How to understand Russian dating culture & rules

Russian dating cultureHello guys!

We have told you about how to date Russian women in one of our previous posts, so now you know a bit better about the dating culture in Russia.

But keeping up with the topic of Russian dating, we would like to discuss Russian dating customs. Frankly speaking, this topic is even more important than it may seem.

The differences in dating cultures in Russia and in western countries sometimes play dirty jokes with our customers. We believe that a Russian or Ukrainian woman should learn western customs and culture if she wants to have a western husband. But we also believe that a western guy should learn at least the basics of Russian dating customs.

It will surely help in his relationships with his future bride. So before jumping into dating in Russia, here is what you should know about dating culture in this country. Are you ready to learn something new? Then let’s start! 

All you should know about Russian dating customs

Beautiful Russian womanWell, they do exist! There are really certain rules and traditions which were formed within decades and people in Russia still follow them.

Understanding Russian dating rules can do wonders for your future life. It can be really complicated and difficult to get into relationships with someone from another country and culture. 

Believe us, once a Russian woman is in your country, she learns quickly and adapts to life in your country. But once you decide to date her and meet her in her country, she expects you to do the same – to learn something about her culture and follow the rules everyone in her country does. 

Of course, there are no “fixed rules” of dating in Russia. But we tried to explain some basic etiquette of Russian dating. Even if you are not going to keep up with it, we think it would be interesting for you to learn at least something about the culture of your future wife’s country.

“Sweeping women off their feet” is an old Russian dating custom

In Russia or Ukraine, people used to meet in a traditional way- at work, in various public places, coffee shops, etc. However, if you struggle to meet Russian women, online dating can be a good option. Russian dates are old-fashioned and very traditional. Men do everything to “sweep women off their feet”. And they do it in a highly chivalrous manner. 

Like women, men used to wear beautiful and formal clothes for their dates, especially when going to restaurants. Women often wear high heels and their best dresses. Even if it is the first date and they are not dating yet, eye-contact is very important. A man will most likely bring flowers, while it is a must for Russians.

Remember that flowers have to be only in odd numbers. Pairs of flowers are associated with funerals in post-Soviet countries. Russian men are very courteous on a date; they hold doors and help ladies with coats. No need to say, a man pays all the dating bills. Men and women never share the expenses. 

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Honeymoon phase

The honeymoon phase is very important for Russian dating. As you know already, the main difference between Russian and Western dating is chivalry. Russian admirers are very romantic. And since women in Russia or women in Ukraine used to it, they expect to be the center of your attention when you want to conquer them. Russian women are usually lavished with flowers, small gifts, and various romantic events. 

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During a honeymoon phase, people enjoy each other. They go to cafes, restaurants, and clubs, attend various events, and simply enjoy their time. Everything is usually very romantic. A couple may go to the seaside for the holidays. Men often make various surprises for a lady. Don’t think that a man does everything and a woman does nothing in return.

Russian women also prepare various surprises for their boyfriends. They cook breakfasts to make him pleasure. But for a lady to do that, a man has to put some efforts first to conquer her heart and attention. 

More about Russian dating customs

buy Russian womenIt may seem that a woman is a goddess in Russia and a man has to do everything possible and impossible to please her. But it is not really like that. Russian women also are very devoted and love taking care of their men. One of our Asian customers said that it looks like a man is a slave in Ukraine or Russia. 

But everything flows very naturally in these countries. Men are hunters and once they have a woman they like, they will chase her no matter what.

And women also enjoy that process. A lady may refuse at once but it never stops a real Man. He will do everything to prove her his feelings, intentions, and to conquer her eventually. 

Both people enjoy the process and it has always been like that in Ukraine and Russia. By the way, a real man will never allow a girl to carry anything heavier than her purse. Yes, this is also called chivalry. 

Russian dating etiquette

You know now that the fact of how you treat your girlfriend is the most important. Ladies also adore serving their men. And they get flowers, expensive gifts, and are surprised pleasantly in return to stress their charm and beauty. This is how men show their affection in Slavic countries. But romantic things do not end with a marriage. 

People still surprise each other even after marriage. Women enjoy their house chores; they cook for their beloved husband, meet him after work. And men often come home with flowers, perfume, or tickets to the cinema or somewhere else. Women are very hard-working in Russia, too. And good men appreciate their efforts.

When a man really loves his wife, he will keep surprising her in their family life. And even the birth of kids is a special event for them. They meet their wives with various balloons and flowers; they offer gifts when a lady has a baby. 

How to follow Russian dating rules on distance?

How to find legitimate Russian dating sitesYou are a western guy who is too far away to do all those described things. And you may think that a Russian woman is not for you now.

But don’t get desperate too early! In that wonderful era of technologies and online dating, you have a wonderful chance still to conquer a Russian woman even before seeing her in person.

First of all, use our tips described in the article called Flirting with Women of Ukraine Online: Step-by-Step Guide. You can make a great impression on a lady even being miles away. Don’t wait for a special date to surprise her, use our gift delivery service and offer her flowers for no reason even. This will make her think you are a very romantic man who is not afraid to show his affection.

Being better than a Russian man

Don’t forget that Russian women love confident and secure men. And if you want to get one of those Russian beauties, you should stand out of all those good Russian men. Online dating is great and women choose dating sites to find a western husband. But remember – in Rome do as Romans do. It means that your Russian woman expects you to act as they do in her country. 

So sending her some flowers or chocolates is great but meeting in person and showing her your attitude in reality is a must. By the way, for that purpose, you can use one of our Ukrainian Romantic tours. And for the most romantic men, we offer special even service, which will help you create a romantic atmosphere and impress your woman during your first meeting. 

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Topics you discuss on a date are also important for a Russian lady

Romance and all those surprises are great. But Russian women also are very interesting interlocutors. They are smart and intelligent and always want to discuss lots of things on a date with a man. That’s why; you should dress up, prepare flowers, and think well on what to talk about on a date. But there are some “banned” topics as well. 

They don’t like complaints from a man, especially about their expenses. Talking about your ex is also no desired. It is preferable to talk about something light, positive, and make jokes. Russian women adore when a man is witty and can make her laugh. So don’t talk about something that is too boring, try to lead a natural and easy conversation when you are on a date with your Russian woman. 

Conclusion: You can break the rules!

Russian Mail Order BridesAll the Russian dating customs and traditions are wonderful while they are old-fashioned and involve lots of romance, emotions, and chivalry. But it doesn’t mean you should follow all of them.

As a western man, you can bring something yours to your international dating. But there is one golden rule – be a gentleman, Russian women appreciate that. 

Do as you feel, give her lots of attention, and make her feel special - it will be much appreciated. And your heart should tell you how to do it better. If you are not sure how to meet a Russian woman, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate, your dating blogger, psychologist, and a practicing matchmaker. She will help you choose one of the membership plans and matchmaking packages to meet your Russian girlfriend the soonest!

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