Types of dating sites: how to choose the best dating site for you

Ukraine Dating-PortaleHello gentlemen!

Online dating is a very contradictory field.

It can become salvation for some people and turn the lives of others into a disaster.

And the problem is that online dating, as any other aspect of our lives is full of reefs and before starting to use it, you should be aware of them. 

In this article, we from best-matchmaking would love to tell you more about different types of dating sites, their main characteristics, and which one would be appropriate for you to meet your needs and expectations. You will also find out how to get the most of each of them!

Let’s start!

Different types of dating sites

When searching over the Internet, you can find a vast number of different sites offering you one single thing – finding your partner. But partners can be different – some sites offer you travel partners, others - sexual partners, and the rest will suggest you find your life partner.

All of these sites can be called dating ones. But everything depends on your final goal. If you want to find a travel partner, you can use one of those sites that offer such an opportunity. We are sure it won’t be difficult. 

But of course, if you are looking for a life partner, it will be necessary to search very attentively and choose a dating site that will surely meet all your expectations and will bring you a 100% result. For that purpose, you should know there are different types of such sites and below, you will learn which exactly. 

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What kind of dating sites are there?

When it comes to online dating, there is a huge variety of sites and matchmaking services offering different types of dating and marriage services. All of them have one and the same goal – unite single men and women. But the principles of their work and methods are pretty different. 

There are dating, marriage, and matchmaking sites offering a wide range of services, from just profile introduction to online chats and even Romantic and marriage tours. There are also free and paid dating services and all the possible dating apps. It’s very easy to get lost in such a variety of sites and services.

Below, there is a clear description of each of the types for your convenience, so you could easily define which of them is the most appropriate for you and choose the right one. Each of the types has its advantages and drawbacks, so check it out carefully and then make your decision.

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Free dating sites

Mamba.ruYes, there is a huge variety of free dating sites on the market. Once you search for a free dating site online, you will see all of the most popular ones. Free dating sites, such as Badoo or Mamba are not actually that free, but pretty cheap. 

As a rule, you register for free and can browse profiles of the members for free, but there are some extensive features you can purchase additionally which are very helpful by the way.

As a rule, there is a monthly or yearly subscription that doesn’t cost more than 100 USD per year.

Such dating sites are available for anyone and it doesn’t cost you anything to try it. You can meet lots of single women there (who are not always that single by the way) and get in touch with them easily. A free dating site is a great chance to meet some girls but such services have their disadvantages as well. S. more: Eastern European Dating Sites For Free - A Good Choice?

The Pros and Cons of free dating sites

One of the biggest benefits of any free dating site is its price – from 0 to a very affordable symbolic fee. But we are afraid these are the only advantage of free dating sites. You do not get any guarantees there and anyone can join it without verification.

According to research, almost 90% of dating profiles on such dating sites are fake. Yes, you didn’t misunderstand, only 10% of people on free dating sites are sincere and genuine, the rest are simply scammers. Those scammers have different goals.

Some of them are searching for victims to get into their wallets. If you do not know how to spot such a scammer, check out our previous posts on that topic. Others are simply married people who have nothing to do and want simply to have fun with other men or women.

In other words, you never know who you meet there. Some of our customers who used such sites or Tinder dating app said that even Russian brides and Ukrainian brides they met through such sites and dating apps were nothing but scammers.

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Paid dating sites

paid dating siteOf course, if there are free dating sites, there are also paid ones. Paid dating services have a bit different range of services and provide certain guarantees to their customers, to both men and women. But paid dating sites are also different.

For example, there are paid dating services for locals. So if you want to meet a woman in your area or in your country, you can join some of such dating sites. Paid dating sites for locals are usually very helpful and allow people to find their match in their city very quickly.

But if a local lady is not your goal, you should consider international dating sites. International dating sites almost never are free. Their cost is connected to the high demands of customers and also, translation services while people do not speak a common language. 

International dating sites

International dating siteInternational dating sites are aimed to connect women and men from different countries. They usually are mail-order brides services. As a rule, such sites provide communication via letters back and forth, online video chats, gift delivery services, and some extra features.

International dating sites can also differ one from another by some features, services, and, of course, reputation. There are thematic international dating sites, such as Christian, LGBT dating sites, dating sites for millionaires, professionals, etc. So, as you can see, the variety of international dating services is huge.

If you know what you are looking for, you can easily choose one of them for your needs and wishes. However, it is necessary to be careful while the number of scammers is not smaller than the number of dating sites. So you will need to be very selective when it comes to online dating.

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Matchmaking dating sites

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesAnother category of international (and local as well) dating sites is a matchmaking service. How are matchmaking sites different from all the rest? There are not so many dating sites providing matchmaking services on the market and choosing the right one should be easier.

Matchmaking services might be a bit more expensive than casual dating sites but they are also the ones that bring the best results (of course, if you are following all the recommendations of your matchmaker). They pursue an individual approach to your search.

It means that your match will be selected carefully and the opportunity of facing a scammer is equal to zero. Matchmaking services will allow you to be in touch with your coach or matchmaker all the time during the whole process. 

When choosing matchmaking, you get not only mail-order bride service or pay-per-letter feature, you get the help of a professional matchmaker who will guide you through your search, recommend you women, and tell you his or her objective opinion about each of the candidates. 

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Which is the best dating site?

Ukrainian girls for datingThe best dating site for you is the one that can satisfy you and meet your demands and expectations. And different people choose different dating sites.

If you are looking for a chat friend and do not care about the result, you can choose a dating site with online chats and talk there for years.

If you are looking for a travel partner, you can choose a corresponding site offering such a service. But if a pen pal, a travel partner, or a scammer is not your goal, you should choose the site really carefully and pay special attention to the details. 

The best dating site for the search of an international partner will not have a paid gallery, it should be in free access to all men, and otherwise, you just pay for a shot in the dark. Also, necessary to check the customer support. If there is no response ever – you should run away.

What is the best dating site for serious relationships?

Paid international dating sites are supposed to verify all their users and prevent all possible scam cases. However, it often happens that they are not doing it and scam still happens. Moreover, lots of sites are only interested in their customers to spend more money, so no one cares about the result.

The most efficient dating sites for serious relationships appear as matchmaking services. Matchmaking supposes face-to-face work with your coach, so you can be sure that your inquiry will be heard and processed. You will always get valuable aid. 

A matchmaker will never recommend you to a woman who isn’t secure or reliable or not interested in serious relationships. If you don’t neglect the tips and recommendations of your personal assistant, you can be sure to get a 100% result and the process itself will be pleasant and stress-free. 

What dating site has the highest success rate?

Dating & relationship definitionThe success rate is something describing the quality of work of a particular dating site. To check the success rate, you can go to testimonials of each of the sites. Of course, testimonials can be written by the site itself, however, when there are pictures of happy couples, they should be true.

By these testimonials (do not mistake testimonials for reviews), you can check how successful your dating site is. If the site is operating for a couple of years at least and is not new, it should contain at least some information about its work shared by its customers.

Statistics show that the highest success rate belongs to matchmaking dating sites. The reasons for that are already described above in that article. Matchmaking will never let you meet a scammer on a dating site and will do everything possible for you to meet your life partner. 

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What are the worst dating sites?

It is difficult to answer that question. Everyone who already had some experience with online dating knows well what kind of dating sites there are and what the process is there like. So everyone can easily understand what pros and cons there are on each site.

Each of the dating sites can have its benefits and drawbacks depending on your needs, goals, and desires. But some of the sites are a scam and they can truly be called the worst. Such sites will never meet your needs and will never bring you another result than disappointment.

So, you should know that the worst dating sites are scam dating sites. To find it out, you should browse the Internet and see what other users say about the site. You can also read our previous tips from other posts to be available to see the red flags of online dating quickly.

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Conclusion: Choose a dating site according to your goals and needs

Dating websites for single seniorsWe hope that this post will let you know more about all the possible dating sites and their types. It is easy to get lost in such a variety of dating sites nowadays but you will be able to choose the right one easily if you clearly know what you want.

To find your better half the soonest, check our gallery of beautiful Slavic mail order brides and our online dating membership and International matchmaking plans at reasonable prices.

We from best-matchmaking hope that your search will be only pleasant and successful!

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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