Why do we have this offer?      

First of all, it will help you to impress your lady because all Ukrainian girls are very romantic.
Your girl will believe that you have only serious intentions!

Secondly, during the preparation of documents for your bride, you will have not only the story but also photo and video, confirming your previous meetings in Ukraine with the purpose to create a family!

What includes Exclusive Romantic meeting?

Depending on the city in which your lady lives in, and depending on what entertainment you prefer, we offer:


During this date, you will be accompanied by a professional photographer.

We offer such activities:

  • Skating, skiing (in winter)
  • Yachting (in summer)
  • Spa salon visit
  • Extensive excursion around the city (on foot or by car)
  • Visiting museums or theaters
  • Visiting the most romantic places of the city, where you can propose to your girl
  • Romantic photo shoot
    Prices  start from € 350
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