How to be lovable: let’s become more appealing

Being lovableGreetings to our dear readers!

Have you ever said that you do not care what other people say about you?

Yes, we all say that but this, actually, isn’t true.

Being loveable doesn’t mean being attractive though. It is something much more than that. 

Being loveable means being open to others and validating yourself instead of seeking validation. And this cannot happen within a day or two, the process requires some practice. And the more you love others, the more people will love you. 

So in this post, we from best-matchmaking will try to tell you everything about how to be loveable and more appealing to other people.

Let’s start our guide to self-perfection!

How do I become more lovable? – Love yourself 

difficult to trust a girlIt is very important to start loving yourself first. It doesn’t mean that you should become selfish, not at all. It means that you should validate yourself. After that, other people will start validating you, too. 

You should understand how other people see you and do not be afraid of criticism. If you see yourself unlovable, it means that other people see you the same way. So the first recommendation is to see yourself loveable if you want to be loveable.

Otherwise, you cannot expect it from other people, if you cannot do it yourself. You are the only one who controls it and others are not in charge of it. Only you determine how you see yourself, and if you are confident, other people will respond to that. 

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What makes a man lovable? – Understand your feelings 

Romance vs datingA man is lovable when he is compassionate with his feelings. Suppressing your feelings is not the best thing to do if you want to be lovable. By doing it, you make yourself abandoned automatically. Treating yourself right is also a skill everyone should master.

So if you want to be loveable, you need to pay attention to how you feel. Feeling down and not doing anything with that is not good. Ask yourself why you are down, what are the reasons for that, etc. In other words, be compassionate with your emotions.

When people feel suppressed or upset, it reminds us of physical pain. It all means that something is wrong, that we find ourselves in an unhealthy situation, we treated ourselves wrong. It is necessary to understand your feelings, find the reasons for having them, and improve it instead of simply trying to get rid of them. 

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How to develop a lovable personality – Filter your thoughts 

Serial datingA lovable personality is something other people love and appreciate. And to develop such a personality, you should learn to love yourself first. Once again, it has nothing to do with narcissism or developing a big ego. But loving yourself is a must.

It is important to recognize negative thoughts that come to your mind and listen to your inner critic. If you have too much of it, too much of a negative critic to yourself, you should think why, what makes you think so, and try to get rid of them. 

Such thoughts do not have to control you. Thinking that you are not lovable won’t make you lovable. You should find the roots of these thoughts – maybe you were rejected recently or had a painful breakup? Or maybe you just keep telling yourself how ugly and unattractive you are.

Try to track negative thoughts about your personality and find out why you have them. Once you realize that here another negative thought has come, substitute it with a positive one. 

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What should a man do to become lovable? - Stop seeking validation

How to find women to datePeople often seek validation from others instead of validating themselves. If you expect other people to validate you to feel better, nothing will work out. Why do you pass the buck to other people instead of taking responsibility yourself?

If you just live in the expectations of validation from others, you find yourself in powerless circumstances. Start to practice validating yourself instead of waiting for others to do it. Think about what things you appreciate about your personality and appearance. 

Experts recommend recording at least three things a day for which you’re grateful about yourself. So don’t procrastinate and take a notebook to do it the soonest. You can give yourself a necessary validation, so why should you ask other people for that? 

Just sit, relax, and think about what makes you feel better, healthier, or more confident at the moment. And give it to yourself. Give yourself the validation you need at the moment. 

What makes someone attractive? – Don’t try to be perfect

Dating Relationship WomenStriving to become a better version of yourself every day is great but it is not necessary to take yourself too seriously. Try to joke and see the humor in every situation no matter what. Being able to laugh at yourself is a great bonus.

Allow yourself to be imperfect while no one is perfect and that is absolutely ok. Don’t think that being loveable means being perfect. People are able to love you with your imperfections and flaws. No one wants you to be perfect because it is impossible.

Everyone deserves love no matter how imperfect he is, and you are not an exception. Moreover, creating perfection expectations for yourself makes it difficult to build relationships with others because you start applying them to other people. 

And if people feel like they are not good enough for you, they will not love you. This will also make you feel like you are not good enough to be loved. 

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How to be a more lovable person – Be loving yourself

Dating & relationship definitionPeople love those who are open, kind, and respectful to others. And if you are not, no one will love you, too. You are likely to get in return exactly what you give to other people.

Helping other people, being kind to them, showing your gratitude will contribute to you being lovable.

Think of such small gestures as holding the door for people, offering old people carry their groceries, helping a neighbor girl fixing her car, etc.

Such small things automatically make you kind and people around you start appreciating you. And there is no need to be afraid to be used by others.

Moreover, you should interfere when you see someone being unkind to others, when a man treats his girlfriend or wife poorly, when you see bullying or something like that, you should do something and defend people. This will gain you respect from other people.

Want to be more lovable? – Stop complaining

Dating websites for single seniorsIt is very important to cultivate gratitude for everything you have in life.

Having a positive attitude to life and the world, in general, will bring only good and positive people into your life, those who will appreciate what you are doing and love you.

If you are not feeling happy with yourself or the world around you, no one will be happy with you, too. We all want to be surrounded by positive people and no one wants to love a moaning person who is always unhappy with something.

Try to focus on small things in your life and be grateful for everything, change your attitude to life around you. Are you healthy and have a job? Be grateful for that because lots of people are deprived of that happiness. 

Being positive will help you attract more loving people into your life. Just as it was recommended above, you can start writing down three things every day for which you are grateful to life. You will be surprised how this will change your life.

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Last but not least – be social, smiling, and open to people around you

Ukrainian girls for datingBeing attractive means different things for different people. For someone, it is just their appearance. We are all attracted to handsome and beautiful people. But this is only at once, if there is nothing inside – our attraction will fade away quickly.

So being lovable means being beautiful inside. No one will see your inner beauty if you are unsocial, never smile or are much closed. So if you want to attract people and want them to love you, give them a chance to do that. 

They cannot see why they should love you if you are not sociable, if you are never open, and do not smile. Start being attractive after all! If you want people to love you, you should be someone they want to love.

So just start being the person you want others to be – be someone people can love easily. Would you be attracted to someone who is never smiling? So why should anyone be attracted to you if you never do that? 

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Conclusion: Be attractive inside and people will love you no matter how you look!

We from best-matchmaking hope these simple tips will help you be more lovable if you didn’t manage to do that before. You should realize that people are attracted to a kind and nice personality and not to your beautiful appearance. It is easy to admire someone’s outer beauty but it is difficult to love someone ugly inside.

If you have more questions about Slavic mail order brides, International matchmaking, or online dating memberships and pricing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, check out our matchmaking and membership plans, and see our gallery of wonderful foreign women.

Good luck in your search!

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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