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Girls of RigaLatvia is surrounded by such countries as Belarus, Estonia, and Lithuania. But none of those countries are famous for their beautiful women. Latvia is the capital of Eastern European beauties. And for that reason, Latvian brides are so desired by men all over the globe.

It’s a paradox, but it is very difficult for women in Latvian to find a man in their own country. That’s why you are very lucky, while Latvian girls are eager to meet men from other countries and are very open to other cultures and nations.

But before dating a Latvian girl, and especially girls from Riga, you should definitely know how to do it. International dating is not that easy as it may seem sometimes. And one small mistake can cost you wonderful relationships with an amazing woman!

We from Best-Matchmaking have provided all the information about dating and relationships with women of Riga, so enjoy the tips below and don’t hesitate to make them yours!

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Why Riga women are eager to date Western men

Western men dating Latvian ladies notice that they are all kind, efficient, hard-working, intelligent, and, of course, beautiful. Moreover, they love cooking and pretty independent. All of them have their own apartments; they do not live with their parents. Some of them are single moms; others don’t have any children, but really want to.

The picture seems to be great, so you might wonder why such an amazing, successful, and beautiful woman can’t find a husband in her country. Is she too picky? No, there is another reason for that. According to the investigation of the ‘Saturday” newspaper, there are following problems in Latvia with regards to men and women:

  • At the age group of 30-39, there are 3.000 more women than men.
  • There are 8% more women than men in the country.
  • There are 50% more girls than boys in colleges and Universities.
  • On average, Latvian women live 11 years longer than men. And that difference is the biggest in the EU countries.

We may even not comment on those obvious statistics. You can see now that the number of women in Latvia highly exceeds the number of men in the country. And it’s absolutely clear why there are so many single women in that country.

Latvian women are all family-oriented, so marriage and motherhood are their main priorities. But it is really difficult to find a good husband when the competition is that high. And here is where Western guys come in! You are really lucky because Latvian girls are looking for Western men and do not mind dating foreigners. The lack of Latvian men opens new opportunities to western men and not only.

There are lots of marriages between Latvian women and men from Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, etc. Latvia is a multinational country nowadays, so you will also have to stand out from all others to find a good Latvian wife! And how it’s possible to stand out from the rest of the world? Find it out below.

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Girls from Riga are pickier

Yes, Latvian girls, and especially Riga women are amazing, they are very beautiful, stylish, feminine, slim, and very tall. But as in any other country, women in the capital of the country are pickier and have their own criteria for choosing a husband. So, it won’t be easy to date a Riga girl, you will have to put some efforts. But once you get her, you will never regret.

Yes, women in Riga are open to people from other corners of the globe. But it doesn’t mean they are going to date the first foreigner coming to their city.

Here is what Riga girls don’t appreciate and accept in Latvian men:

  • They spend lots of time in local pubs and bars.
  • They can’t find a good job and get a good salary.
  • They are lazy and can spend time in front of the TV instead of getting to know women.

Riga, LatviaAs you can see, there is a huge problem for women in Riga, they don’t like drinking and lazy men. So if you are not like that, if you are hard-working and ambitious, you can count to meet a good and pretty woman from Riga. Women in the capital of Latvia prefer men who are goal-oriented and can provide for their families.

But don’t worry; she won’t require you to pay for everything when dating her. Riga girls are very independent and they know how to earn well. Unlike Ukrainian women or Russian women, girls in Riga do not mind sharing the bills. However, they will suppose you to share the house chores with her too.

Similarly to western women, females in Riga strive to be equal to men. But it doesn’t mean they are feministic. No, they are very feminine and prefer old-fashioned relationship and dating.

So, if you show some romance and chivalry, it will be also appreciated. Girls in Riga are more open and western-like, but they are still women who strive to be loved and appreciated.

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Women in Riga are cautious about foreigners

Riga has one of the most beautiful women all over the globe, but this city has been a capital for sex tourism for decades. Lots of men from all over the globe have been coming to Riga for buying women. So every foreigner is accepted by local women as a sex tourist at once.

So don’t expect a girl in Riga to go on a date with you easily. Women are very cautious about foreigners because they don’t know what your real goals are. But remember that once you show her your intentions are pure and you long for long-term relationships, she will open her soul to you.

Women in Riga might seem very cold and moderate outside, but they are very warm and have a very kind heart. So just show her that your aim is to build relationships, and you will see how well your relationship will develop with her.

When dating a woman from Riga, keep in mind the following:

  • Be a gentleman. Despite all the quality with men, despite women in Riga being so educated and successful, they do not strive to be feministic. They expect a man to be a gentleman. Flowers for a date will be more than appreciated. Coming for a date with a bunch of flowers is a good sign for her.
  • Be yourself. Women in Riga are more than wise and very smart. They always know when you pretend to be someone you are not. They appreciate honesty and when you are open and sincere with them. So be yourself and don’t pretend to be anyone else. Otherwise, she will lose trust and won’t go for another date with you.
  • Don’t try to date several women at a time. The reason is the same. Latvian women are very smart and a woman in Riga will feel at once that she is not the only one you are seeing. She will never forgive it to you. So no need to try even.
  • Be attentive. Women in Riga require more attention than women from other cities and countries. They know what they are worthy of and know that a man should spend a lion share of time on them. If you are not ready to devote her your time, don’t start dating women from Riga.
  • Work on your sense of humor. Riga girls adore men who have an excellent sense of humor. Besides, they are very open to western jokes. So if your sense leaves much to be desired, you’d better work on it to impress a girl from Riga.  

The perks of dating women of Riga

Women in RigaYou already know that Latvia is the country of one of the most beautiful women in the whole world. And of course, when coming to its capital, Riga, you will be amazed while the biggest number of beautiful women in the country is concentrated here.

The ancient streets are full of fancy models with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. Baltic roots of these European ladies will never leave any man indifferent.

Here are the pros of dating Riga girls:


  • Excellent English. If you want to date and marry a beautiful Eastern European lady but are afraid of the language barrier, this is not the case with Riga girls. All of them speak very good English, so you will never have any problems communicating with them.
  • Fun and easy-going. Dating ladies from Riga is perfect, while they are very easy-going and know how to entertain and have fun. You will never get bored with them. It doesn’t mean they only attend night clubs. Not at all. They adore attending various cultural events, going to theaters and exhibitions; they know everything about art, cinema, and music. Riga girls also adore having active rest, they will take you to the forest or to the sea to breathe fresh air or pick up mushrooms. Don’t worry, they find time for anything.
  • Very beautiful and sexy. Dating a smart and easy-going girl is very good, but if she is beautiful and hot, it would be a good bonus. Well, that is your bonus if you choose to date a  woman from Riga. They are slim, tall, very pretty, and fit. Women in Riga have perfect taste and are very stylish. But be careful, they expect their man to comply with them. So be stylish and take care of yourself to look great too, or simply forget about a stunning Riga girlfriend.
  • Very caring. Women from Riga are more independent than ladies from other cities of Riga. They are more open and willing to learn everything new. They also have better careers and higher ambitions. But their main goal is to find a good life partner and get married. And when they find a good and trustworthy man, they give him everything, they cook for him, they make your home cozy and do everything a real woman should do. All she needs is a bit of your attention in return.

As you can see, dating women of Riga is not difficult and they are not iron ladies who need a particular approach. All you need is to be honest and attentive to her, and they will surround you with warmth and love in return making the days spent with her the happiest days of your life!

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