TOP10 most popular Latvian girl names

Latvian womenHello guys,

While on the subject of Latvian girls, we would like to give you as much information about them as possible.

Latvia is a sort of a mysterious country not only because of its history but also thanks to its language and even people names. Some of their names may seem very exotic even to the representatives of other Eastern European countries.

In this post, we have gathered the most popular Latvian girl names with the examples of the most popular women having these names. It was interesting even for us to read all that information so we hope it will be very helpful to you as well. If you are going to date a Latvian girl, you obviously should know more about her country, and especially about her name.

Let’s find out more about girls from Latvia and what their interesting names in fact mean. We really hope it will help you learn more about your future Slavic bride.

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The history of Latvian girl names

The tradition of giving names is one of the most ancient customs. The name not only identifies the person but also can tell everything about his or her nationality, confession, or even his relation to a certain layer of society. Very often, names contain very detailed information about human history and culture.

Let us read Latvian girl names in details. They are divided into Christian and Pagan names. There are originally Latvian and borrowed names. Latvian names are mostly pagan, while borrow ones are Christian. The reason is that Greek, Jewish, and Rome names came to Latvia along with Christianity.

And it happened only in the 12th century. Some of the names have mythology origin. Such a popular Latvian name as Laima is the name of the Goddess of happiness. And Lauma means fairy, nymph, and witch. Very often, their names describe the best sides of their owners. For example:

  • Ilga means a dream or a desire;
  • Maiga means tenderness;
  • Mirdza – shine and brightness.

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  • Mianna

    31 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

#10: Ginta

Ginta LapinaYou can often meet women with that name in Latvia. Women with that name usually have a serious and thoughtful nature; they are very business-minded. Such people are never influenced by others and make their own decisions.

If you ever meet a Latvian girl with the name Ginta, you should know she wants to be independent and free, she doesn’t accept anyone’s authority.

These women are always serious, not spontaneous. By the way, you can also often meet women with the name Gunta in Latvia. These names are very much alike and easy to confuse, but they are still different. Women with the name Gunta always try to help others and give them helpful tips.

Ginta Lapina is a Latvian world top-model from Latvia. She conquered New York, Milan, Paris, and became one of the best Vogue models.

#9: Ieva

Ieva LagunaThis name has Jewish roots. You can also often meet such variations as Eva, Yeva, Eve. This name means “giving birth, life”, that is the name of the first woman on Earth. These women are very calm and can control their emotions in any situation.

Women with that name are usually very smart and wise. And they very often become the leaders in their families. But when it comes to love, women with that name are very tender and caring; they can sacrifice anything for the sake of beloved people.

Ieva Laguna is a representative of famous Latvian women wearing this wonderful name. She is the first Latvian “Victoria’s Secret” angel. This woman is in the list of the most beautiful Latvian women. She currently lives in New York.

#8: Beate

This popular Latvian girl name has Latin roots. Latin word “beatus” means “blessed”. All women with that name are very feminine and a bit mysterious. But be careful, women named Beate can catch men easily in their love traps. They love when men obey them.

Beate adores comfort and is very jealous. Women with that name are very flirting and can do it all the time.  One of the best representatives of women having that name is Beate Stivrina. That Latvian model is not only beautiful but very smart and intelligent. Her height is 180 cm and she has perfect model parameters.

This beautiful Beate has a diploma in theology and is trying to conquer New York as well. If you are a fashion fan, you could easily see her in one of the fashion weeks in the States. So, let’s check what other names are the most popular in Latvia.

#7: Anna

You already know that lots of Russian and Ukrainian women have this beautiful name Anna. Anna is an ancient Jewish name meaning “strength”, “courage”, and “grace”. The mother of Saint Maria was named Anna. That’s why Anna is often interpreted as “God’s mercy”.

This name is not purely Latvian; it has Christian roots as many other names in Latvia. Women with that name are very wise; it often seems they have certain secret knowledge. They are great housekeepers and work very hard both at home and at work. She doesn’t care about her only but of other people as well.

Anna became one of the most popular names for baby-girls during the past years. If you ever come to Latvia, you can notice lots of women have this name in the country. Anna Litvinova is a popular writer with Latvian roots by the way.

#6: Karina

This name is also very popular not only in Ukraine or Russia but in Latvia as well. If you browse our gallery of Latvian women, you can notice that lots of them have this beautiful name. That name also has not Latvian roots but is a derivative from Latin “carus” meaning kind, dear, etc. Nowadays, lots of Slavic brides are also named like that.

Karina is also the name of Slavic goddess of sorrow and is the character of many Slavic stories and myths. Karina is a very stubborn lady by the way, but she can be easily offended, so be careful with your words when talking to her. These women are very popular among men. You can easily choose your Latvian woman with the name Karina, while as a rule, these women are wonderful in their family life.

#5: Laima

Laima VaikuleThis name is also a typical one for Latvian girls. It means “happiness”. Women with that name have a very unusual energetics; they are very active and goal-oriented.

Sometimes, these girls are also a bit unpredictable. They are very emotional and can easily control their feelings, as you can control your car when driving a well-known highway.

Ladies with that name are very self-confident. Laima Vaikule is a very bright representative of a Latvian woman with that name. If you ever read her biography, you can see that the description of that name is very exact, while this popular Latvian-Russian singer is really strong and confident.

#4: Emilia

This girls name became very popular last year, while lots of newborn girls were named exactly Emilia. You probably know your western variation of that name Emilie. Did you know that it has Latin roots? Yes, exactly, this Latin name means “strong”, “hard-working”, “diligent”.

Emīlija Benjamiņa (in the Latvian language) was one of the richest women of Latvia before World War 2. She was called the “Press Queen” and was one of the most powerful businesswomen in Latvia.

This name can also be heard in other Baltic countries, lots of Lithuanian women are named Emilia as well. But let’s check what three most popular girls’ names in Latvia are nowadays.

#3: Paula

This name is also typical for Latvia and some other Baltic countries. Girls named Paula are everywhere in the streets of Latvia. By the way, the male name Paul or Pauls is also very wide-spread for Latvians. A photographer Paula Kinne is very popular in Latvia, for example.

This name has a Latin origin. It means “small”, “modest”. Very often, you can meet such similar names as Paulina, even among Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian women. If your future Latvian bride is named Paulina, you can be sure she is not as hard-working and diligent, as other Latvian women.

Women having name Paula are willing to get married the soonest usually. This is one of their characteristics. Even in their relationships, they can be pretty spontaneous. So if you like various surprises, choose a Latvian woman with the name Paula.

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#2: Alisa

By mistake, when hearing this name in Latvia, you may think this woman is Russian or Ukrainian. But this name is also very popular in Baltic countries. Lots of girls were named Alisa in the past several years. This name doesn’t have Latvian origin, of course.

It comes from a French name Adelais or Aalis, the meaning of which is “noble”.  You can also meet lots of women in the States or some European countries with the name Alice, which is also the form of the same name Alisa. This name became very popular in the 19th century in England and still didn’t lose its popularity.

#1: Sophia

Latvian mail order bridesThis name got the first prize in our list today. 284 newborn girls got this name in Latvia in 2018. As you could guess, this name has Christian origin. It is an ancient Greek name which means “wisdom” or “wise”. We bet you hear this name often in your country as well, while it became popular all over the world.

So, our list of 10 most popular Latvian girl names looks like that. And remember that on our site you can meet not only Latvian women but also Ukrainian and Russian women. Don’t forget to use our video chat option to have a very personal and real-time talk on Skype with your future bride.

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