What to look for in a relationship: 5 characteristics of an ideal partner

Dating Relationship WomenHello gentlemen!

We all know that there are no perfect people but still, we strive to find an ideal partner.

Each of us wants to see different qualities in his or her partner and we try to look for those qualities in our potential matches.

Even though no one is perfect, some qualities are obviously necessary for a good life partner and we from best-matchmaking would love to draw your attention to those personality and character traits.

Right now, you will find out what to look for in a relationship and what are some red flags you should be aware of in your partner. 

What qualities do you look for in a relationship? 

How to find women to dateThrowing yourself into the first relationships that happen in your life isn’t always good. We all have our expectations, needs, and desires, and, of course, want our partners to meet these criteria or at least some of them.

Quite often, it appears that a person you start dating doesn’t meet your expectations or images of an ideal partner.

Although we all know that perfect people do not exist and no one can fully be someone we want him or her to be, some qualities are a must for a true partner.

And it would be good if our partners would possess those qualities. 

Below, you will find out what general qualities a great partner should have. It doesn’t necessarily mean your woman must possess them all but at least, you will know what exactly you should be looking for. Remember that no one is perfect and look beyond these features as well. 

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1.) Maturity as one of the main characteristics of an ideal partner 

Maturity is one of the main criteria for most of our customers. When we ask what kind of lady you would like to find, the very first feature is maturity.

But what maturity actually is? If someone doesn’t behave like a kid it doesn’t really mean he or she is “grown up”.

Maturity also doesn’t mean a girl is never late or doesn’t forget about important dates. Maturity is a much deeper notion and it is about recognizing bad influences of our past. Mature people never reflect their past experience on their current relationships and this is a very important quality. 

Both men and women on our site are often guided by the fears of their past and it doesn’t let them build a healthy relationship. It means that these people are not mature emotionally.

If you were cheated or betrayed by your partner, you should not think all women are like that and suspect your current partner in it. Emotional maturity helps to build a solid relationship.

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  • Natalia

    41 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

2.) Honesty is one of the most important things in a relationship

Casual Dating WomenWe all want to have an honest person by our sides. It is natural because no one wants to live in lies. So if you are looking for an ideal partner, look for honesty.

The woman of your life who will accompany you throughout your life should realize that being honest is the basics of any relationship.

There cannot be trust without honesty, it is obvious. As a partner of a dishonest woman, you will become vulnerable and your sense of reality will be shattered. Dishonesty is destructive and doesn’t let you build healthy relationships. 

There should be no discrepancy between words and actions in your life and, thus, in your partner. Being honest can require efforts. So search for a partner who is honest or at least, wants to make those efforts to make your relationship as open as possible. 

Remember that requiring a person to be honest with you isn’t a good way to build a relationship. Your partner should do it naturally and if she doesn’t want to, don’t turn your control on and don’t try to get this honesty. This will cause more counteraction. 

3.) Look for respect in your partner 

dating coupleWhen we ask our customers about the main qualities they would like their partner to possess, another most frequent answer is respect.

Yes, we all want to be respected, so we try to search for a respectful partner. But what does respect in a relationship really mean?

Respect, first of all, means valuing each other’s interests. And these interests do not have to coincide at all. You might have your friends, hobbies, as well as your woman.

And the core meaning of respect is to let your partner have this freedom to enjoy his or her interests.

When you adore playing soccer and your woman hates it but doesn’t make any obstacles and supports you in this activity, this is respect and you should cherish this woman. No matter what your goals are, your woman should support you and this way, show her respect. 

Controlling and threatening each other is not the best way to build your relationship but supporting each other even if you do not like the ideas or hobbies of your partner is crucial. 

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4.) Your ideal partner should show affection

Not everyone is an emotional person and we know people who are really emotional, they adore kissing and hugging in public, as well as showing their feelings all the time. But there are more closed personalities who are shy or uncomfortable to show their feelings in public.

People are different and there is no single formula for healthy relationships. However, affection is important when you and she stay together when no one can see you. Your partner should literally want you, love your touches, and show emotions towards you.

Intimacy is very important and if your partner doesn’t want it or doesn’t think it is as important as feelings, then this is not your person. When people are meant for each other, they should show affection when they are alone. This is people’s nature.

And if you do not feel this from your woman, you should think well whether she really loves you and wants relationships with you. Maybe, you just need to look for another partner. Otherwise, your relationship is doomed.

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5.) Sense of humor is one of the most pleasant qualities of an ideal partner

Online Dating CoupleAs we already mentioned above, people are really different and everyone has his or her qualities.

Not everyone can be the life of the party and some people simply have a very poor sense of humor. Joking around is not their strength and that’s normal.

However, if you are the one who adores being witty, you need someone who will understand your jokes and sense of humor. In that case, your woman will be your outlet and will make your life much easier.

But what if you do not have a perfect sense of humor yourself?

In that case, a woman who can make you laugh will be a perfect partner. Of course, if her jokes do not irritate you and seem absolutely related. If a sense of humor is not important for you, no problem at all, this is your own preference and a woman without it who possesses other wonderful qualities, will be perfect for you.  

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Warning signs of an unhealthy relationship 

Disadvantages of online datingNo matter what qualities your woman possesses and how she looks like, if she is perfect for you and you both love each other for who you are, it is wonderful.

Remember that you can meet a woman who will be perfect only for you and you will be an ideal partner for her. 

However, there are also red flags signaling that your relationship is not developing in the right direction and is just unhealthy. To such red flags belong manipulation, control, betrayal, volatility, accusations, or even bullying.

When your partner is controlling you or tries to manipulate you, you should realize this is an unhealthy relationship because there is no trust in it.

Quite often, people start making each other guilty in something and make you feel down. This is one of the signs of insecurity and it means you should do something with it or simply end this relationship up. All things that do not bring you pleasure in a relationship are red flags and should be paid special attention. 

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What does a man need in a relationship?

dating definitionOne of our customers said that he only needs a woman to be good in bed and cook tasty food.

Partially, this statement is true. All men seek for a woman who would satisfy them as a lover and a housewife. Of course, you can argue with that and say that you are looking for an equal partner.

But looking for an equal partner doesn’t contradict with that theory. A woman can be independent, work, have a great career, have her interests and everything else but you will not be happy if she does not satisfy you in bed and cannot meet her husband with a good dinner after work.

So no matter what qualities you want your woman to possess, these two criteria are a must and without at least one of them, your life won’t be full and your man’s needs won’t be met. So if you are a man, you surely need a good lover and a good housewife, the rest are just additional points. 

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  • Juliya

    36 y.o, , Ukraine

Conclusion: Remember that no one is perfect!

Dating & relationship definitionWe hope that these five most important qualities will be helpful for you and will give you an insight on what you should look for in your ideal partner and relationship.

However, remember that no one is perfect and you should also accept your woman for who she is if you really love her.

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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