Dating American women vs Foreign women

Dating foreign womenHello guys!

We from best-matching would love to keep talking about international dating (s. also How do international dating sites work?) and today, we would love to discuss dating American women vs foreign women.

We have already compared American and Slavic women in our previous posts.

But this time, we would love to dig a little deeper and compare American dating and dating women from different foreign countries.

We have a huge baggage of knowledge about it while we communicate with people from various countries every day and hear their stories and reasons. 

So, let’s start our trip to American vs foreign dating and let us try to figure out who it is better for you to date. 

American Women vs. Foreign Women

Ukrainian women for marriageFirst of all, we would love to admit that people tend to date foreigners just because the grass always seems to be greener somewhere outside of your country.

Yes, exactly, we always are not happy with what we have and what we are surrounded with and try to broaden our horizons.

Our expectations do not always come true when we try out that foreign dating. But lots of people really find their happiness. It’s not a secret that most of our customers come exactly from the USA.

And it means only one thing – they are not happy with American women and want to try something different.

People are different and, thus, have their preferences. Some of you have heard good things about Ukrainian or Russian brides. Others prefer Latin American ladies for dating (s. also How to date a Latina: Latino dating tricks). We know men who prefer dating Asian women, too. So let us try to understand what makes foreign women better (or worse) than American ladies and why you want to try dating women from other countries. 

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Why foreign men don't fancy American women

Well, we have talked to lots of American men about it. And we are sure there are wonderful, beautiful, and feminine women in the United States. Among the most frequent and obvious reasons for you to choose foreign women is that American ladies are difficult to approach.

One of our customers who visited Ukraine not so long ago told us that he has seen so many beautiful stunning women in Ukraine who walked with such ugly men. And he was surprised because, as he said, in the United States, such women will never even look at such guys.

One of our customers from Europe also admitted that such beautiful girls as he saw on our site would date only football players or celebrities in his country. So, as we suppose, the main reason for which you don’t fancy American women is that they are really difficult to approach.

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  • Juliya

    36 y.o, , Ukraine

What's it like dating American women vs international women

Ukrainian and Russian womenOnce again, another customer on our site told us that in the USA, women will never seek out men. When they go to the bar or nightclub, women just look at you but will never start talking first. They want a man to take the initiative.

At the same time, he admitted that Asian women are much easier in that aspect and simply come to them in the bars or even public transport to get acquainted. And this is exactly what makes them want to date foreign women. But what about Slavic women?

As specialists in Slavic-American dating, we can say that Slavic ladies are not that easy to approach too. And they also won’t start talking to you in a bar or club. They have used that a man should conquer a woman and they will be waiting for some actions from your side. 

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Why do American men date or marry foreign women

Meeting with a Ukrainian womanNow as you know that Slavic women are not that easy to approach, you should understand why American men still want to date and marry them.

More and more men from different corners of the USA and other countries too, by the way, come to Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus every year to meet their foreign women.

There are some good reasons for that. Slavic women are simply not that independent yet. Yes, they are, but they have a unique ability to combine their strength at work, career, difficult life situations with their weaknesses in relationships. 

They are strong and weak at the same time. They can be your greatest support and will help you overcome all the life obstacles and challenges. But she will do everything for you to think she is weak and feel yourself a real man. This is one of the greatest features attracting American men to Slavic women. 

American women are harder to please

Russian women for datingThis is another reason for which you, our dear American customers seek international dating. Lots of men we have talked to in the process of matchmaking confess that they find it easier to date foreign ladies. Women from other countries can enjoy simpler things, such as happiness, love, dates.

American women are much harder to please. American women are more goal-oriented and as lots of you say, materialistic. It doesn’t mean that women in Ukraine or Russia do not need a man to show his financial security because they do. In Slavic culture, a man is a provider for his family and should prove it.

But Slavic women are really more easygoing and flexible. They can be really independent in their careers and show their power. But they are beautiful, feminine, and know how to make a man fall for her. 

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What about the appearance?

Facts about Ukrainian womenWow, women in Ukraine and Russia are so beautiful” – this is the first reaction of American men when they come to Ukraine, Russia, or other Slavic countries.

We cannot believe there are no beautiful women among American girls. And this is true – they are also very beautiful.

So what’s the difference? The difference is their inner beauty and natural charm. Slavic women do not even need to wear lots of makeup or expensive clothes to attract you.

It is in their blood. We call it pheromones, and these girls have plenty of them. They know how to present themselves well.

Just a bit of makeup, great hairstyle, fancy dress and she is a queen. Slavic women won’t even go out to throw their garbage without looking stunning – this is their peculiarity while American girls can go shopping in their pajamas. And this is the main distinctive feature of Slavic women – the ability to always look like a lady, no matter what.

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American family values vs foreign family values

Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful?Yes, we know that you all are well aware of Slavic family values and for that reason, you choose Russian and Ukrainian women as your girlfriends and wives.

This is true, they have inherited their family values from their mothers and grannies, and they will pass them to your children.

Lots of our American customers say that American girls have lost their family values and do not know how to treat a man or bring their children up.

This is sad because a family is a family no matter what country we are talking about and every family should be created in love, respect, and trust.

This is what Slavic women can give you. We also know that Latin women have wonderful family values and they do not need much but a loving and caring man. In this case, foreign women win because there is nothing more important for a man than his family. 

American loyalty vs foreign loyalty

We cannot stop to be surprised to hear that you all are asking about how loyal Slavic women are. This is a bit weird to hear because in Ukrainian, Russian, and any other Slavic culture it is natural and obvious to be loyal in a relationship. These women simply do not know another way of being in relationships.

But we hear all the time that you were unhappy in your previous relationships because your woman wasn’t loyal, she cheated or left you for a richer man. And taking into account the stories of all our American customers, we can admit that loyalty is a problem for American women.

Of course, we know that not all women behave this way but it still happens and seems to be a tendency. So we can truly say foreign women win this battle of loyalty in their relationships because once they start a relationship, they become fully committed to their men. 

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  • Natalia

    41 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

Conclusion: Don’t be a big fish in a little pond!

Russian women for datingHaving no success with American girls but being popular among foreign women is a half success but that’s because lots of foreign girls simply love foreigners.

They find them sexy and exotic just like you find those foreign chicks. So our recommendation is to always remain a man, no matter who you date – an American woman or a foreign girl.

And if you want to meet your Slavic (mail order) bride because of her femininity and family values and not because it is much easier, welcome to browse our gallery of beautiful Ukrainian brides and Belarus women for dating. Use our video chat to look at them face-to-face and get to know them better.

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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