The biggest Bulgarian woman's stereotypes you won't believe

Bulgarian womenHi all,

For many of you, Bulgarian women are your fantasy girls. They have darker skin and curvier bodies compared to Ukrainian women. But they are different from Romanian brides as well, while they are more elegant and romantic.

Sometimes, they seem so mysterious that people from other countries create various rumors and stereotypes about women from Bulgaria.

We from Best-Matchmaking have created a list of the biggest Bulgarian woman’s stereotypes and found out if they are true or false. We hope it will help you find out more about these dusky Slavic brides and understand if they could be a good match for you.

Are you ready to make your trip to the world of Bulgarian brides? Then keep reading and enjoy the information provided. We promise it will be interesting and eye-opening. We bet you have not guessed Bulgarian girls were surrounded by such a number of various stereotypes!

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All Bulgarian girls are dark-skinned and black-haired

Bulgarian girls onlineBulgarian girls are perceived by people all over the globe as raven-haired girls having very dark skin. Contrary to popular belief, dusky and dark-haired girls constitute not more than 50% of all women in the country.

Very often, you can meet here girls with brown hair and blue eyes, as well as natural blondes. Bulgarian girls are not very different from those in Western Europe; they are just slimmer and shorter.

You will hardly meet a pudgy woman in the streets of Bulgarian cities unless she is an old or ill lady. Travelers can see only beautiful and fancy breasts and thin waists of Bulgarian women. But the fact that all of them have dark skin and black hair is just a myth and a stereotype.

All women in Bulgaria have big breasts

This stereotype is true. As we stated above, Bulgarian girls really have curvy and fancy breasts, but at the same time, they are very slim and fit. By the way, there is a fashion of healthy lifestyle in Bulgaria. Attending fitness classes or gym is as popular as having SPA-procedures in that country.

And if a girl fro, Bulgaria doesn’t have big breasts naturally, she wouldn’t mind of applying to plastic surgery. For that reason, the majority of Bulgarian females really have pretty big breasts.

You will be surprised, but the certificate for breast augmentation is one of the most popular gifts for high school graduation.

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There are no single mothers in Bulgaria

In fact, Bulgarian women are very feminine and family-oriented. Most of the Eastern European stereotypes apply to them as well. These ladies are relatively submissive, and they take care of how they look like. They are very modern European women at the same time, they speak very good English.

You will never get bored with a Bulgarian girlfriend, while she has a good education and is always willing to discuss politics or career opportunities. But compared to Western European ladies, they are really family oriented. They are taught to respect and love from the very childhood. They also religious and attend Church several times a year.

Sure, there are some single moms in Bulgaria but their number is really too small. That’s probably connected with their traditional family values.

Bulgarian women do not marry at a young age as other Eastern European ladies

Bulgarian datingThat is true. As we have mentioned already, Bulgarian girls have very strong family values, they know how important it is to become a wife and a mother. And, by the way, they do it very well.

For the same reason, they try not to get married at a very young age, as, for example, Ukrainian or Russian brides. They are really careful about finding their life partner. They need to be sure their partner will stay with them forever. So, this is true, you will not meet too many married young Bulgarian ladies.

When greeting, a Bulgarian girl will kiss you on both cheeks

As well as Latina girls, Bulgarian women kiss you on both cheeks when greeting (Lots of western men take Bulgarian girls for Latina ladies by mistake). By the way, you will have to do the same if you want to be polite. Bulgarian girls are very serious, but at the same time very sociable.

They say Bulgarian females are much easier to approach than Russian or Ukrainian women but more difficult than American girls. Just to keep in mind!

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Bulgarian women sunbathe topless

You may be impressed but if you have ever been to Bulgaria, you know what we are talking about. Women in Bulgaria lay on the beaches of the Black Sea coast without any bras. This trend was popular far in the 90s and still didn’t lose its popularity. Bulgarian beaches are full of half-naked beautiful women. Bulgarian women do not pay attention to it. Of course, the travelers and foreigners are very surprised and go to the beach just to stare at those beauties.

Girls in Bulgaria are fond of bodybuilding

This is not even a stereotype but a new trend and it is absolutely true. The sport became really popular nowadays in Bulgaria. Everyone is attending the gym, swimming, kids play water polo, etc. But bodybuilding is one of the beloved sports, both among men and women. When walking along the streets of Bulgarian cities, you can notice lots of really fit and muscle girls. They all practice bodybuilding and are very proud of it. By the way, there are lots of professional bodybuilders from this country at the international stage.

The brighter – the better

Ukrainian woman for marriageIt means that Bulgarian girls prefer to be bright in everything. If you look at their shoes, you will notice that they wear shoes with feathers, stones, rhinestones, etc. and of really bright colors. It is very difficult to find black shoes in Bulgaria.

The same thing concerns clothes – they wear various really crazy color combinations and prefer to stand out from the crowd.

Girls in Bulgaria are fond of manicure and such a bright nail design can be seen in Bulgaria only. Girls in that country seem to have summer all year long!

Bulgarian females also prefer wearing only high heels! They believe it makes their legs longer. Long legs are not their peculiarity.

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Bulgarian girls' stereotypes: NO make-up

And this is true. Women from Bulgaria have very outstanding appearances. They do not wear make-up at all! Even without it they still look great. In fact, tan is a must in Bulgaria. Even when coming to the beach, girls in that country must be already tanned. High humidity keeps their skin always wetted.

And a tanned face with wonderful hair doesn’t require any make-up. These ladies prefer only such beauty products, like skin creams. They produce a lot of cosmetics in Bulgaria, but still, it’s possible to meet lots of foreign products in their shops. Females in Bulgaria prefer natural products only. Probably, that is the secret of their beauty. It is no wonder they do not even need any make-up to keep their faces attractive.

Lactobacillus bulgarikus & mineral water are the part and parcel of any Bulgarian woman’s day

Bulgarian soupMild Bulgarian climate and the neighborhood of Greece and Turkey allow Bulgarian girls to eat fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. However, the main product in their ration is very popular Bulgarian yogurt. It is made of special bacteria called “Lactobacillus bulgarikus”.

Bulgarian girls add this yogurt almost to any dish, to soups, drinks, salads, and they even drink alcohol with it.  None of the Bulgarian females spends her day without this yogurt and a bottle of mineral water.

Even kids know how to cook the most popular Bulgarian soup with the help of lactobacillus bulgarikus.

 Bulgarian women love roses

This is another Bulgarian women stereotype which is really true. Not only women but Bulgaria itself adores its roses. Almost on any occasion, Bulgarian girls get roses. So keep that in mind if you come to meet a Bulgarian lady. A bunch of roses for your first date is a must! Even Bulgarian Prime Minister presented 33 roses to the Pope!

Conclusion: Don’t trust Bulgarian women's stereotypes – trust your heart

Bulgarian women are undoubtedly very beautiful and desired by western men. We from Best-Matchmaking tried to make our research and provide you everything we know about Bulgarian women stereotypes in this article. As you can see, almost all the stereotypes are true and confirmed with the facts.

You probably thought that all Bulgarian females look like Latina girls but it is not really true – now you know that the half of them have pretty light hair and even blue eyes. You can also see that Bulgarian girls prefer sunbathing topless and do not like wearing make-up, they wear high heels, very bright clothes, and unbelievable nail design. We personally have been very surprised when finding out that there are almost no single mothers, as well as divorced women in Bulgaria.

We hope this information was interesting and helpful to you. Have you been surprised by some facts? We bet you have! 

Keep following our updates, we promise to surprise you with more interesting facts about Slavic ladies!

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