Disadvantages of online dating: How to avoid online dating traps

Disadvantages of online datingWe from best-matchmaking have talked a lot about the benefits of online dating.

But today, we would love to provide you with an idea of what its disadvantages are. You all have probably heard terrifying stories about scammers and everything like that.

But there are many more things you should know before starting online dating because it may not work for everyone.

It can be great for someone but absolutely useless for you. And below, you will find out all the disadvantages of online dating and why it may not work for you.

Let’s start ➔ 

The downside of online dating

Ukraine Dating-PortaleThere are no perfect areas in our life and online dating is not an exception. And we bet you have seen a lot of commercials telling you will find your perfect match and they guarantee that.

Yes, it may sound great because once you fill in the profile and become a member you think you will get your wife the soonest.

And it is really great to try to find your match without even leaving your comfort zone or your living room. You almost put no effort but can quickly find a suitable partner.

However, everything is not that easy. If it was, all people on the dating sites would not be single anymore.

But lots of them keep searching for years and there are some reasons for that. Below, you will find some pitfalls of online dating you should consider before even starting it. Just like the search of your partner in real life, online dating is not easy.

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Scammers – the biggest drawback of online dating

Russian dating scamEveryone knows this terrifying word “scammer”. And we from best-matchmaking hear about it even more often than you, probably, because you tell us different stories every day and tell us how terribly you were scammed on your previous dating site. No wonder you are so cautious now.

However, quite often, you call every lady who didn’t match your expectations a scammer, so we should define who a scammer really is. A scammer is someone who used you not for relationships but for money. A scammer may get your money in different ways and may even have a boyfriend or husband in real life.

A scammer can also use stolen photos of beautiful women and use them for her benefit. Scam can be different but it is always connected with money. If a woman just stopped talking to you for some reason, she is not a scammer. In online dating as well as in real life, no one is obliged to communicate with people if something goes wrong. 

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How to avoid scam?

We have talked about it many times now but we do not stop being surprised by how some of you easily get into a trap of a scammer. Almost daily, we get different requests in our online support concerning different scam cases on the Internet, you often ask us for help. But if you were scammed, only a dating site where this happened can help you.

Of course, you should not use a very doubtful dating site. This is the first thing you should do – check their reviews and reputation online, see the reviews of other customers, etc. It doesn’t take much time but it can save you from a disaster in the future. Your personal duty is to see the red flags.

We understand that sometimes you think that you love a woman and are too blind to see all the red flags. But we warn you not to send endless letters, chat online, and send gifts if you have never seen this person in a video-chat. A woman who has only excuses for months not to talk on video is surely not real!

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Online predators and felons – another disadvantage of online dating

online scamYou, guys, used to think that only you can suffer from online scammers who want your money. But, unfortunately, this is why women on dating sites are also cautious and doubting. If you check our previous posts about the dangers of online dating you will see the statistics (s. also Online dating success statistics: Does online dating work?).

It is incredible, but online predators and felons commit thousands of abductions, hundreds of rapes, and over one hundred murders every year.

Does this sound impressive? 

And the statistics are really scarifying. 

It happens because not all the sites check and verify their members. And even if we do, there is no guarantee that a person on the dating site, who paid a significant amount of money for his membership, is someone with pure intentions to find his wife. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get to people’s minds and find out their thoughts and intentions. So, online predators and felons are one of the worst things that may happen online. And we bet you would agree that it is even worse than scammers. 

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The information in people’s profiles may be half-true

some info might be falseUnfortunately, not all dating sites verify their members, especially free ones. On a free dating site, no one cares about what you write in your profile, as well as what women write. For example, we had a situation when men found one of our women on other dating sites.

In her profile there, it was written that she has one child. And on our site, she has no children. Of course, men start wondering which of the two data is true. However, we are sure that this lady has no children because we check women’s documents, IDs, and all the background. 

When someone has children in Ukraine or Russia, it is very easy to check because women have a stamp in their passport about having children. Her photos were simply stolen and the information they provided was fake. 

So, when you choose not a very reputable dating site, you cannot be sure the information in the women’s (as well as men’s) profiles are verified. Thus, this is only up to you what site to choose and who to trust.

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Online dating supposes long-distance relationships for some time

Online dating supposes long-distance relationships for some timeYes, if you decided to search for a foreign life-partner, you should be ready for long-term relationships. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes it until he or she faces the problem. For some people, it is not a problem because they can meet at least once a month before they decided to move together to a man’s country.

But other people are not ready to face this challenge. After a couple of meetings, they say that this is not for them because they are not ready to spend time, money and effort, to travel and see their fiancée all the time. And they cannot cope with this long-term relationship challenge.

So if you expect everything to be too quick and that your Ukrainian or Russian wife will be there with you in your country within a matter of one month, we recommend not even to start dating online. Because if you want to succeed in online dating, you should be patient enough. 

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Warnings about online dating

Warnings about online datingThe disadvantages of online dating are obvious but we are sure that if you follow recommendations of your matchmaker or read the information in our blog or other online sources regularly, you can easily avoid all these drawbacks and succeed in online dating.

Yes, there are scammers, there are predators, and it takes some time to be happy. But don’t you face the same things in real life?

When we meet people in real life, we also do not know and cannot check their background, we also cannot be sure the relationship will work out.

So we can surely say that online dating has many more advantages than drawbacks. And those advantages of online dating are enough to give it a try. If you do not lose your head and keep your mind sober instead of trusting beautiful women you have never seen blindly, you will not face any online dating troubles.

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Conclusion: No risk, no champagne!

best-matchmakingYes, online dating has its disadvantages, as well as its benefits. But they are mostly not significant and you can easily avoid them if you turn your common sense on and do not trust empty promises of scammers and beautiful commercials of the dating sites.

If someone tells you that they can guarantee you will find your match within a month, etc., better run away because love cannot have any guarantees and, moreover, no time frames. But those who do not take risks and do not give it a try will never know how it will work and won’t enjoy any benefits of on

line dating.

If you still have questions about best-matchmaking, our International matchmaking process, or dating membership plans at reasonable prices, get in touch with us to get a free consultation.

We hope that the online dating process on our site will only bring you benefits and no drawbacks!

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So do you know How to avoid online dating traps? Or may be you got any questions? What ever it is - leave your comment  ⬇bellow⬇

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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