TOP10 of the most popular Russian female names

 Russian femaleRussia, that large country with beautiful and rich history, has given rise to a large number of beautiful names for women.

Lots of names in Russia can be also found throughout the world because of their Latin and Greek origin. And some of them are purely Russian.

The names of Russian and Ukrainian girls sound very exotic to Western men. Have you ever wondered what meaning is behind the name of each Russian beauty? We from Best-Matchmaking have selected the most popular Russian female names. Each of them has its meaning and history. Some of the world names even have Russian heritage.

Take a look at our list and check whether your special lady’s name is in it. If you find it, check its meaning and history. Who knows, maybe it might help you understand your woman much better...➔


Larisa Chernikova (Russian singer)Not lots of people know that this beautiful Russian name, which rolls off the tongue, has Greek origin. The Greek mythology says that Larissa is the name of a nymph from Thessaly.

By the same name, the Eastern church has venerated a Greek martyr from the fourth century. Nowadays, that name is in the list of the 25 most popular names in Slavic countries.

The shortened version of the name Larisa is Lara. Women with that name are very gifted. They have the qualities of a leader and are very good managers. Larisa is a very reliable person, she always thinks well about each her decision and step.

Larisa is able to maintain a very good relationship with any business partner. Career is very important for a lady with a name Larisa. Larisa is very creative and can easily reach success in everything she does, including relationships. In a family, Larisa can easily sacrifice herself. She is very sensible, tender, and supportive. Larisa is very dedicated to her husband and children.

The most popular Russian women with the name Larisa are Larisa Rubalskaya (a writer and poet), Larisa Dolina (Russian singer), and Larisa Guzeyeva (Russian actress) or Larisa Chernikova (Russian singer - on the picture).

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Nina Dobrev (Bulgarian model and actress)This lovely name is a traditional Russian name. This is a shortened version from Antonina. That name can be also met in France, Italy, and England. By the way, this name is very popular not only in Russia but also in the whole world. It is ranked as the 300th world’s most popular baby girls’ names.

There are several versions of this name’s origin. One of them is a Jewish version, according to which, the name Nina comes from a Jewish word “nin” meaning “granddaughter”. Various versions of the name Nina are presented in Georgian, Arabic, Spanish, and even English cultures.

A woman having the name Nina has a strong feeling of self-dignity. Nina doesn’t like to be a leader; she rather prefers to choose a golden mean. Nina is always the soul of each company. Nina is very ambitious. It is not difficult for women with these names to find a husband. Lady with a name Nina adores children, is well-educated and wants her children to be educated and developed, as well.

Some of the popular Russian women having the name Nina are Nina Doroshyna (actress), as well as Nina Dobrev (Bulgarian model and actress - on the picture).

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Anna KournikovaThis name is probably well-known to each person on the globe. This name remains very popular over the past hundred years. This name is the world’s 44th most popular name for women.

Always an elegant choice for a girl’s name, Anna pairs nicely with a wide number of names from all over the world.

This name was very popular in Russian literature (Anna Karenina). That is a classic name.

Anna has a Jewish origin and it means “courage”, “strength”, and “grace”. Anna is a grandmother of Jesus Christ.

Anna loves the truth. Women with that name are very passionate, attentive, and wise. Ladies named Anna are also very kind and show this feature of their character from the very childhood, while they love pets and are very understanding. Girls with that name are able to love even those people who do not deserve it. Anna can easily turn anyone back to life. Anna is a lady with an attractive appearance and has lots of admirers. However, she devotes herself to her man totally.

Among popular Russians named Anna are such women, as Anna Kournikova (a professional tennis player and a model - on the picture), Anna Samokhina (actress), Anna Semenovich (actress, model, and former competitive ice dancer), and many others.



Aleksandra NikolaenkoAleksandra is a name, also popular in many countries across the globe. A short version of it is Sasha both for men and women.

Aleksandra means a very strong character. Who knows, maybe because it comes from a man’s name Aleksandr? A woman having a “man’s” name pays a lot of attention to her femininity and beauty. As a rule, a lady named like that is very elegant and extremely charming.

These women have a very good imagination, are very sincere and fair. And that’s what she expects from other people.

Aleksandra knows what friendship is and she is a very good friend. However, it is difficult for her to open her heart to people. She can’t stand lies and infidelity, and, most likely, she will not forgive the betrayal.

Aleksandra feels very well in the circle of men. She is a friend to her husband and a very good example for her kids. She adores creating coziness at her home. At the same time, women with that name love travelling and doing sports.

Aleksandra Vlasova (actress and model), Aleksandra Nikolaenko (Ukrainian top-model, anchor, and actress - on the picture), and Aleksandra Florinskaya (actress) are very popular Russian ladies having that name.

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Irina SaltykovaThe rootes of that name go back to ancient Greece. According to Greek mythology, Eirene was the Goddess, whose name meant “peace”. The name Irene is nowadays common for many countries, too, from France to Spain, Sweden, and even USA.

This name was popular even in the middle ages in Russia; there are lots of sayings connected with that name.

Ira is a shortened version of that name. Irina is very sensitive and does all her obligations perfectly. She loves her parents very much. Irina has a strong feeling of justice. She is a very graceful and elegant lady. Irina is a woman who has strong family values; she loves peace around her and in everything. This lady appreciates loyalty and fidelity and is ready to work hard to reach her goal. Irina adores handsome, elegant, smart men, with a good sense of humor.

A girl having the name Irina is able to cope with any difficulties and challenges in her life. Some popular Russian women with the name Irina are Irina Bezrukova (Russian actress), Irina Allegrova (Russian singer), Irina Saltykova (Russian singer - on the picture), and Irina Khakamada (Russian journalist, politician, and publicist).



Sofia RotaruAs many other Russian names, the name Sofia has deep Greek roots. According to Greek history, that name comes from Saint Sofia, and this name means wisdom. Even in the United States, this name is 14th most popular girls’ name. That beautiful ancient name is even more popular in Italy, Chile, Denmark, and Finland.

Lots of celebrities have this name, as well. The name means “wisdom”. Sofia is a kind and sociable lady. She adores communicating with other people and has a very rich inner world. Ladies named Sofia never suffer from men’s attention. They want to know lots of things and strive to get more and more knowledge. Sofia is a very good listener and a great friend, very sincere and can give a useful tip. The owner of that proud name is always ready to help other people.

As a woman, Sofia needs to feel love. She spends lots of time at her home after getting married, while she is very hard-working. A husband and children are her priority.

Sofia Rotaru is a famous Russian, Ukrainian, and Moldovan singer (on the picture).


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Viktoriya LopyriovaProbably everyone knows that Viktoriya means “victory”. The original name Victoria comes from ancient Rome, that’s the name of the goddess of victory. Viktoriya has a very strong and successful personality.

The name is old and wide-spread not only in Russia and Ukraine but also in many countries on Earth.

The shortened form is Vika in Russia and Ukraine. A woman having that name is very persistent, wise, and active. Along with that, Viktoriya is very kind and affectionate. Girls named Viktoriya often can be a bit lazy. However, they are also very good managers and leaders.

But the role of a housewife is also one of her best ones. When it comes to choosing a man, she can be very picky. Her man has to be attentive and caring. She has to be confident in her man. And Viktoriya will give him all her love, sincerity, and care.

There are lots of famous women with the name Viktoriya in Russia, for example, Viktoriya Bonya (actress, model, and anchor), Viktoriya Lopyriova (a photo-model, blogger, and anchor - on the picture), and Viktoriya Deineko (a singer).

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Ekaterina KlimovaAs well as lots of previous names, roots of the name Katerina go deep to ancient Greece. The western analog of that name is Katherine. That name is classic and modern at the same time. In Russia, this name can be spelled as Yekaterina or Ekaterina, as well.

That Greek name means “pure”. Katerina is a very intelligent woman, who has high self-dignity. She also has a very good imagination. Thanks to these character traits, she easily makes friends with people.

Ekaterina was a very popular name for Russian empresses. These girls are mostly well-mannered and elegant, they are real women. Katerina prefers leading an interesting life full of events.

Ladies having that ancient name choose their other halves very carefully. She will never marry the first guy she meets, though she might have lots of admirers. Once she chooses her life partner, she becomes a very devoted wife and mother.

There are lots of famous Russian women with the name Ekaterina, some of them are Ekaterina Varnava (Russian comedian), Ekaterina Klimova (on the picture) and Ekaterina Semenova (Russian actresses).



Natalia VodianovaThat is a name, the roots of which are Latin – “Natalis Domini”. Natalia means “birth”. There are lots of shortened variations of that name in Russian, for example, Natasha, Nata, Tala, Natalie, etc.

Natalia is a bit selfish and stubborn, though she is not afraid of work. She always says everything she thinks directly. Along with that, Natalia is a pretty modest lady. She is very self-confident. These ladies have all the traits of a leader. She adores doing something and being proud of her results. Women having the name Natalia know how to love and enjoy life. She is very sociable and participates in the life of society.

A girl with that name will be definitely very talented and gifted. Her character is pretty strong and at times difficult. Professionals say that Natalia is not afraid of difficulties. She takes care of her family and relatives. Natalia is also pretty picky when it comes to choosing a life partner. But Natalia usually gets married at a young age. She devotes lots of time to her family and children and also is a perfect housewife.

There are lots of famous women with Russian origin who have that beautiful name, for example, actress Natalia Rudova comedian Natalia Medvedeva, a world’s known model Natalia Vodianova, etc.



Elena TemnikovaElena is also a Greek name, meaning “chosen”, “light”. Ancient Greeks called themselves Ellins, so Elena might also mean “a Greek woman”. The name is associated with the name of a Greek goddess Helen of Troy, who was the reason for the War of Troy, described by Homer.

In Russia, the name became very popular in 988, after the Kievan Rus was baptized. The name Elena is often used in Russian fairy tales.

The short form of that name is Lena. Lena has a very rich inner world. These ladies used to trust people, and the latter very often abuse that.

Elena is trying to do everything, to try various hobbies. They are very active and adore sports. Females with the name Elena are very sociable. She can easily accept the critics of other people about her.

These ladies seem to be a tender flower, while they need to feel love and care. She is very attentive to her close people.

Lots of modern famous Russian women have this beautiful ancient name Elena, for example, a comedian Elena Vorobei, a singer Elena Vaenga, a very beautiful designer, actress, and anchor Elena Temnikova, a model and blogger Elena Sheidlina, and many others.

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