The Best 5 Ukrainian First Date Tips

Ukrainian First Date TipsYou finally have joined an online dating service and found the girl you really like? Congratulations! Now you, probably, are excited to meet your potential soulmate in real.

But meeting your girl online is just a beginning. To conquer her heart, you will have to put some efforts. And your first date is crucial to your success.

For that reason, it is necessary to realize, what kind of the first date a Ukrainian woman expects from you. We from Best-Matchmaking are here to give you some very important tips, which will become indispensable for your first date with a woman from Ukraine. We want your first date to result in a marriage in future. So, let’s start!

Ukrainian Dating Tip 1 - Picking up the date bills is a man’s task in Ukrainian culture

Western men have got used to feministic women in their countries. So, splitting the bills between a man and a woman became very common there. But don’t forget ladies in Ukraine are different from those in western countries and thus, Ukrainian women dating is different, too. Ukrainian girls know that if a man pays the dating bill, he is interested in her. A man is considered to be a leader, a head of the family, and a bread-winner in Slavic countries. And when a man pays the bills on a date, he shows he’s a gentleman.

In Ukraine, the question of who is going to pick up the tab isn’t even to be asked. It is always clear that when a man invites a woman for a date, and even if a woman invites you to have a date, it’s always a man who pays.

Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful?Ladies from Slavic countries are very hard-working and they might be independent and earn well. But don’t forget that the salary of an average Ukrainian girl is at least 10 times lower than yours. So, if you suggest your Slavic bride to pay the bill on your date, would this be normal?

Yes, she might be quite understandable and realize that’s normal for your culture to ask whether a woman is to pay for your dinner. But most likely, she won’t have any wish to go for a second date with you. And your relationship is not roulette. You can’t make any shots in the dark and leave it to a chance. When you want to have a beautiful and devoted Slavic wife, you have to do your best to conquer her heart. Be a gentleman.

And, if you are lucky to have a date with a stunning young woman from Ukraine, you have to do everything to have a second, third date, and so on. That’s why, never ask her to pay for your date, and just pick up the tab and pay. By the way, Ukrainian ladies like men who tip the waiters, too.

Ukrainian Dating Tip 2 – Learn about Ukrainian dating etiquette

Sometimes, Ukrainian-Western dating might be confusing, both for western men and Ukrainian ladies. There are various customs and traditions in different countries of the globe, including different dating customs and etiquette. That’s why, for not getting confused on your first date, it would be good to learn at least the basics of Ukrainian dating etiquette. It won’t take much of your time and efforts. You should just remember some simple things, including:

  • Always come for a date in advance. Ukrainian girls know that they have a right to be 5-10 minutes late for a date. But as she comes, a man should already be there. When a man comes for a date later than his woman, it can be considered a failure.

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  • Bring flowers. Coming for a date beforehand is not all yet. Your potential bride will be very pleased if you wait for her with a bunch of flowers. It is normal for Ukrainian dating culture to bring flowers to a bringing flowerswoman. It is not your obligation, but it will give you tons of advantages.
  • Pay the dating bills. You already know that it is common for Ukrainian women dating to pay the dating bills. Never suggest a lady from a Slavic country to pay your dating bill or to split it. It’s always a man who pays the dating expenses in Ukraine.
  • Take her home or pay for her taxi. When your date is over, take care of a woman to get home safe. You can suggest her to take her home or just to pay for her taxi if she lives far. Suggesting a lady pay for her taxi back home is a very good gesture.
  • Be a gentleman. Being a gentleman doesn’t mean just paying the bills or bringing flowers. It’s all about your behavior. You should open the door for her when she’s getting out of the car, for example, or help her put her coat on.

All these things are common for Ukrainian dating etiquette and will make you stand out.


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Ukrainian Dating Tip 3 – Think beforehand of what to talk about

Ukrainian Dating Tip 3 – Think beforehand of what to talk aboutWhen you have your first date with a Slavic lady, it can be tough, especially when there is a language barrier between you both. Communicating through the letters online is much easier than having a real conversation.

Unfortunately, many men simply get lost and do not even ask questions. Both feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable. To avoid such a problem when having your first Ukrainian date, it’s necessary to think beforehand of what you want to discuss with a lady.

It’s not good when there are silent moments during a date. That’s why think well what topics you would love to discuss to get to know each other. Don’t be shy. Girls in Ukraine love confident men. Your first meeting with a lady you’ve met online is your perfect chance to get to know each other. And it’s necessary to take all the benefits out of it.

Just think what you would love to know about your potential bride, and ask those questions. But please, avoid such topics, as why such a beautiful woman is still single. It will make her think you suppose something is wrong with her. Also, try to make your conversation light.

Do not push her to talk about marriage or moving to your country at once, everything should be natural, as in real life. When you meet someone in a café, you do not ask her about marriage or babies on your first date. The same should be with a girl from Ukraine you’ve met online. Your questions do not have to scare her off.

Try not to only ask her questions, but also give her some time to ask questions, as well. You must have a dialogue, not a monologue. If you only ask questions, she might feel as she’s being interrogated. And vice versa, if you ask no questions at all, the lady might have an impression you have no interest in her. Try to find the golden mean.

Ukrainian Dating Tip 4 - Learn some facts about Ukraine

Learn some facts about UkraineWhen you meet a Slavic girl, you, surely, have to know at least something about her country. Your potential bride will be pleasantly surprised if you show your knowledge about her homeland. It means that you are really interested in the lady and took some time to make a short investigation.

Women from Ukraine are very well-educated, they read books, and are aware of the latest news. So, they know lots of things about different countries. And if you go to meet a woman from another country and know nothing about it, it is more than strange. Why then would you choose a lady from that country? Just because of the girls being beautiful there?

A girl you have a date with might wonder about your reasons to choose a Ukrainian lady. And what will be your answer? So, it would be good to read some information about Ukraine before coming here. It will show your interest not only in your lady but also in her homeland. She will be pleased to know that you prepared yourself well and made some investigation before coming to her land.

Besides, when you know at least some facts about Ukraine, it will help you maintain a good conversation and you will have more topics to discuss. It also shows you are a well-educated person who is interested in various topics. Moreover, you will find out about a certain culture and customs which might help you on your first date and even future relationship pretty well.

Ukrainian females like educated and many-sided men, so show her you are exactly like that.

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Ukrainian Dating Tip 5 - Be a Gentleman

be a gentlemanWhat can be easier than being a gentleman you might say? But that is not that easy. Being a gentleman is a whole science and some of the men can’t master it throughout life. How to be a gentleman with a lady from Ukraine? It’s not very difficult if you follow all our above-mentioned tips.

It is very important not to forget about the dating culture in Ukraine. Remember, a man is the one who pays the dating bills, tickets, etc. at least on the first date. You should also show your interest in your girl, ask her questions and be confident enough to maintain an interesting conversation. Do not forget about flowers and some small gifts, when you come to visit her. Take some souvenirs from your country to show your lady you were thinking about her when being away.

A man should always be polite and avoid foul language when communicating with a woman. Also, take care of your Slavic girl to get home after a date and suggest or even insist on paying for her taxi.

When you are at a restaurant, don’t start eating your meal first if your woman is still waiting for her order. It will also show your attention and care about her.

Remember that even very beautiful women adore compliments. But make your compliments personalized, so she could feel they are only for her. You can point out her beautiful dress or elegant hairstyle. Keep in mind that gentlemen never say: “You look great for your age.” Never talk about age to make your lady from Ukraine feel uncomfortable.

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We hope that all our tips will make your first date with a Ukrainian girl unforgettable! Just remember you are a real man and be confident!

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Now Please let us know if this article was useful? Which date tip would you implement? Would you like to learn more about it? If so then - leave your comment  ⬇bellow⬇

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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