TOP3 Must-Know Benefits & Advantages of Online Dating

Benefits & Advantages of Online DatingHello gentlemen!

Online dating is a great modern way to meet new people and even get married.

It is a good way to get acquainted with women for those guys who are too shy or inconvenient to start a conversation in life. 

Online dating also is a great option for people who lack time due to their work to find a chance for happiness while it can be done right from your computer or phone.

But still, not everyone is aware of all the benefits of online dating.

And today, we from best-matchmaking will tell you about the benefits of online dating and what you should do to enjoy it.

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Is dating online a good idea?

Ukraine Dating-PortaleIt depends on what your goal is. If you want to just chat with beautiful girls or just make friends, then you should not necessarily join a dating site for it. You can easily do it on social media or different dating apps where people can chat for free.

You may be surprised now and tell that everyone who joins dating sites is serious but no, this is not true. We face different questions and situations every day and some guys just want to chat, others are already married and look for some adventures, etc.

Of course, communication with beautiful ladies is flattering for any man but still, the purpose of online dating is dating and marriage, so if you have different goals, this is not a good idea. And if you want to find a suitable life partner, then welcome to the world of online dating.

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What is the percentage of relationships that start online?

The truth is that around 40% of American couples meet online. In the modern world, people started to meet each other not in school, through their friends or families, at work but on the Internet. 

A research conducted by sociologists of Stanford University and the University of Mexico, Michael Rosenfeld, Sonia Hausen, and Reuben Thomas, showed that around 39% of heterosexual couples created in the USA in 2017 met online. 

 ➔ By the way, more than 60% of homosexual couples in the USA were also created through online dating in the same year. It means that online dating is the most popular way for American couples to meet nowadays. 

 ➔ The research also found that the number of people meeting online rose from 81% in 2009 to about 90% in 2017. Sociologists say that online dating caused more interracial marriages, interreligious couples and marriages of people from different social groups. 

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What is the success rate of online dating?

Even though online dating is often associated with different scams among people and it happens for a good reason, the success of such dating is still pretty high. Can you recall when online dating appeared in our lives? We can tell you it happened in the 90s. 

Stages Of DatingNowadays, it is one of the most popular ways to meet people and especially those from other countries, cultures, and even continents.

Does it really work well and can you trust it? Do people get the relationships they truly wanted? 

Last but not least, does online dating lead to marriages?

We bet you hear lots of success stories of couples who met online and got married as well as of those who were scammed or whose relationships didn’t work out. 

Let’s try to look behind those stories and apply to real statistics of online dating. Below, you will find out how it really works and what the success rate is. Let’s see whether you can meet love and find marriage on the Internet.

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People who meet online tend to get married quicker

The same above-mentioned research showed that people who meet each other online often get married sooner than those who meet through more traditional ways, for example at work or through their common friends. According to Michael Rosenfeld, it has its reasons.

When dating online, you have a broader choice while you can select from a bigger group of people, according to the sociologist’s interview in The Washington Post. When dating in real life, you meet people and in the process, gather information about them.

But if you date online, you can gather that information from people’s profiles before meeting or even starting communicating with them. It means that you somehow already know the person before you start communication and even meet in real life. 

Marriages that started online are much stronger

marriage that started onlinePeople who meet online do not only marry sooner than those who meet in a traditional way but their marriages appear to be stronger.

Yes, believe it or not, but online marriages last longer than traditional ones. Such couples are not likely to divorce or separate within the first year of marriage unlike those who met traditionally.

The study conducted by Philipp Hergovich, of the University of Vienna, and Josué Ortega, of the University of Essex, based on 2013 data from the National Academy of Sciences, showed that online dating offers more interracial marriages which are much stronger from a mathematics perspective. 

The interview of Josué Ortega was published in Forbes magazine and was based on the data collected in 2013. So, despite so many rumors and prejudice, online dating helps create a strong family that will last much longer.

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Couples who meet online are more satisfied with each other

It is obvious that if a marriage is much stronger and isn’t likely to break up soon, both people are more satisfied with it. People do not only stay longer together but also report to be much happier than those couples who met traditionally.

The research paper titled “Marital Satisfaction and Breakups Differ Across Online and Offline Meeting Venues” was led by the University of Chicago researchers, and the results were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 

John Cacioppo, the study’s lead author and the Tiffany and Margaret Blake Distinguished Service Professor in Psychology at the university says that marital outcomes are influenced by different factors. 

And the way how people meet is only one of those factors. Anyways, Cacioppo mentions that the results of this study are very encouraging and give a clear idea of how Americans meet their spouses. 


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The Pros and Cons of online dating

Safe dating definitionAs you can see, online dating can have lots of benefits; however, it has some drawbacks, too. And it is surely not for everyone, just like anything in this world.

Some people can enjoy it very well but others just do not see any good outcomes or benefits. S. also Disadvantages of online dating: How to avoid online dating traps

We have also devoted the whole post to the disadvantages of online dating so you could easily compare the pros and cons and decide for you whether this way of dating and building your relationships is for you or not. But anyways, we cannot deny that online dating helped lots of people.

Lots of couples were created thanks to it and if we ask them, they will probably tell you to give it a try! 

How to make it work

If you want to make your online dating work, we would provide you with certain tips and we have already shared lots of hacks on how to search online and not to fail in our previous posts. But now, we will just remind you that no matter what your age and social status are, you should only choose a reputable dating service.

A dating site that will not allow anyone scamming you will be half the battle. Once you have chosen your safe and reliable dating service, you can be sure you will not just waste your money and will not get disappointment but quality services. 

We also recommend you recall the tips on how to create a worthy online dating profile shared in our previous posts, as well as how to create a great introduction so women would be attracted to you. No matter when you use the site – ten years ago or today – the rules are always the same: a reputable service and a good profile. 

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Conclusion: The advantages of Internet dating are obvious!

Exclusive DatingWe hope that despite all the rumors and misunderstandings, you can see now that there are tons of benefits you can get when dating women online.

Of course, it will work mostly if you search for a Slavic bride and international marriage. If you want to meet your local girls, you can simply use local dating apps or meet in a traditional way.

Online dating can be the best tool to find the woman of your dreams and can be one of the worst dangers if you are not attentive and cautious enough and if you lack time to check what site you are using. But when paying attention to all the red flags, you can easily realize whether it is worth using or not. 

Be attentive and careful in your search and it will work for you, you will see. For more information, please get in touch with us from best-matchmaking and check our dating membership plans and International matchmaking packages at reasonable prices!

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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