opt for dating her.

Of course, if you have found a wonderful lady, these challenges are just small obstacles you can easily overcome.

But if you are still afraid and have no idea how to cope with them, we have provided some advice about dating a divorced woman.

Since this lady is very experienced, she reads people much easier than before. So you should not play games with her or be infantile. 

This is absolutely not what she is looking for – she probably has just got rid of the same type of man. So if you want to succeed with her, please follow the tips below. Keep in mind that if you are not mature yet and do not know what you want, you should avoid divorced women. 

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How to date a divorced woman: Accept her children

This is the first and the most important advice we could ever provide you with. Before you even start searching for a divorced woman, you should realize that lots of them have children already. We do not know how it is in your country, but children are the most important for any Slavic (mail order) bride

So if you choose a divorced Russian bride or Ukrainian woman, be ready to accept her children. No, don’t worry, she is not looking for a new father for them. But you should realize she has them and at least respect her time spent with them instead of you. Children will always remain her priority.

You don’t expect a woman will forget about her children because she met you, do you? So be patient and don’t force her to pay all her attention to you only. She is a single mother and your attitude to her kids is one of the most important factors for which she may choose you. 

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Be patient when dating a divorced woman

Just as we mentioned above, a divorced woman may have children, so, you will not get her total attention and you should not show your impatience in that case. Forget about your ambitions and show her your respect. If she can see you are patient, she will give you so much love and respect in return.

But children may not be the greatest obstacle. A divorced woman may lack trust for you. Yes, after some poor experience, people are likely to be suspicious and do not want to make the same mistakes. So be patient enough to prove her she can trust you.

Moreover, if she has kids and is in good friendly relationships with her ex-husband, she will communicate with him quite often, at least due to their children (even if they are not friends but he is a good father). So you should not be mad about it or be jealous. She simply cannot do it because they will always have their children and things to discuss. 

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    28 y.o, Kharkov, Ukraine

Conclusion: Divorced women rock!

Dating guideWe hope now you understand that you should not be afraid of divorced women. They can be a wonderful match for you. The most important thing is that they know how to make a man happy.

So if a divorced woman has written to you on best-matchmaking, don’t avoid her profile at once. Think well because this may be your chance for happiness.

And if you have more questions about our services, please check our International matchmaking and dating membership plans at reasonable prices. If you are interested in a Romantic and marriage tour, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and get a free consultation.

We wish everyone the best of luck in their search!

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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