Love vs Like: What is the difference between love and like?

Love vs LikeHello guys!

We from best-matchmaking deal with different people and their relationship’s issues every single day.

And we now know very well what issues and obstacles western men may face in relationships with Slavic women.

One of such issues is that liking someone can be mistaken for loving a woman.

Quite often, you fall in love with a woman just in letters. Or it is better to say, you think that you fall in love.

So today, we would love to tell you more about the difference between love and like. And especially, we would love to explain to you what these two notions mean for Slavic ladies.

Let’s start!

What is the difference between “I like” & “I love you??”

Internationales DatingHow can you really tell if you love someone? Do you really feel true love or are just attracted to that lady? What is the difference between being in love and liking someone? It is so easy but so complicated at the same time. 

Lots of people think they have found the love of their life but suddenly it all ends up with tears and disappointment. After that, some may say that they don’t believe in love anymore and do not want to have anyone in their life. 

So what are the signs of being in love? Is there any difference between love and feelings at all?

Of course, there is and there is a huge difference between loving someone and just being attracted to her. And this post will give you all the answers to your questions about love and attraction.

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What is the difference between love and feelings?

First of all, feelings can be different. When we say “I have feelings for you” we do not necessarily mean love. Love is unconditional; this is a feeling when you cannot imagine yourself without that person, when your life is not full without her.

But feelings can be pretty confusing and we often do not realize what we really feel towards a particular person. You may feel sympathy, affection, physical attraction, love spending time with that person and talking to her on the phone, and things like that. But it doesn’t mean there is love between you.

It takes time to realize that this person is your beloved one. As a rule, people start with such feelings as sympathy, respect towards each other, etc. But with time, they start ignoring the flaws of each other. In that case, you are rather in love.

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How do you know you're deeply in love?

dating coupleYou know, guys, we often hear from you that you are in love with one of the ladies on our site because she writes amazing and wonderful letters to you, you like her smile, personality, and many other things about her.

But once you meet in person, all this “love” is fading away and you realize this person is not yours.

So was it love? We doubt that a lot. Love cannot disappear so soon, it lasts much longer, and, of course, ideally, it lasts forever.

Below, you will find some differences between love and like so you could easily understand how to distinguish these two feelings.

We hope it will help you understand your emotions better and take it all into account, especially when it comes to online dating. Remember that falling in love with letters is impossible. In most cases, it has nothing to do with real love.

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#1: Love goes beyond the physical attraction

How to find women to dateThe first thing you should remember is that love has nothing to do with physical attraction. Of course, you should be attracted to someone’s appearance first but this is not the main criterion for someone who loves.

When you love someone, you do not look at the physical characteristics of that person.

Sure, lots of love stories may start with physical attraction but it was just a start.

Only knowing each other on a much deeper level led those people to love. When you love someone, you mostly do not care about how she looks, you love her soul in any body she might have.

Keep in mind that if you are attracted to someone for her amazing eyes, alluring tan, or a great body, you can call that nothing more but attraction. This is the first difference between love and like!

#2: You are genuinely happy when being with her

Casual Dating WomenWhen you just like a woman, you are really excited to be with her. And yes, you can feel like the luckiest man on earth when she is next to you.

But when you are in love with her, you feel something much more than excitement.

Once you feel her presence, you feel some joy and peace you cannot even explain. When she appears and it feels like you are at home, this is love. People are often very excited about each other at the very first stage of their relationships.

But once these relationships develop, this excitement may disappear. If it disappeared and there is nothing more, it wasn’t love and people may break up. But if it grew into unexplained happiness, it is love. 

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#3: You want to be yourself when you are with her

international dating sitesWhat situation do we have when people start dating? People often want to impress their partner and pretend to be someone they are not in reality. When you just like someone, you get self-conscious when this person is around and your behavior changes suddenly.

We bet you have noticed such behavior before. You could run to the restroom and check how you look in the mirror.

Of course, you had to impress her. But love doesn’t suppose anything like that. However, when you love someone, you want to be true to yourself with her.

We all play certain roles in this life and wear different masks. But with your beloved, you do not wear any masks. You know that this person will accept you for who you are and won’t pay attention to your flaws, so you do not want to pretend and deceive her anymore. 

#4: Love takes time

Stages Of DatingUnlike other feelings, love takes a lot of time. Yes, we all have heard of love at first sight. And it really happens but people realize that they have fallen in love at first sight only as time passed. You cannot even keep track of when it started.

Quite often, people are around each other for some time as colleagues or friends maybe. But they hang out together and get attracted to each other without even noticing it. When you just like someone, it happens just overnight. 

Yes, you may feel like you have been knocked off your feet once you saw her. Yes, it still can be love at first sight. But most often, this is physical attraction only and some vibes making you feel this way. Sometimes, it takes just a few seconds to realize she is the one, but it is rather an exception.

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#5: Love is decision-based

Slovakian datingYou see, gentlemen, when you like someone, everything is based on your emotions only. And your heart may simply stop beating fast when you see her, and in that case, you do not feel the same emotions anymore. And most likely, everything is over.

But when you are deeply in love, you make a decision to stay with that person. This is your own decision to care for her and accept her with all her flaws and imperfections.

Yes, there might be no magic in the air anymore or no butterflies in your stomach.

But you still strongly decide to be with that person no matter what because you want it. If there is something wrong, you do not break up, you overcome it together. And this is wonderful, isn’t it? 

#6: You are proud of her

Interracial datingWell, when you are in love, you are proud of this lady. What happens when you simply like her? Oh, in that case, you are proud to be seen with her.

These are totally different things, aren’t they? And the latter is about your ego and being selfish.

Yes, even if you don’t like how it sounds, it is about our ego. If this lady is good-looking, you want everyone to see you with her and you are proud because everyone can envy you. There is nothing wrong with it but it is not love.

When you love her, you do not care about her credentials. Others may not consider her a good catch even but you do not care! And you cannot be ashamed of being seen with her. You are simply proud of her. And it happens just because you love her deeply! 

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#7: You accept all her flaws and imperfections

best Ukrainian dating siteYes, if you can accept a woman with all her flaws, this is true love. When there are things that irritate you or make you feel ashamed, this is not love.

You may consider her to be the best person in the world but start having doubts if she did something you didn’t like.

And this is not love then. Love accepts not only the good sides of a person but also anything that other people may consider terrible.

You probably know many couples divorce after having a baby just because a woman stopped being beautiful. So was this love? 

Of course, not because it contradicts everything mentioned above. Compare love towards a woman to how we love our children. We love them unconditionally and believe in their best no matter what. The same happens when we love our partner! 

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    28 y.o, Kharkov, Ukraine

Conclusion: The difference between love and like is obvious!

We from Best-Matchmaking hope that now you realize how you can distinguish love and your attraction to a lady. Taking into account all the factors, we can surely say that when you think you fell in love with a foreign woman online, you just are very attracted to her but cannot talk about love yet. 

And if have more questions about online dating, Slavic brides, or whatever you are interested to know about interracial relationships, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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