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5 Ways to Find “The One” on a Dating Site

If you ask someone “what kind of person would you like to find?” you will probably hear a pretty generalized answer – loving, caring, trustworthy, etc. This is what all people are looking for but it appears so difficult to find. Why?

Maybe because they don’t really realize what exactly they are looking for? So, what should you do to understand who “the one” is and how to find her on a dating site? Find it out below.

Ukraine brides: Being happy with Ukrainian women

Ukrainian womenEveryone has heard about Ukrainian women. Someone admires them, others are wary. One thing’s definite – no one is left indifferent. Regardless of what category you belong to, Ukraine brides attract your attention, you are eager to learn more ➔ 

No worries, the following information will help you....

To realize who Ukraine ladies are


 ➔ what the pros and cons of picking them. If you are faced with a hard choice of a foreign bride, the following information should help you decide whether you need to marry a girl from that Slavic country or not...

What are Ukrainian & Russian women sexual values?

Russian women sexual valuesAre you often embarrassed to ask your Russian or Ukrainian girl about her attitude towards sex? But we know how much each of you is curious about it. Ukrainian and Russian ladies often are considered to be cold and not very emotional.

This stereotype is partially true and lots of Ukrainian and Russian ladies might seem cold to you at the very beginning. But it has nothing to do with their sexual values and preferences. So this time, we from best-matchmaking will tell you what you wanted to know most of all - Russian women sexual values.

Ready? Let’s start ➔ 

How much does it cost to marry a Russian woman?

how much does it cost to marry a Russian womanSooner or later, each of you starts wondering how much does it cost to marry a Russian woman? This is a natural question while everyone who is searching for a Russian or Ukrainian woman needs to know that meeting her is not all yet.

Meeting your lady is just half success, and real challenges start one you decide to marry and move to your country together. We from best-matchmaking will tell you everything about marriage with a Russian woman and Russian bride cost. Keep reading till the very end and do not miss this valuable information. ➔


How to ask a girl out? [TIPS 2020]

How to ask a girl outGreetings, our dear readers and customers!

We from best-matchmaking have noticed that it is a trouble for lots of you to ask a girl out. It’s no wonder while when it comes to talking to someone we really like, we feel embarrassed. No worries, having trouble with it is absolutely normal and, fortunately, we are here to help you.

You should know that you are not alone in that challenge and lots of guys have the same experience. Below, we will tell you how to ask a girl out without embarrassment. You will find the most proven tips that helped lots of men already. ➔

Most unbelievable Russian marriage traditions [2020 reviews]

Russian marriage is something mysterious for most of you while it is full of traditions and superstitions. You often ask us what kind of wedding your woman expects to have – the traditional wedding of your country or her own.

We from best-matchmaking, the leading international dating site will tell you everything about Russian marriage traditions right in this post. You will find out everything about marriages and weddings in the country of your Slavic woman and can easily select the most interesting ones for your future wedding. ➔

TOP 5 FREE dating apps [ 2020 Review]

Nowadays, when we all live in the era of technologies and various apps, we are sometimes too busy to date in real life. So dating apps and sites can become a great option for those people who are too busy working or simply are too shy to find their match traditionally.

We from best-matchmaking have gathered and reviewed the best dating apps and are going to share our review with you. Find out what top 5 best free dating apps are, learn about their benefits and drawbacks right now.

Let’s start ➔


How to date during PANDEMIC ? [Proven Tips]

Hello gentlemen!

The pandemic of corona virus has ruined the plans of many people, including our male and female customers. Every day, we get questions from you about:

➤ How to communicate and meet your potential matches?

➤When will it be possible to travel?

➤Is it possible at all to practice dating during pandemic or better to forget it?

➤ And whether Ukraine accepts foreigners nowadays.

Dishonesty in relationships and how to deal with it [advice for men]

Dishonesty in a relationshipHello gentlemen!

We from best-matchmaking keep talking about various relationships and dating problems.

And this time, we would love to cover one of the most important topics ever – dishonesty in relationships.

Even though all people strive to have trust and loyalty in their lives, dishonesty still happens.

TOP tips on how to find dominant women for dating

dominant woman for datingHello gentlemen!

You probably have already heard how strong and reliable Slavic women are. They all want a man to lead the relationship and bear responsibility for them both.

This is a part of their culture and because of that, our women are so demanded among men all over the globe.

But some men prefer dominant women. A dominant woman is in control of all aspects of her life and relationship is not an exception for her.

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