What is the difference between passion and love?

Passion vs loveHello guys!

The modern rhythm of life makes us all live faster. We think faster, work faster, and even love faster. People are often in a hurry due to their tough working schedule and we from best-matchmaking face it every day.

And because of that rush, we often confuse love with other feelings such as sympathy or passion.

Both feelings of love and passion are very strong and it is not difficult to get confused with them.

Today, we from best-matchmaking would love to distinguish these two notions for you and let you know how to realize whether you are passionate about someone or whether you are in love. If you wonder, what is the difference between passion and love too, keep reading this post till the end.

Passion vs love: What is the difference?

Mutual love meaningLet us try to understand what each of the notions means. Passion is a state of being. It is not a constant feeling but only a temporary phase of euphoria. Yes, we know you all would love it to last forever, however, it is impossible. 

If passion lasts forever, people would be too distracted. It might feel really good but it doesn’t mean it, actually, is good. Unlike passion, love is a state of living. Even though your passionate nights and dates seem like love, they are not. 

Love, in turn, is not a temporary feeling. It lasts forever. And if you argue and yell at each other, it doesn’t mean you don’t love each other. You cannot be mad at each other forever, it doesn’t last long while you both know how dear you are to one another and that you will make it together. 

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How long does passion last?

Passion is a new period for couples and its length depends on the couple itself. It may last just a couple of days but lots of people feel it for a few weeks or even months. During the passion period, you are not able to see anything else but the perfectness of the person. 

Moreover, you do not even care whether the person you are dating may not be perfect at all. When people are passionate about each other, they do not care about anything or anyone else and are ready to spend every single moment with one another.

You are even ready to spend all your money with this lady, as well as put all your efforts and emotions into making this person happy. If we apply to science, we will understand that passion changes the chemicals of our brains.

The feeling of passion means that the endorphins are released and your mind feels as if it is on drugs. In other words, when we feel passion, we just feel good. 

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Is love possible without passion?

Love vs LikeYes, love is possible without passion. Love is much more than just passion or romance. Love involves values and principles you both share, for example, honesty, loyalty, respect, support, kindness, etc.

These factors are not necessary for passion, however, they are essential when it comes to love.

Not necessarily two people will feel passion before they fall in love. They might be friends who realized they loved each other for years and they will just find their true love at once without any passion phase. Passion is also possible without love.

When passion fades away, you face the biggest problem. It may come back to you again but it won’t last forever. After it fades away, you will realize whether you had nothing but passion or that you love this person deeply. 

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Passionate love means you are lucky

Romance vs datingThe combination of both is perfect. When you had a great period of passion lasting for some time, a sort of ecstasy when you just enjoyed each other and couldn’t even think of anything else, you feel really happy.

But you are even happier if you managed to keep this passion throughout your life with your beloved person.

Love, of course, requires a deep understanding of the needs and desires of your partner.

And you want your partner to be pleased in both cases, no matter whether it is love or passion. But love requires some more work to learn the wants and needs of each other.

And when you manage to do it, you can keep the passion throughout the entire life with that person. Who said that you should love but not be passionate about each other? Love, make love, and be passionate – in that case, it is a perfect combination.

Some more differences explained

Exclusive DatingLearning the desires of each other and being able to heal one another to achieve your goals is crucial when you love someone.

When you love, you want to do it and want it to keep going. Yes, passion brings spice to your relationships and we all need it from time to time.

However, passion is deprived of those factors to make it last forever. You can find all these aspects in true love only. Both being passionate and being in love feels good, but love lasts forever while passion does not. 

The main difference between passion and love is, as you already realized, that love lives long but passion is very short-lasting. If you have passion without love, your relationships will just end with the end of passion. True love only can pass the test of time and believe us, it is very rewarding if you are able to overcome all those challenges you face.

Is it possible to never experience true love?

It is a sort of a rhetorical question. For example, we all have our families; parents, children, and we love them unconditionally. At least once in our lives, we experience the feeling of true love. We from best-matchmaking are sure that you love your parents deeply and can do anything for them.

But we are talking about love between men and women now and unfortunately, it is possible not to meet your true love throughout life. It is sad but true. Nothing can influence it, some people may be seeking their love for their whole life but they do not manage to find it.

But it doesn’t mean you should be sad about it. You might have had lots of wonderful relationships in your life and they could be full of passion and romance. You both made each other happy. Maybe you were not ready for true love, not ready to face the challenges after passion faded away.

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But there is a way to find your love…

Dating Novosibirsk bridesIf you have never experienced love, don’t get desperate at once. The woman you will love and who will love you might be living in an absolutely part of the world. And for that reason, you have never met her, so nothing is lost. 

We never know the plans of the Universe for us, so don’t be surprised if you live in the United States or Australia, and your true love lives in the other part of the globe – somewhere in Ukraine or Poland.

No, it doesn’t mean you should take a plane and flight there and seek her in the streets. Online dating did everything for you already.

Nowadays, you can simply create an online dating profile, browse the gallery of Slavic women, and start searching for a passionate but loving woman. You can communicate with her in a video chat and exchange letters to find out whether you really match each other. Falling in love with letters is impossible, so you will need a Romantic tour to come and meet her in person. 

Love or love sickness?

In some relationships, there is not just passion or love, but also love sickness which means obsessive passion. Such a feeling takes control over you and you simply fall for someone. We can say you have no choice even. You could even see people who experienced obsessive passion.

For example, one of your friends who disappeared right after starting a new relationship. This could be the case then. Obsessive passion or love sickness doesn’t seem strange at the beginning and is not different from a usual passion. The only difference between these two feelings is that we lose ourselves completely when we are obsessively passionate about a person.

Love doesn’t suppose us to lose our identity, interests, friends, and needs. Love may be accompanied by passion and vice versa. But love may not contain obsessive passion while it is connected with insecurities and trust issues. Obsessive passion comes from selfishness only. 

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Conclusion: Passion may end but love never!

Dating websites for single seniorsWe hope our explanations will help you distinguish love and passion, as well as realize why your previous relationship could end up even though you thought it was a deep love.

It could be nothing but passion. Love is unconditional and has nothing to do with fears, insecurities, or selfishness. 

If you are eager to find your true love or maybe passionate love, you are welcome to check out our membership plans and matchmaking packages that will speed the process up.

Get in touch with us from best-matchmaking to find out more about Slavic mail order brides, online chats with foreign women, or Romantic and marriage tours as well as our dating membership and International matchmaking for a better success of your relationships.

We hope each of you will experience this wonderful feeling of pure and true love at last.

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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