20 Ways To Keep A Conversation Going On A Dating App

Okay so pretty much everyone knows that the rules on dating apps are slightly different. Sometimes, dating experiences on an application can also feel like a ping pong game. But don't worry, if you have found someone you're really interested in and looks like a fun, potential match, we might just have what you need.

It's okay to struggle when finding the perfect conversation starter or to just look for the best ways to have a meaningful conversation. Lucky for you, you don't need a relationship expert to guide you in making quality conversations with your mark. 

Our super fun and realistic guide will give you just what you need; the top 20 ways to keep your online date engaged in a conversation. This ought to open doors for your next steps in online dating.

In this guide, we will discuss :

  • The Top 20 Ways To Keep The Conversation Going on a Dating App


Top 20 Ways To Keep The Conversation Going

1. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Let's start with the most obvious one - ask your date questions that are light but also have fuel to keep the conversation going. You can do a quick scan of his/her dating profile, grab something that you find interesting, and pose a well-thought-out question. 

Remember your question should not be stupid, but also needs to be light. Now is not the time for serious conversations. Make sure it's fun and quirky and doesn't come off as being a job interview! It would also be a good idea to question your date about common ground, so you can have a proper conversation.

Aim for fun and light-hearted conversations and questions. You can think of good online dating questions after pondering over your crush's dating app profile. Maybe you'll find something about the person on a deeper level, like hobbies or interests that you can turn into questions.

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2. Share a Song You Really Like 

One of the best normal conversation starters is here - share a tune or a song that you're really into! Music has long been the ideal common ground for couples to bond over. Music can at times, also lead to deep conversations.

Follow that up with the kind of music your crush likes and you'll have a conversation in full swing.

3.Link Out To a Previous Conversation 

Has your crush asked you to check out a show? Recommended a movie?  Use that as a way to keep the conversation going. Tell him/her how you watched and really enjoyed the show...or not. To be honest, you don't have to act like a doormat and please the other person. 

Just keep the conversation going. 

4. Share An Exciting Anecdote

Every day, we all go through something either at work or while hanging out in our social circle. You can use an interesting fact from your day, add some spice and share an interesting story with your crush. Let's face it, the complete dating journey is all about sharing experiences and being partners. 

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5. Share a Joke  

You don't always begin the conversation with online dating questions - a joke is one of the most fun starters for dating conversations! Maybe make a joke about why there was such a lag in the conversation, or make a light joke about your dating app profile. Keep the joke fun but also relatable.

And if you're feeling a bit bold, you can throw in some funny pickup lines to let your crush know you are interested too.

6. Talk About The Best Part About Your Day

Sharing the best thing about your day, like having a favorite dish is a wholesome way to begin a conversation. Maybe you had the best banana bread to date or ran into a hidden gem (i.e restaurant) with delicious food. 

7. Flirt A Little

There is only one reason why you really want to keep the dating journey; because you really like the other person. So that means you should act a little flirty!

Yep, this will definitely engage your crush in a conversation and also drop hints about how you really feel. He has to know someday, right?

8. Ask ''What's Up?''

''What's up" is absolute gold in the world of online dating questions. If there has been a break in the conversation, it's best to be upfront and just ask the other person what's been happening. Dig out if anything exciting has happened since the last time you guys spoke.

9. Invite Your Date Somewhere

Have you been waiting to introduce your date to real life? Now is the time to share a quirky invite for a quick grocery run...or just to grab a cup of steaming hot cocoa. To assess the ground for a long-term relationship, it's important that you guys spend time in real life. It will help you understand if the relationship is headed anywhere.

10. Share Something Honestly

Disappointed that your crush never reached out to you? Be honest and express how you feel, but keep it light. Remember, he doesn't owe you anything yet. So while you can share that you have been waiting for him, don't get harsh.

11. Discuss an Upcoming Event

Are you both football geeks? Or suckers for Stranger Things? Use an upcoming release of a show or a football match to spark a new conversation with your date. 

It's a great way to jumpstart a conversation without being too direct.

12. Play a Fun Game 

Lucky for us, there are tonnes of digital games that you can play on your laptop and really enjoy. We are going to leave it up to you to decide which game you'd pick, but once you have done so, share it with your crush and enter the rings for a match!

Games are a great way to stay in touch and later you could also discuss who won....or lost.

13. Start With A Witty Phrase

A great way to initiate a conversation could be through a phrase that's witty, and funny but also conveys what you're thinking. 

You could go like...''I am not great at starting conversations. Do you want to give it a shot?'' If your crush likes you back, he will shoot his shot.


14. Ask Your Crush What's Happening 

You don't want to come off as being too self-obsessed by always discussing what's going on in your life. It's a good idea to discuss what's happening with your crush. Start by asking how his/her day is going.


15. Tell Your Crush You Have Been Thinking About Him/Her

t's always a sweet gesture to share that you have been thinking about your crush. Tell them something you saw or heard that reminded you of him or her.

16. Discuss The News

Okay, this is a super boring way to start a fun conversation, but you have to try right? It's best to start off with a news headline that you think your crush will be interested in

17. Ask For Suggestions

It's possible that your crush is a fitness freak and you are struggling with your workout routine...shoot your crush a message! 

18. Settle A Debate

Wondering if pineapple really goes on pizza? Settle this debate today and get your crush's opinion on it. This is a great way to settle the score, once and for all! 

19. Share a Photo

Looking and feeling your best today? Share a cute but decent photo with your crush to update him/her on how you are doing.  

20. Share Your Phone Number

Last but certainly not least, you can always be direct and share your phone number with your crush. Let him/her know that you want to take things forward.

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Have you learned about the ways To Keep A Conversation Going On A Dating App?  Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

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