Proven Man's Guide To How To Attract Young Women [ 2022 Tips]

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Today, we would love to discuss one of the most urgent and interesting topics for you – dating younger women.

Men at any age are more than flattered when they attract younger girls. But this is the art of charm not everyone can master.

So today, best-matchmaking will give you a couple tricky tips on how to attract young women and what you should never do if you want to attract them. It will SURELY help you have a better understanding of what younger women prefer in a man of your age.
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Tips on how to attract younger women

young women how to attract themSome guys are attracted to older women but there are also those men who want to attract younger girls. There is nothing wrong with it while both cases deserve to exist and there are some good reasons to wish dating both older and younger women.

And since they say that girls mature faster than guys, you have at least one reason to date a younger woman. Lots of research also shows that lots of young ladies prefer older guys.

But of course, we are not talking about 20-years age difference or more. We are talking now about a reasonable age gap.

The age difference of 7-15 years is wonderful and we would say perfect. But some girls are still attracted to much older men and now you may wonder what their secret is. We can say that there is no secret – it is much easier to attract much younger girls than you think, so find out below how to do it.

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Dating younger women is easy – just act your age

If you are not young anymore but feel very young at heart, you may want to date younger girls and that is normal. When dating a younger woman, you can feel your self-esteem growing and such a woman makes everyone around you think you are an amazing man if you managed to conquer a young and beautiful woman.

But if you decided to date younger girls, you will meet a girl who likes men of your age. Quite often, older men make a huge mistake by trying to be who they are not. They try to seem like a young man instead of being a mature man. And such behavior is not even attractive.

This is not reasonable. So if you are 40, 50, or 60, don’t try to behave as if you are 20. This is the biggest turn-off for women of any age. When doing it, you will just look like a man who is searching for a way out of a midlife crisis.

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How to attract and date younger women – keep fit

How To Attract Young WomenEven if a girl likes older men, you are simply obliged to stay in shape. And please do not think that attending gyms is a thing for young boys.

If you want young girls to like you, it is necessary to look great. If you have a beer belly after your 40s, don’t think that she will be excited about it.

We recommend committing yourself to a daily exercise routine. Or at least do it several times a week. But it is necessary to stick with that because it is more sustainable for you in the long run.

If you will just decide to attract a young girl spontaneously and decided to bring yourself to shape within a week, it won’t work.

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Once you are getting older, the opportunities of attending a gym are less and less frequent, so if you desire to date younger women, put some effort into it. Run, jog, and lift weights on a daily basis and you will see how younger women will be attracted to you automatically. 

Be adventurous

How To Attract Young WomenYoung women are young women and we want you to recall yourself when you were 20 years younger. How adventurous you were?

A person who is fun to be around attracts different people and younger women, in particular. We do not say that you should attend night clubs every night.

No, remember our number-one-tip – act your age. But having an adventurous spirit is a must. No one will want to date an old man who is sitting on the couch every day just watching TV. So if you want a young girl – show her how fun you are to hang out with. 

You should be ready to do some things you have never done before. For example, take a spontaneous trip, do a romantic surprise, go out on a limb, etc. Even though you are getting older, it doesn’t mean you should quit having fun. Any woman needs to keep being interested in a man. And a younger woman, especially.

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Be focused on your career

Why is it important to attract younger women?

First of all, when you are focused on your career, you keep your time at a premium. Secondly, when you are successful in your career, you have money and more opportunities to lead a social life.

No, don’t think now that all a young woman wants is your money. But tell us please, why would a young and beautiful woman be attracted to a much older guy? No, not for his money – this is another category of women and we are talking not about them now. 

A young woman will be attracted to you because you are successful and mature. And if you want to date a younger woman, you should not be a frivolous guy who doesn’t care about anything. But you should show her how serious and mature you are. This is what attracts her to you! 

Be mature

What does it mean to be mature? You often ask us this question and also often tell us that you want to meet a mature woman. But what is maturity?

Maturity means wisdom that comes only with age. And everyone loves mature people instead of irresponsible guys who do not know what they want in life.

The maturity and wisdom of an older man is something that attracts younger women most of all. And if you behave like a child, teenager, or a 29-year-old boy who has nothing to do with maturity and wisdom, don’t even think a younger woman will ever want to date you. 

No, women want to have a serious, mature, and wise man, remember that women become mature much younger than men. They want a man who can teach them a valuable life lesson, who can give them the feeling of security and stability. This is what they want and not partying every single night with a crazy guy. 

What attracts you to younger girls?

Now let’s understand why so many of you are attracted to younger girls? Of course, it is normal when a younger man is attracted to a younger woman because it is what it should be. But quite often, all older men want to date a much younger woman. 

We personally recommend dating a woman who is maximum 15 years younger than you, but not more. However, lots of you think absolutely differently. And of course, a young woman by your side can raise your self-esteem and highlight some status for you in society. This is a simple selfish feeling of raising your own self-esteem and satisfying your ago.

But quite often, older men who have never had children want to date a younger woman who would give them a child. We can understand that. But once again, a younger woman must have very strong reasons for choosing you. And, of course, you should work hard to conquer her and meet all those requirements we enlisted above.

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Last but not least – be generous!

Internationales DatingThis is our final tip on how to attract a younger woman and we know that all of you will think now that they are not going to search for a gold-digger but for a sincere and genuine simple lady.

Yes, we are not talking about gold-diggers here. 

But when an older man wants to date a young and beautiful woman, who has an amazing body, is young, and full of energy, what can he give her in return?

Younger women are attracted to mature, fit, cheerful, wise, and generous older men who can pamper them and know how to do it.

Surprises, flowers, perfumes, spontaneous romantic trips – this is how older men can attract a beautiful and young woman who can give him her beauty and love in return. And such a relationship also deserves to take place. Otherwise, why would a younger girl want to date an old, unsuccessful, and greedy guy? 

Yes, you can easily say – because she loves him but no, guys, love cannot survive in such conditions. If we are talking about Slavic women for dating here – they need to be conquered by men. And conquering them with just words and no actions is impossible.

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Conclusion: Attracting younger women is not easy but possible!

How To Attract Young WomenWe from best-matchmaking have tons of examples of such couples where an older man managed to conquer and make a beautiful young woman fall for him.

It was all thanks to their masculine behavior, charisma, natural charm, and, of course, wisdom. So we are sure if you put in some effort, you will manage to do that too.

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Were you successful to find your match already and is she younger then you?  Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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