American women vs Russian women: Who Should You Date?

American women vs Russian womenWomen are wonderful all around the globe irrespective of their age, language, or skin color. But western men chase Russian women more and more.

And if we ask a western man why he wants to date and marry a Russian woman he says that is because they are beautiful.

Aren’t American women beautiful? Of course, they are. So why would so many western men want to date Russian girls? The reason is more complicated, so we from Best-Matchmaking are going to share this information with you.

From this post, you are going to find out all the reasons to date or not to date Slavic women, including Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian, Bulgarian, Latvian women, etc.

You will also learn why American women are different from Slavic ladies, and when it is better to choose an American lady and in what case, a Russian or Ukrainian bride will be better for you. Keep reading - the information provided below will be helpful for the choice of your future wife!

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The perks of dating American women

dating American womenLots of our customers explain that they search for a Russian woman because they are not satisfied with women in their country. But if all American women would be that bad, there would not be so many happy families in the USA, right?

Besides, lots of men from other countries are happily married women from the States. So it means American ladies also possess many good qualities for dating them.

First of all, the girls in America are very cheerful and outgoing. They are perfect for dating because they know how to have fun wherever and whenever they are. You will never get bored with American ladies. They have a real zest for life uncommon for women from other countries. From the very first minutes of your communication with an American girl, you will have a feeling of knowing her for many years even if you have just met. The first dates with American women are less awkward and more easy-going.

Unlike ladies from other countries, American women are more open to their parents concerning their relationships, and, thus, they are more open with men when it comes to intimacy.

Dating an American female is a lot of fun, so men appreciate these girls a lot. Who wouldn’t like their dating to be easy-going and hassle-free, full of interesting events?

Of course, American women are different. There are some very down-to-earth and those who search for a rich man only, as well as anywhere. American women carry themselves in an elegant way but be careful, sometimes you might feel as if being rehearsed. American girls are pretty anxious, they worry about their appearance, they try to be politically correct, and worry about how other people perceive them.

American women vs Russian womenAmerican girls have a very bountiful approach in life; they expect you to take them to a luxury restaurant always. The status for them is paramount and they spend a lion share of their income on themselves. But isn’t that good when a woman wants to look great and impress a man?

American girls do not like making fun of themselves by the way. American ladies prefer to project and think of their future, unlike European ladies, for example – lots of them just live in the moment.

Now you know that dating an American girl is fun, they look good and you will never get bored with them. However, they are not in a hurry when it comes to serious relationships and may not introduce you to their family for many months. Many men who are afraid of serious relationships or are too cautious might perceive this quality of American women as a big advantage.  

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Reasons why NOT to date American, but....Russian woman

Russian women

Despite American girls being so cute, independent, fun, and easy-going, western men are still obsessed with the idea of dating Russian females. Is there a good reason for that? Let’s try to find it out deep in history and understand that beauty is not the most important factor making western men want to date Russian women.

At first, Russian women were something really exotic for western men and some of them wanted marriage with a Russian woman to show the act of charity after the Iron Curtain fell down and the whole world could see the former Soviet republics.  

A bit later, western men realized that Russian and American women were absolutely different due to some cultural peculiarities. And these differences are still essential. Let’s look at every aspect of Russian girls vs American girls in more details.

It’s clear now that American women are self-sufficient and more open about dating. They often do not wait for a guy to make the first move in relationships, so they are much easier to approach. Lots of guys consider it to be a big advantage. However, American girls are also more emancipated. And if you have traditional dating and relationships views, then a Russian girl will be a much better choice.

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Women in Russia and other Slavic countries are more traditional about dating. They are not that easy to approach and you should be ready for certain challenges. When it comes to online dating, it may take several months for a Russian woman to understand that she really likes you and that you could be her potential match. And even after that, everything won’t go faster.

A Russian woman needs to have a good impression of you. So you will need to work on your first date hard to create the best first impression possible. In order to do that, it’s necessary to understand her well, find out her likes and dislikes and realize what she might really enjoy on your first date. Some of you might think that is too difficult, but approaching a top-quality woman may not be easy unless you are looking for a one-night stand.

A girl from Russia or any other Slavic country won’t be the initiator of dating with a western man; she is waiting for you to make the first step. So, if you are for traditional dating and family values, a Russian woman is the right choice!

More reasons to date Russian and other Slavic women

Russian womenWe have already disclosed to you that Russian women are not only so beautiful, but they have also traditional dating views. And it is such a rarity in a modern emancipated and feministic world. With a Russian woman, you can feel yourself a real man, a knight who is able to conquer a real lady.

Remember that gifts and flowers are very important for traditional dating. For any Russian girl, a bunch of flowers is an expression of your attitude towards her. This is your chance to impress a lady. But, of course, chivalry is not the only reason to date a girl from Russia.

Here are some more reasons to overcome the challenges of conquering a Russian female:

  • Family values. Very often, western men complain that the feministic movements of American women are the main reason they decided to search for a Russian or Ukrainian wife. Russian women do not know what a child-free movement is. As well as hundreds of years ago, the goal of women in Slavic countries is marriage, family, and motherhood. Despite that, they are very hard-working and successful in their careers. But their unique ability to combine their career with amazing happy families is incredible. A Russian woman will never sacrifice her family for the sake of her career. She will be successful in both aspects of her life. Russian ladies do not consider a family without children to be complete. Being a mother is natural and very important for her. They are very loyal, devoted, and committed wives and mothers.
  • Education. Most Russian women are very well-educated and smart. They may support any topic of the conversation. You won’t find a more interesting interlocutor than a Russian girl. More than 80% of Slavic women enter Universities after school. As a rule, an average Russian woman has a bachelor or, more often, a master’s degree. They strive for knowledge and everything new, so you will never be embarrassed with the situation when you don’t know what to talk about, a Slavic girl always knows what to talk about.
  • Appearance. Western men know that American girls do not try to impress men much with how they look. An average American woman will go out wearing no or little make-up and some casual clothes. But for a Russian woman, her appearance means a lot. Russian ladies know that the first impression is very important and, as a rule, it is made visually first. Any man examines a lady’s experience first. Women in Slavic countries pay much attention to how they look like; they wear perfect make-up, beautiful clothes, and always look elegant even if their look is pretty casual. Expensive dresses and high heels are a daily routine for Russian females. They always look feminine and that is what makes western men go crazy about them.
  • Cooking. Cooking is one of the daily routines of a Russian girl. She always tries to impress her husband with something tasty and new. That is a Slavic tradition – a husband can never be hungry. So if you want to have a restaurant-like meal every day, a Russian woman is perfect for you.

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Reasons why NOT to date Russian, but American women

As a western man, you know everything about American girls. And we from Best-Matchmaking tried to tell you everything we know about Russian women. There are so many reasons to date girls from Slavic countries, but there are also some of the reasons not to date them, including:

  • A Russian woman requires much attention. Remember that a Russian lady is demanding and wants you to show your interests and feelings towards her. So if you are not ready to show some actions and prove your attitude, you’d better date an American woman.
  • A Russian woman requires patience. As we have told you, women in Russian are not that easy to approach, so if you are not ready to be patient enough, better don’t date a Russian girl, but choose an American woman who is easier to approach and more about relationships.
  • A Russian woman won’t make the first step. If you are a man who is waiting for a girl to make the first step and don’t want to put many efforts, you’d better choose an American woman.
  • A Russian woman requires you to be a provider for your family. Despite being very hard-working, a Russian lady knows that a man is the provider for the family. Yes, she can pay her bill at the restaurant herself, but she has a man to do that. So if you are not ready to provide for your girlfriend or family and expect to share all the expenses 50/50, you’d better don’t start dating a Russian female.

Russian women on Best-Matchmaking

Ukrainian and Russian womenYou can find hundreds of Russian women profiles on Best-Matchmaking. All of them are beautiful but very different. We have the profiles of single women from Ukraine, Russia, and even Latvia.

They are from different countries and some of them speak different languages, but all of them have one feature in common – they search for love, serious relationships, and marriage with western men.

All of them have their own reasons to search for their partner abroad. They are absolutely different, younger and older, fit and curvy, blondes and brunettes, having short or long hair. But all of them want to be happy and we guarantee their serious intentions. How do we know they are serious you may wonder?

We interview each of them personally; our matchmakers have a superb eye to understand if a lady is serious or not from the first minute of the interview. All of our Russian brides go through a strict process of verification before we post their profiles on our site, so you can be sure to meet a family-oriented Russian woman only.

Moreover, we offer contact information and photos/videos exchange, videochats, gifts delivery, romantic tours to Ukraine, and many other services to meet your Russian dream.

Who is the winner in this big battle?

We will never be tired to repeat that women are wonderful wherever they live and come from. Both American and Russian ladies are amazing. All of them are women who want to love and be loved. But they have their own means to reach their goals.

And it is up to you if you accept the way they think and behave or not. If you are a man who doesn’t want to meet any difficulties and come overseas to meet his love, then you should not date Russian women.

But if you are one of those who wants to meet a feminine, beautiful, loyal, and caring wife with traditional family values, then Russian women are undoubted leaders in that eternal battle!

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Are there any Russian or Ukrainian people among your friends and what is your experience?   Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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