Sending flowers to a girl: what does it mean and why you should do that?

send flowers to a girlHello guys!

We from best-matchmaking adore telling more about the peculiarities of intercultural relationships between western men and Slavic women.

As you probably know, women in Eastern Europe are different from those in the west.

So today, we will cover one very important topic – flowers for your woman.

We have noticed that lots of you underestimate this important step when it comes to online dating, so we would love to make it clear why sending flowers to a girl is important. 

Let’s start our guide to conquering the hearts of women.

Ready? Let’s start!

Should I send flowers to a girl?

Being lovableYes, definitely. But of course, it depends on what kind of woman it is. If you know her well, you should know her preferences. Necessary to admit that not all women love flowers, so you should take it into account, too. 

But if you like a woman and want to conquer her heart, sending her flowers is a must.

Especially, if we are talking not about western women but about Slavic brides and Latvian brides. Flowers are a proper sign of attention for them, so you should definitely do it if you like her and want to please her.

When it comes to online dating, sending flowers to her is easy but you should know a woman well or at least check her profile. As a rule, ladies’ profiles on a dating site contain information about flowers they like if any. So check it if you do not want to fail when sending her flowers.

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What does sending flowers to a woman mean?

How to find women to dateSending flowers to a woman means attention and nothing else. Once again, we admit that here we are mostly talking about Ukrainian brides, Russian brides, and Belarussian brides. Since we deal with Slavic ladies mostly, we from best-matchmaking know their preferences very well.

When you send flowers, it always means your attention and expression of some feelings towards a lady. If you send flowers to a woman who doesn’t know you or doesn’t have any relationship with you yet and doesn’t even know about your intentions and sympathy, you are showing your sympathy to her.

If you are sending flowers to your wife or girlfriend, for example, you also show your gratitude and confirm your love for her. But sometimes, you may simply send flowers to your colleague or business partner as a gratitude for her work or something else. In that case, it doesn’t mean anything but that. 

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  • Daria

    29 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

Do flowers make a girl happy?

Yes, definitely. You know that women are tender creatures who love getting signs of attention from men. There are exceptions although. Some women do not like getting flowers and consider them to be useless gifts. 

So if you have met such a woman, you should know that flowers won’t make her happy. It doesn’t mean that these ladies are materialistic and not romantic. They just have different tastes and yes, not all women are as romantic as you expect, as well as not all men. 

For such women, it is better to find out their preferences and make another sign of attention for them; they might prefer chocolates, jewelry, perfumes, or anything else. So, yes, flowers make happy those women who love flowers. But if your lady doesn’t, better think of another gift for her. 

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How many roses should you give to a girl?

Women from MoldovaIn Slavic culture, roses are the queens among all flowers and most women love girls. However, there are ladies who prefer other flowers. But you are lucky because nowadays, florists offer so many opportunities and a wide range of roses of any color. 

It means that you can satisfy even the pickiest girls’ needs. The amount of flowers depends on the occasion and your desire. There is no accurate rule on how many roses you need to offer. For example, if your woman has her birthday and is turning 30, you can send her 30 roses. 

This is just an option and it is not obligatory. We know some cases when men who liked an absolutely unknown woman sent her 100 roses just to attract her attention. So everything depends only on you and your wallet. 

Of course, if you want to knock your woman off your feet, it is recommended to send a huge bunch of flowers that would show how much you appreciate her. But if it is a woman who you do not know well enough yet, it is up to you. 

What does a single rose mean?

Ukrainian women for marriageIn Slavic countries, men often offer a single rose to women. It also doesn’t mean anything else but your attention. A single rose may be good for a date with your girlfriend for no occasion. For example, if you are coming home to your wife and want to make her.

Or if you are meeting your girlfriend for just a lunch or coffee and it is not an official date. In that case, you show her that you also thought about her on your way from work and want to show your attention. In all cases, flowers mean attention and appreciation.

The difference is just in the number of flowers and to whom you are sending them. One rose could be also good if you go to her parents for dinner, in that case, you can offer one flower to her mother or sister. But even to her mother or sister, we would recommend offering a bunch of simple flowers instead.

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How to send flowers to a girl?

Needless to say that we live in an era of online shops and florist shops are not an exception. You can send flowers to a woman any time, for any occasion, and for no occasion at all. But no matter when and why you are doing it, we recommend always attaching a card.

And believe us, your bouquet will be even more appreciated if it is spontaneous. For a special occasion, such as her birthday, St. Valentine’s day, or International Women’s Day, she is expecting flowers from you and it is taken for granted. But when you do not as a surprise for no reason, you will get much more in return.

Attaching a card to your flowers is a very good way to make your gift personalized and even more appreciated. It will mean that you not only sent her flowers because you had to or because it is a necessity for an occasion, but that you really meant it and did it from your heart.

Sending flowers to a girl online

Flowers when datingDon’t worry if you use online dating to meet your girlfriend and life partner.

If you have never met yet but have a warm correspondence and consider this woman to be your potential match, you still should do this small gesture and surprise a woman you like.

In online dating, you are not deprived of such an opportunity, too. Any online dating site has a gift delivery service. It works according to the same principle as online shops.

Once you order flowers or gifts (in case your lady doesn’t like flowers), you get the picture of her being happy with your gift.

Pictures of the delivery cannot substitute you offering flowers in person, however, you can clearly see the happiness on her face when she receives your surprise. So even if you are dating online and do not have a chance to do it in person, you can send flowers to a woman.

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What flowers is it better to send?

Roses are an eternal classic and they are a sign of passion and love. You might be surprised, but roses are very good for a more formal occasion. Your bouquet should not seem formal (if that’s not your intention) but touch her heart.

So once again, it is good to make an investigation and find out what kind of flowers your woman likes. Do not ask her directly if you have no idea about her preferences, you can always ask her friends or colleagues about it. Sending flowers is great but sending her favorite bunch will show that you paid close attention to your choice.

You can also send the flowers of her favorite color. Nowadays, it is not a problem to deliver even blue or black roses and we from best-matchmaking have done it, too. Keep in mind that sending an even number of flowers is a bad taste in Slavic culture. 

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  • Viktoria

    36 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

Conclusion: Sending flowers is not a must but welcomed!

dating definitionWe hope that now you realize that sending flowers to a woman will contribute to your relationship with her a lot.

You are by no means obliged to do it. But doing it will show your attention and sympathy to your woman. 

If you want to know more about the flower delivery, you can check out our gift delivery section. And if you still have no lady to send flowers too, welcome to our online gallery of foreign women to check who is looking for a foreign husband.

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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