TOP 10 worst first date questions

Dating guideHello guys,

Our congratulations! Now you are ready for your first date with a pretty lady. We are sure that you have prepared for this event: bought flowers, booked the best table in the restaurant, put on a fitted suit. Wait! Did you think what are you going to talk about with your future girlfriend?

It is necessary to think over it to avoid an awkward silence. Sometimes, there can be a weird situation, when a person does not know what to say and starts to make up a story or to ask tough questions.

If you want your first date to be auspicious, you need to pay attention to your words. Of course, you can make a list of topics and questions, but the best way is to read this article and remember what you should not say while having the first date. Here you are going to find TOP 10 worst first date questions. These hints will help you to make the most of your first date.

So, here is the list. We are going to open the list of the worst first date questions with:

1.) How do I look like?

It is common for everyone to nervous before your first date with a pretty woman. But do not be so unsure and ask her “How do I look like?” Maybe, you think that asking this question you will get a quick and right answer about your appearance; or the definite answer will make you more confident. Sorry to disappoint you, but it is one of the worst questions for the first date.

You should remember that a lady will see you for the first time. She does not know your reactions on answers. You put her in an awkward situation. Do not do this. Remember that she has already chatted with you by messages or calls, seen your photos. If she decided to come, she is interested in you as a possible partner. Do not lose your chance. It is better to say to your lady that she looks nice this evening. She will like it.

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2.) Why are you single?

Beautiful Russian womanYou have found out that this lady is pretty. How could it happen that she does not have a boyfriend? Never ask her about it! It is a personal question. Actually, it is one of the worst first date questions. Nobody wants to discuss their failures in love. At the same time, what answer do you want to hear from her? Would you like to be asked such a question?

It presupposes that there is something wrong with being single. Beyond that, it is entirely possible that a person has not met their soulmate yet, and that is why they are not in a relationship.

It is better to say that she looks great and has a beautiful smile than to ask this tough question. We are sure you do not want to have the worst first date, do not you? At the same time, do not try to explain to her why you are single. She will feel genuinely sorry for you. That is certainly not a feeling which she should have.

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3.) How much do you earn per year?

This question is a taboo, even if you talk with your friend or colleague. Usually, people do not like, when you ask them about their salary.  It is not a proper question for your first date. It shows that you value only money, but not the woman`s personality. The woman can perceive you as a self -interest person and push you away. Actually, it does not matter how much the person earns.

The matter is how good this person is; will she support and help you; can she build excellent relationships. You can ask the woman about her interests, hobbies. In this way, you will get to know more about her. Money is not a proper criterion to judge other people.

4.) What is your weight/ height?

Larisa Chernikova (Russian singer)The worst first date question is about weight or height. You can see by your eyes how fit and how tall or short she is. Asking a girl about her parameters you make her think that she is, probably, not good enough for you. Avoid such topic as diet.

Maybe, it will be better to talk about a healthy style of living, discuss some healthy habits. Do not push the lady to open all cards to you. The same situation is about age. We hope, you know that women do not like to talk about their age.

They make other people think that they are 18 years old even if it is not true. At the same time, if she will decide to answer this question, be prepared to hear the lie. Perhaps, you have got some information from her profile. So, why should you ask the same things again? It is better to make a compliment to your lady saying that she looks gorgeous, prim, and proper.

5.) What type of men do you prefer?

Remember, if the lady agrees to go on a date with you, it means that she likes you and you are her type of men. Sometimes, this worst first date question forces her to think that you are going to discuss some other men with her. Why should you be interested in others?

There are you and your lady, but nobody else. If you wanted to ask about other men, please, forget about it. Be more confident and do not ask her this question. You push her to overthink about it, to find some proper way to say the answer and do not harm you with her words.

It may cause to an awkward silence. It is not the right way to continue a conversation. Why not tell her a little bit more about yourself to make her sure that you are the right person. Be a gentleman. All women like such type of men (especially Russian women and Ukrainian women). She will pay attention to how you talk with a waiter, so be polite.

6.) Could you tell me more about yourself?

Russian women for datingDo not use this worst first date question. This is an overwhelming statement that typically causes an awkward pause. It is a general question, which issued a detailed response.  In this question, you did not give the lady a hint about what you are interested in.

Do you want to know about her childhood or family? Probably, you want to ask her about a job or hobbies. Answering this question, she will start from the beginning of her life. Is not it boring for you to listen to the story for 10 – 20 minutes without saying something?

It is better to have a dialogue rather than a monologue. There is another problem. The lady can say that she does not know what to tell you because so many things have happened in her life. She cannot choose how to start the answer. It means you need to specify your question.

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7.) Do you have some illness?

Of course, you want to date with a healthy partner, but do not you think that this question is awkward for your first date? This is not a proper topic to talk about. It could be embarrassing for the woman even to hear such a question. And again we ask you, what answer do you want to get?

Do you reckon to get a detailed description of her illnesses since she was a kid? Usually, people do not respond to such questions. Your first date must be romantic! Do not turn it into a medical examination for your partner. Both of you would like to be attractive.

This question will not make you more attractive for her, but vice versa. Only one thought which can appear in her mind is “How to finish this date faster?” So, it is better to avoid making this mistake.

8.) How many sexual partners have you had? (the worst first date question)

How to seduce a Russian womanIt is, actually, not your business. It is private, personal information. Why should it be revealed to YOU, a complete stranger, who she may never see again? You make your lady feel uncomfortable and shy.

She will never respond to this question. But, what do you mean asking this? What information do you want to get?

If the lady says that she has had few sexual partners, it makes her “hard to get.” On the other side, if she says that she has had many sexual partners will not it make her a lady of easy virtue.

Usually, women do not brag about their sexual partners. Why does she should tell about them to you? If you really want to know and it is essential for you, you can ask this question after one-month dating. Do not ask this worst date question now.

9.) Do you have a pretty hot friend?

You can say this to a really drunk girl in a bar, but not on your first date.  The last thing a girl wants to hear about on a first date is how attractive you find her friend. If you are going to attract the woman`s attention, to make her jealous, or to get both of them, you will definitely lose this game by saying this.

The Slavic woman, who comes on a date, wants to be the one and the best for you. Do not compare her with other women, especially with her friends. If you ask a lady this worst first date question, it will be the first and the last date for you with her.

Here we come to the last question.

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10.) I love you. Do you love me?

Ukrainian woman for marriageSome men ask this question on a first date. Do not make the same mistake. How can you ask a person about it if you see her for the first time? It is a bizarre question which will cause only to an awkward silence.

When a man says like this, maybe, he wants to show that he is interested in the relationship with this woman, will take care of her and so on. But, unfortunately, one thing which you will get is frightened by your intensity lady.

You need to spend some more time to know better each other, and just then you will understand you love her or not. The same about her. Do not force to give you a response to this question. She will not do it.

Preparing for the date, please, pay attention to this information. It will really help you to build a conversation in the right way and do not push your potential girlfriend away. When you have your first date, try to show that you are interested in the lady`s personality and feelings. Do not try to harm her or put to the blush with awkward questions. Be confident! We wish you good luck!

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