How to introduce yourself to a girl online: 2023 TIPS

How to introduce yourself on a dating site to succeedHello gentlemen!

We are getting back to the simplest of topics – how to introduce yourself to a girl

Nothing seems to be easier than that but we keep giving you tips on how to present yourself not because we have nothing to do but because lots of you really need it.

Even though we from best-matchmaking have provided you with so many hacks on how to create a great profile and attract women online, we still see that it is a real problem for some of you.

So in this post you will find out:

-How to introduce yourself to a girl &

-How to make your search on a dating site successful!

So...How to introduce yourself to a girl  to succeed...

Those online introductions…so many of you struggle with them and it is real trouble sometimes. Do not think that simple online introductions do not contribute to your success anyhow because they do! 

You all know that the first impression is very important and the aim of your introduction is to make a first impression on your potential match, friend, etc. When the introduction is done right, it will lead to more acquaintances and very good communication.

When working with our matchmaking members, we often face the question that a man doesn’t know what to write in his first letter to a woman. He then starts asking us for a piece of advice. So below, we are going to give you more tips on how to introduce yourself successfully. 


Tip #1. Keep it brief


Before you even start sending an introduction, you should make sure you have a proper profile. To find out how to do this, check out our previous posts on how to create a good online dating profile. But to keep it short, make sure that your profile has a good picture and at least some description in it.

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Now as you made sure it has all that information, you can send your introduction. Our tip is to make it of average length. Believe us, too long introductions are the worse. It will take a girl at least fifteen minutes to find out what you even want from her.

When a person opens your first letter and sees the longest message ever, she loses interest in it. She wants to see something like a proposal of getting to know each other but not the story of your life. So keep it brief and interesting. Otherwise, she will be just bored to read it and will stop somewhere in the middle and close it forever.


Tip #2. Be respectful

How to introduce yourself on a dating site to succeedWhat does it mean? You may say that you are always respectful but some poorly written letters say the opposite.

For example, it would be good to make your introduction personalized. So make sure you know what the name of a woman is.

Now you will have another challenge – write her name without mistakes. We know that Slavic names may be difficult for you to read and remember but still, make sure to write it properly without any spelling mistakes or typos. Also, make sure your T9 doesn’t correct its spelling.

Don’t forget that the rules of etiquette are also valid in online dating. Make sure to write the greeting first. Also, it is important not to ask too many questions, especially too personal, religious, or about her political views, etc.

None of the women will like such an introduction and, most likely, won’t reply to it.

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Tip #3. Learn to talk not only about yourself

Some women complain when they get an introduction with no questions about her, her interests, hobbies, life, etc. They do not like a man talking only about himself in his letters, neither on a video chat. So make sure not to talk only about yourself in your letter.

Moreover, it is crucial not to brag in your intro letter about how wealthy, healthy, fit, young, handsome, sexy, and so on, you are. Tell just some short information about you – your goal on this dating site, what kind of lady you are looking for. And don’t forget about the questions.

When a woman gets a letter with the information only about you – she wonders why you wrote to her at all. So please, make sure to include a couple of personalized questions to the lady. This will make her think you are interested in her. And will show her that you sent that message not just to tell her how great you are.

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Tip #4. Self-introductions in online dating sites should be personalized

introduce yourself on a dating siteYes, you already know that you should mention the name of the person you are writing to in your introduction. It is one of the signs your letter is personalized.

However, this is not all yet. As we mentioned already, you should not only tell about yourself but also ask questions about the woman you are writing to.

But still, it may look like a template that you send to multiple ladies. A woman may feel it is not personalized and may not reply to this letter.

You should also comment on a woman’s profile, of course, if you are interested to get a reply from her.

The personalized introduction is as important as being witty and not boring. A woman needs to understand this letter was meant for her and not for twenty other girls. So, be as personalized as possible in your introductions if you want a woman to pay attention to your letter.


Tip #5. Be honest in your introduction

Honesty is extremely important for any relationship. And being honest from the very beginning of your common communication with a woman is a must. It is crucial to state only the truth in your online dating profile and be sincere in your introduction letter as well. And girls can feel lies miles away. 

When you write the first letter to a lady, don’t be fake in your words. Never write something like “Wow, I love you, marry me, because I am the best man for you because this is not true – you cannot love someone you have never even seen before. 

Or when guys are trying to say something like “I am a millionaire, so I have tons of girls around me” – maybe this is the truth even but no one will believe you, and secondly, no one will like your letter and won’t like to reply to it. A letter needs to be sincere and genuine – this is the main aspect women pay attention to. 


Tip #6. Show you want to hear back from her

Showing your girl that you want to hear back from her is crucial. Only when a woman can see the reason to write you back, your introduction will work. It doesn’t even matter whether you initiated the contact or she did. 

Your introduction should contain a reason for her to write back. It can be anything but again – it should be something eye-catching that will grab her attention.

But as we mentioned already, it can be a comment on her profile, personalized (not personal!!!) question. 

A letter where you just tell information about yourself and your life, interests, pets. etc. doesn’t look like you want to get a response. It looks like you just wanted to share information about you and that’s it. 


How to introduce yourself: online dating examples

Here are some great examples of online introductions. Pay attention to the letter below and get inspired to write an outstanding letter of your own: 

Dear Anzhela,

I hope you are having a good day. I am writing with the hope that my letter will make your day. I joined this site to find an active and simple lady who would enjoy the simplest things in life together with me. I can see you used to play tennis and travel a lot. 

I believe we have lots of things in common and could share our common interests and maybe even travel together if everything goes well. I am a simple man and am not looking for a glamorous fashion queen but for a lady who could enjoy life with me. Looking at your picture in a pink dress near the sea, I can say that you are the one I could easily unite my life with.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Sincerely, John 

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Conclusion: It is not difficult to introduce yourself virtually

Now you can see that creating a good online introduction is not a big problem, you just don’t have to think it is not important to send a good first letter.

You should know that this is a sort of a business-card on a dating site. 

It is as important as the introduction or presentation for your business project because this is the best advertisement for you.

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Now, over to you....We hope that you have learned some useful tips on how to introduce yourself to a girl & it was  useful!   Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

 Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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