How to keep a conversation going on the phone: 5 useful steps

How to keep a conversationHello gentlemen!

We from best-matchmaking know that it might be difficult for some of you writing letters on the site and, especially, leading a conversation on Skype.

There is nothing wrong with it while not everyone is a good writer or a good speaker. 

But if you have time to sit and write a good letter, you cannot do the same when talking on the phone. In that case, you should act quickly not to make her bored.

Today, we would love to give you some helpful tips on how to keep a conversation going on the phone with a girl.

Make notes!

What to say to a girl on the phone

Russian video chat onlineThe majority of our customers are not some alpha males who can easily catch the girl’s attention.

In most cases, they are some shy guys who are embarrassed to start a conversation and have trouble with it. And they apply to us to get some help. 

We often teach you how to behave on Skype with a lady and lead a conversation so it would be interesting for you both, and there is almost the same with talking on the phone.

It might seem tough to solve how to keep a conversation going with a girl and for some of you, it is extremely difficult.

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5 useful steps how to lead an interesting conversation with your girl on the phone

So if you like a girl, but have no idea how to keep her interest, you will find some helpful tips on how to do it and how to lead an interesting conversation with her on the phone.

Check out the most efficient tips below.

Step 1. The beginning does matter!

Of course, the first thing that matters is how you start your conversation. And forget that the first is always a bit tricky. You cannot allow yourself to fail here. This is the first impression you make on the phone and you simply have no right to make a mistake.

So, there is no better advice to give you than to start your conversation right. No matter whom you talk to, for how long, and what you talk about, you should show all your charm. Remember that spoiling the first impression is the worst thing you can ever do.

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  • Daria

    29 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

Once you started it well, you can move forward much smoother. By the way, have you ever faced a situation when you liked the girl’s appearance but once she started talking, your excitement disappeared? If so, you should know well that the way you talk to her really matters!

Step 2. Know what things you will talk about

Phone-datingPreparing for your conversation is a must if you are not a good speaker and improviser.

Once you show her you are confident at the very beginning, you should go further. And it is not a good moment to get stuck. 

Your conversation should be going on the boil, so it would be good to prepare for it. You should have a couple of topics in mind to discuss and to switch smoothly between them.

It is not very good to be taken by surprise when she asks you something and you don’t know what to answer.

Inconvenient pauses are also a poor sign. A woman should not feel embarrassing, she should feel comfortable when talking to you. So if you want to know what to discuss with her on the phone, pay attention to the options below. 

What do you talk about on the phone? – Quality conversation topics

Let’s make it clear that we are not talking about talking to your girlfriend or a woman you already know very well. We are talking about the stage of getting to know each other. And choosing some good conversation topics is an easy way to lead a conversation on the phone.

You should choose a few interesting topics before you call her. It would be perfect if those topics would be interesting and intriguing for you both. Women want to know that you are curious about her opinion, so you should give her the chance to express it. The topic under discussion should let you know her more.

For example, if you are both students, you can ask her how she copes with stress during the exam season. For example, you can start with the topic of pets, whether she has one and what she thinks of it. Discuss any topic you are interested in – traveling, sports, etc. But avoid too personal topics at that stage.

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How to keep the conversation going with a girl: questions to keep a conversation going

Russian video chat onlineAsking questions always shows your interest in a woman. If you only wait for her to ask you something, she will quickly be bored and will think there is nothing to talk about with you.

So ask her questions but not too personal or provocative because she should not think you are arrogant.

The questions should be aimed to reveal her real personality. Do not ask general questions you prepare for each and every girl.

Try not to switch from one surface topic to another and avoid such questions as “what do you do?” or “where are you from?” 

For example, if she tells you that she is a journalist, avoid using such general phrases as “cool, how did you get that job”. Better ask her something personal, such as “what topics do you highlight?”, “what made you become a journalist?” etc. Such questions will make her want to keep the conversation longer.

Step 3: Make sure you know when to continue the conversation

How to find women to dateNow it is really important to understand that a girl really wants to continue talking to you. Do not press a conversation if you see she is not interested in it and wants to end it the soonest.

If you keep trying to continue the conversation when she doesn’t want it, you will only feel rejected. 

And if she is not interested, is there a reason to keep talking to her? There might be a girl who would be interested in you much more, so you could talk to her instead.

If you want to know how to understand whether the girl likes you or not, check one of our previous posts on that topic.

Remember that there is nothing more than a guy who is desperately trying to attract the attention of an indifferent girl. If she clearly lets you know that she is bored and not interested in talking to you, just wish her luck and make it all over.

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Step 4: Tell her something about yourself

Of course, you should not only ask her questions so she would not think you are examining her. She should see your interest and be flattered with it instead of thinking she has an interview. So avoid making such an impression. 

Telling her something about yourself is a must if you want her to get to know you too. But do not tell anything boring like your biography. Be witty and make jokes. You know that women cannot resist men who make them laugh. 

Especially, if there is a passion you both share, you should tell her about it. This could be swimming, jogging, reading, pets, cooking, or anything else. Do not simply ask her questions but make statements. For example: “Where do you usually walk with your dog? I prefer going to Ladybird Park with my Betsy”. 

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Step 5: Do not panic!

Ukraine girls datingPeople usually feel uncomfortable when there is silence during conversation. And it is natural when people want to fill this silence. We understand that you may feel inconvenient but please, don’t panic about it.

If she didn’t start talking immediately, you should not think it’s your turn. Silence also has its advantages.

During that moment, you can check your room and find something to talk about. If you talk on video, look into her eyes and check her body language. 

And remember that even for people in love it is important not to fill each moment with words. When you see each other on cam, you can smile nicely at each other and look into her eyes. Sometimes, it is much better than talking. 

But if you panic, the situation will be awkward and you might say something you should not say at all. Don’t be afraid of silence and turn it into advantages for you.

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How can I talk to my lover without boring her?

What to talk about when there is nothing to talk about? – People often have this dilemma. However, if we talk about the woman you like or even love, you always should have topics to discuss. Otherwise, how could you become a couple without valuable communication?

However, if you lack topics, remember that you can always compliment your lover. If you are not sure how you can do it, check our post on how to compliment a woman. Be specific, you know what exactly you like about this girl, so do not use any generic compliments.

But do not turn the whole conversation into one constant compliment. Girls do not like hearing compliments constantly. She might think you are insincere or even guilty and need to make it up to you. Remember – compliments are great but they should be limited! 

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  • Natalya

    42 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

Conclusion: Always remain sincere!

We hope guys that these simple tips will help you keep your conversation with a girl going smoothly. Try to avoid cliches if you want to sound or look sincere. Women feel insincerity miles away! So even if there is silence, do not panic and make it your adventure.

And we from best-matchmaking invite you to check our gallery of beautiful women, our Romantic and marriage tour opportunities, and dating membership and International matchmaking plans at reasonable prices!

Our best professionals are always here to give you helpful tips and conquer the woman of your dreams!

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