TOP5 proven second date tips for every man’s success

second date tipsHello dear gentlemen!

There have been so many first date tips and we from best-matchmaking have also provided you with many helpful ways of behaving during your first date.

However, during your second date, you often seem to be left face-to-face with your problems and fears.

So our next post is devoted to second date tips for you and every man on Earth.

No matter where you come from, love and dating are similar in every corner of the globe, so this guide will be definitely helpful for you. Let’s start our guide on second dates!

What should happen on a second date?

Being lovableYour date number two is very intriguing and sometimes, even more important than your first date.

It can also be very challenging while you could be preparing for your first date for a long time, put all your efforts and creativity into it. 

And now you just lack ideas and understanding of how and where you should spend your second date not to spoil the first impression of your lady.

Especially if you are feeling the chemistry between you and this woman, you have to be extremely careful and make it not worse than the date number one.

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TOP5 proven second date tips

So if you have tons of questions in your head now and are confused about how to spend your second date, you will find all the answers below. After checking this guide out, you will be able to plan even your third date on your own. 

Tip #1. Think whether you really want a second date first

Before you start thinking about what to do on a second date with your girl, think well whether you really want this date. Think of how your first date went and whether you are attracted to that person and analyze if she is attracted to you. Did you have any mismatch of your views or interests?

Before you start thinking about your second date with the girl, try to ask yourself whether you have good chemistry. Find out whether you have some potential with her. Check out whether this girl could meet your needs and desires. 

So if you really feel excited, go for another date. But if you felt awkward on your first date or bored, think twice before asking her out again. It is important to be honest with yourself. So, invite her for a second date only if you feel you both need and want it. 

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Tip #2. Ask her for a second date when it’s the right time

best Ukrainian dating siteNow as you are sure that you really want this date with her, you should be sure when exactly it is better to ask her out again.

It should not be too soon or too late. Try to find the golden mean. And we will tell you now how to do this.

According to a psychotherapist and author of “Dr. Romance's Guide to Finding Love Today”, Ph.D. Tina B. Tessina, the perfect time to ask her for a second date is the day after the first date. In some cases, even sooner, for example, once you say goodbye after the first date. 

After you do that, you should make a call or text her and invite her to a particular event. According to experts, asking for a second date at the end of your first one is the best move. If you don’t do that, she will think you didn’t like her and don’t want to see her again. 

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Tip #3. A second date is more personal

There are no unique ways or schemes on how you should spend your first or second date; it varies from one couple to another. However, some things are still common for each of them. For example, you both should learn more about each other during your second date. 

People often see each other for the first time in their life when they have their first date and there are lots of unknown things. This is a great date to get acquainted with each other. So your second date means that you already have some information about the woman you are seeing which means your date is going to be more personal. 

Now your goal is to learn more about the person you are out with. So you are establishing not only physical connection now but something more. On a second date, people already can easily understand if they are compatible. 

Tip #4. Prepare for a second date

Interracial datingOur first recommendation is not to worry a lot about your second date. You should think of something more than physical intimacy.

According to psychologists and relationship coaches, physical intimacy will more likely happen if you are not focused on it.

One of the best ideas is to ask her about something you didn’t ask on a first date but want to know a lot. Try to think about what you would like her to know about you too and cover these topics.

Think of good questions before your date. Ask her about traveling, her family, school, whatever you are interested in.

Keeping silence and having uncomfortable breaks during your date is not a good idea if you don’t want to fail. So preparing the topics to discuss and questions to ask would be great before your date. Try to focus on your date and not get distracted during it.

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Tip # 5. Choose a good activity for your second date

Activities for a second date can be different and depend on your interests and goals and the interests of your potential girlfriend. If you had a quiet first date in a cafe, it would be good to change the circumstances and think of something more creative.

But to do that, you should have found out her likes and dislikes on your first date, of course. One of the things you have found out about her could become a good idea to make a second date a successful one. But you can also do something different.

If you have your favorite place in your town, you can take her there and show it. If it is warm outside and this place is outdoors, consider a picnic there. But if you have doubts about what to do on a second date, an activity, such as bowling, cinema, or something else, will help. 

Should you kiss on the second date?

Dating Relationship WomenA second date is too important for you and your success to make a mistake. And you probably wonder whether you should kiss on a second date. Sorry guys, but we cannot answer that question. It depends on the situation and you as individuals.

You should not consider the dating “rules” only and your wishes, but also see how she is behaving. If you want to be successful, you should be wise and accurate.

If she doesn’t feel like kissing and you try to do this, your behavior won’t be appropriate to her.

So better do not hurry with a kiss, do it when you feel it is right. If you feel she is waiting for your kiss, then do it. But if not, better wait. The best time to kiss her on a second date is the end of it when you say goodbye to her.

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How do you get better on a second date?

If you do not want to spoil her first impression about you after your previous date, you should be if not better than not worse than on your first date. Do not bore her to death, especially if you showed how witty and humorous you were on a first date. Use our tips above to succeed on your second date.

We hope that it is not necessary to tell you should look as good as on your first date. If you had flowers during the first date, make sure to offer them during your second date, too, especially, if we are talking about Slavic women. And if you didn’t offer her flowers on the first date, then it’s time to do it right now.

If you planned your first date well, don’t fail during the second one. You could prepare the topics to discuss during your first date and now you can just relax and do nothing. But it will end up with uncomfortable moments of silence. So, prepare what you will talk about, too. 

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Conclusion: The second date is not less important than your first date!

Serial datingWe from best-matchmaking hope that now you know what you should do on a second date with a woman.

It can be tough but if you follow our recommendations, it won’t be so difficult. Remember that everything is in your hands and the success of your date depends on you only. 

And if you want to know more about relationships with Slavic brides, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and check our International matchmaking or online dating memberships and pricing offers for a more successful search of your potential life partner!

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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