How to be patient when dating: 5 inspiring ways to learn patience

Romance vs datingHello guys!

Today, we from best-matchmaking would love to cover one of the most urgent topics for us and for you – patience in the process of dating.

Not everyone knows that dating, and especially online dating, requires lots of patience and pacing.

And this is something that lots of you lack when dating online. So today, we will tell you as much as we know about how to be patient when dating online.

Please read till the very end, guys, if necessary, save this post, while it is extremely important for your dating success!

Let’s start!

How can I be patient in dating?

Love vs LikeIf you tend to fast-forward your relationship into the future or if you get rejected or dumped too often, you surely need this information.

That post is very helpful for those who plan kids or a wedding after their first date. As far as you understood, this article is for you if you are always in a rush when dating.

We do not know why but most of the online daters are always in a hurry and try to push the development of their relationships.

And we strongly recommend not doing it. Yes, we know how much you want to find your wife and take her to your country but believe us, being in a hurry is not the best thing you can do here.

So below, we have gathered the most helpful tips on how to be patient and pacing when dating online and in real life. Read them and see how to make the online dating process (and dating in general) successful.

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How do you stay calm when dating someone new?

There is a scientific fact that men fall in love faster. But this is also true that men fall out of love much faster than women. And for that purpose, it is very important for you to test the worthiness and sincerity of your future partner.

We know how fast you all want to say “Yes” but please do not do it. You are eager to start relationships with your potential partner the soonest but there are some good reasons not to do it so fast. And here is a good tip for you to avoid the rush in your dating.

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5 inspiring ways to learn patience when dating

You should not rush both in your real-life dating and in online dating. You should not do anything too quickly. And below, there is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

#1: Don’t see her too often at first

Exclusive DatingIf we are talking about real-life dating, you should not be seeing her more often than two or three times a week. Yes, we know it can be tough especially if she wants it. But you should not be in a hurry. 

When people see each other every day at once and start spending every minute together, they risk losing their minds and mistaken their feelings.

Everything is too fast and you have no time to think well. Sometimes, it could be good. But if you tend to be always impatient, better use that advice.

If we are talking about online dating, you should jump into correspondence online too rapidly (for example, do not write to her every single moment). You may not think soberly when you communicate with someone too often. Give time to her and to yourself to realize how things are going.

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#2: Save week-long vacations for your honeymoon

Internationales DatingOf course, this doesn’t concern online dating. When you are dating someone online, you want to meet in person if everything goes well and it makes sense to see each other for some long period of time, of course. Otherwise, how else can you understand that you really match?

But we want to discuss real-life dating now. When starting to date, lots of people, especially modern youth, often travel together.

And they start doing it right after they started their relationships. We recommend saving such long weekend vacations for your honeymoon better. 

Traveling together and spending weeks there supposes something more than dating already. You should at least have a strong connection and future plans. Doing it means pushing things and this is not what you are intended to do, aren’t you?

#3: Don’t bring up marriage

Ukrainian girls for datingYou see, guys, here we would love to especially highlight the online dating process. In online dating, everything seems to develop faster than in life.

However, it is not true. It really takes some essential time and developing things fast in a letter or online chat is not a good idea.

You should at least meet in real life before discussing marriage. We have often heard from our customers right after one letter or one Skype call that a lady isn’t serious about him and is not good for marriage.

And this is your biggest mistake because how do you want a woman to be serious about you after one letter?

Slavic women are not likely to express their thoughts or discuss marriage with you, as well as building plans for the future with you. So we beg you not to bring up marriage too soon.

Otherwise, you will scare her off before you even become a couple.

Better leave this opportunity to her – let her bring up a marriage when she feels right about it.

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#4: Consider pacing and self-discipline

Latvian dating servicePacing works well but it requires self-discipline. It can be really tough to pace. However, you will be greatly rewarded if you do it.

What does pacing mean?

It means that you should realize that you should not hear her voice or read her letters every day.

There is no marathon of texting or writing sessions! So you should not be texting her every day in real life or after contact exchange when dating online.

Sending tons of letters every single day is also not a necessity. And you also should not require the same from her! 

In the real world, people get to know each other face to face, they have dinners, smell each other’s fragrance, make jokes, go to the cinema, etc. You should conduct the bulk of the relationships in person. You can also just be sitting next to each other and laughing, gazing into each other’s eyes, etc. 

What does self-discipline mean exactly?

We understand quite well that doing all we described above is not as easy as it may seem, so we decided to describe to you how you can stick to self-discipline step-by-step. So when you get a text or a letter from a woman, don’t rush to reply to her right away. Wait hours. 

Understand that you are not a robot sitting at the computer or cell phone, neither is she. A woman is not obliged to reply to you every single moment, and you are not obliged to do it too! So never rush to reply to your messages or letters to her. 

Try not to see her every day if it is in real life. For men, it is much easier to do everything fast. But women are not like that. And a woman will not understand your wish to get everything so soon. Especially, if we are talking about Ukrainian brides and Russian brides.

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#5: Do not tell anyone about your experience!

Russian dating & matchmakingYou know, each of us wants to rush home after a date and tell someone or everyone about our experience. The same thing happens when you are dating online.

Once you met a good lady, you want to introduce her to your friends or family in absentia. 

We ask you not to do that and wait a bit. After a date (or a video chat with foreign women) come home, sit down, and think well on your thoughts and impressions.

You can even record your thoughts and feelings after the date into a journal. You can write what you found out about that person and how you felt during your talk. 

Do not try to push things and tell everyone that you have found your match already because this is not true at that stage. Yes, she could be your match but she also couldn’t be, so do not do something you will regret afterward. 

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How do you keep a girl thinking about you?

Dating Lithuanian bridesHow can I stop worrying that she likes me? – This is the question most of you probably have once you meet a girl you like.

The answer is simple; you just should not worry about it at all. Yes, of course, it is difficult to stop thinking whether the girl likes you are not.

But here we speak about dating. It means that you already have a sort of relationship with this woman, regardless of whether you date her online or in reality.

Why is the answer simple?

Because if a woman doesn’t like you, she is not dating you. 

So you should not even start worrying about it. If a lady likes you, she will gladly keep communicating with you. If she is not interested, she will stop talking to you. But if you want to keep her thinking about you, you should by no means rush or remind her about you every good moment. Give her some space instead and use tip # 4 from our list above.

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Conclusion: Just do it!

Being patient means being patient even if you think you have no time for waiting. There is always time and there is always a choice. If you don’t want to irritate and scare a woman off, you should never rush things, better give her time to miss you and want to get in touch with you the soonest.

Allow her to do it instead of doing it yourself.

These are just 5 simple ways to be patient when dating. Stick to them and you will surely succeed. For more success in online dating, check out our dating membership and International matchmaking plans at reasonable prices!

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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