Difference between Russian and Ukrainian woman

Russian women

Eastern European ladies became very popular among western men in the recent years. And the most popular of them are, of course, Ukrainian and Russian women. They are considered to be the most beautiful, kind, smart, and family-oriented women.

Most of the men do not even see any difference between Russian and Ukrainian woman and think they are from one country. However, it is not true. They are women from different countries and with different history, traditions, and culture.

In a current Post you will learn:

-What is the Difference between Russian and Ukrainian woman-

Ukrainian language vs Russian language

Russian women vs Ukrainian womenFirst, when talking about Russian vs Ukrainian women, we have to realize that Russia and Ukraine are different countries, two independent states, and of course, their state languages are different. Although they belong to one and the same Slavic group of languages, they differ a lot, as, for example, Portuguese is different from Spanish.

Of course, there are lots of similarities in these languages of the countries, where the most beautiful women in Europe live. It is necessary to note, that all people living in Ukraine speak and understand Russian because of their history, it is a post-Soviet country. Most of people in Ukraine still speak Russian, similarly to all post-soviet countries, where almost everyone still speaks and understands Russian. However, Russians do not understand Ukrainian language, because they have never spoken it.


If you have at least minimum knowledge of Russian and come to Ukraine, you will notice that almost everyone speaks Russian there. However, if someone starts talking to you in Ukrainian, you will hardly understand at least one word. And it’s no wonder. Ukrainians have learned both languages from the very childhood and they easily speak both of them. But those who speak or learn only Russian will hardly understand Ukrainian.

You also have to know that Russian language is one of the most difficult languages of the world. And so is Ukrainian for foreigners. The reason is both languages have declination, three genders, and different endings of the verb declination in each gender. That’s why it’s very difficult for foreigners, especially those who speak only English, to understand Russian or Ukrainian.

Finally, you have to know that Ukrainian is the second most melodic language after Italian. And it took the third place in the world on such criteria, as phonetics, vocabulary, phraseology, and sentence structure after French and Persian at a linguistic contest in Paris in 1934.

So, now you know that Russian and Ukrainian languages have very much in common. All people in Ukraine understand and speak Russian. But it is very difficult for people in Russia to understand Ukrainian.

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Who is more beautiful Russian or Ukrainian?

Russian women for datingSpeaking about physical traits of Ukrainian girls vs Russian girls - are actually pretty difficult to determine, because their genes have been mixed within their history. However, many people think that Ukrainian women have darker skin color, probably, because they live more in the south.

Despite their appearance, they all tend to wear long and beautiful hair. You probably have heard that these Slavic ladies always look stunning. And that’s absolutely true. Beautiful hairstyle, fashionable clothes, perfect make-up, nails, etc. – all these are the attributes of modern Ukrainian and Russian ladies (not only, check also our information about Belarussian women).

For example, in Ukraine, you will see more women with darker hair and dark eyes. And there are more blondes in Russia. But all these standards are very relational.

We can easily say that Russian and Ukrainian women do not look too differently. Despite the variety of faces, body types, hairstyles, etc., there are lots of things in common between Russian and Ukrainian ladies. These common features are their femininity and natural beauty. Both Russian and Ukrainian girls pay very good attention to their appearance. That’s why if you want to meet a well-cared beautiful woman for spending your life with her, both Russian and Ukrainian women will meet your demands.


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Yes, Russian vs Ukrainian women  will be the reason of other men’s envy. Besides, both Russian and Ukrainian women tend to lead a healthy lifestyle and attend gym regularly. You can imagine how beautiful a woman who takes care of her body, face, and hair is.

Both in Russia and Ukraine there is a variety of women. You can find brides for any taste, blondes, brunettes, red-haired women, with dark or light skin, curvy and slim. And regardless their body type or hair color, all of them have one thing in common, they are all feminine and beautiful. They do not even have to use tons of make-up; they are beautiful by their nature.

Is the personality of Ukrainian and Russian ladies different?

Ukrainian and Russian ladies different

It’s necessary to realize that all people are different. There are different types of people in any country and even there are different people in one and the same city.

That’s why we can cover the personality of Russian and Ukrainian women only in general, as it was formed within their history and genetics. But each and every situation is totally different and these “standards” can’t be applied to every woman from Russia or Ukraine.

But you can be absolutely sure that the personality and character of Russian and Ukrainian women are totally different from those of Western women. However, their personal traits depend on where they live, because women from big cities, such as Moscow, Kiev, and Saint Petersburg differ from those from smaller cities and villages. Women living in large cities of Ukraine and Russia are similar to women living in Western countries. They are more educated, more career-oriented, and independent. But still marriage and family are priority for them.

It’s a real wonder how women from Russia and Ukraine are able to combine their personal life, families, children with their career and households. That’s a real unique personal trait which is common for Slavic women both from Russia and Ukraine.

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Such features:

-as being great moms,
-loving and devoted wives,

- and great cooks are also in common for Russian and Ukrainian ladies.

If you want to have a devoted and loyal wife, who will be sexy, loving, caring, and tender, then both Russian and Ukrainian ladies are perfect for that role.

All of the Russian and Ukrainian women are very family-oriented. That’s their goal, which they inherited from their grand-grandmothers; they know their role is to be a wife and mother. But of course, in a modern life women started to have other values as well, they know it is very important to get education and a career. That’s why both in Ukraine and Russia you will not meet a woman who would not be intelligent and smart.

So, personal traits of Ukrainian vs Russian girls are not really different. All of them are kind, loving, and caring wives, very devoted mothers, they are smart and intelligent. And they always
support their husband whatever happens.

Russian women vs Ukrainian women and their family values:

Ukrainian and Russian ladies differentYou already know that Slavic women are very educated, hard-working, and are very good mothers and wives. What about their family values? Do they differ by their family values? Actually, not really.

So Ukrainian vs Russian women are being raised to be the guardians of the family values and traditions. Despite their perfect education and good career, they all strive to create happy family, raise kids and succeed as spouses.

The age when Ukrainian and Russian women get married is not that young anymore. Only a small part of them gets married at their 18. Now they tend to get a diploma and a job first, similarly to European ladies. But still, women in their 20 s and 30s long for marriage. At that age you already get a smart and intelligent woman, who has broad interests and wants to give birth to children.

Giving birth is not their main goal. They pay much attention to the life of their children, they want them to have the best hobbies and be the best at schools. So, if you want your kids to be raised in love and kindness, Russian and Ukrainian women will both ensure that.

Russian and Ukrainian cuisines are one of the best. Women from these countries are one of the best cooks. You will always have the best breakfast and dinner, be sure. Women from both these countries are taught to value family traditions. That’s why you can be sure your Slavic wife either from Ukraine or Russia will respect and love your family, parents, and friends as her own.

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So, when you ask whether there is a difference between Russian  women vs Ukrainian women, you can be sure there are some cultural, language or historical differences, but their general traits and appearances are very much alike.

Women from these countries make perfect wives and mothers; they are all very beautiful and active. If you give them at least your love, you will get so much in return. Slavic women are well-known for their beauty, femininity, and family values. That’s probably what any man is looking for.


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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Have you made conclusions of who is more beautiful Russian or Ukrainian women? Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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